A knife, the perfect Christmas gift

A knife as a Christmas gift

The month of November has just arrived, Halloween is already behind us, and we will slowly switch to the magic of Christmas, and it is already time to think about the orders of gifts to avoid panic and rush of the last days.

Have you thought of offering a knife to one of your loved ones?  The perfect companion who will accompany him during all his outings in the restaurant or in the mountain. The object that will follow for many years and that can also be passed from father to son. A high-end handmade knife, if used with care, is a gift that can be kept for a lifetime and more. A knife is a useful and practical Christmas gift that will always please.

At Fontenille Pataud company, we offer many models of folding knives, for example the Laguiole Nature knife, this Laguiole knife has a safety system by blocking blade. On our online website, you can customize this laguiole as you please: steel blade, steel bolster and engraving on the spring. That said, if you want to offer a unique and personalized gift that will touch your loved ones, order your knife on our online website.

At the workshop, we are ready to make for you the perfect knife that will be deposited at the foot of your Christmas tree on December 25th.

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