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Christmas knife

Think of your orders knives for Christmas, time flies and I remind you that all of our knives are available on our website : and .


Laguiole Knife

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Customized bee for Laguiole knife

We offer various options to customize your Laguiole knife 12 cm, such as adding an engraving, choose the type of blade, or the type of bolster, but you also have the option to choose a customized bee for your Laguiole knife.

We offer several types of customized bee for your Laguiole knife, obviously you will find the traditional bee forged, but not only, you can also choose a bee inlaid mother of pearl, which gives your Laguiole knife a touch of goldsmith, we also offer customized forged bees: Scallop, Occitan Cross, Horseshoe, Freemason, Heraldic Lily, Boar’s Head and Shamrock.

These bees make your Laguiole knife custom knife to match as closely as possible to your taste. We can possibly offer you other customizations upon request, do not hesitate to contact us for more information and create your own Laguiole knife.

Find all of our 12 cm Laguiole knives for sale on our website.

Customized bee Laguiole knife

Customized bee for Laguiole knife

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The Laguiole Knives Gilles traveling to China via UAE

Gilles and Bea, along with our manufacturing knives, visited some of our customers in China and Saudi Arabia, here are some pictures of this amazing trip.

First stop was conducted in Abu Dhabi, to meet Mohammed, our local customer, who has the most beautiful store knives in the city. Gilles was able to present the finest knives workshop such as Laguiole Sport Damascus Range Blue mammoth ivory Delicate file work Gold : exception knife, file work is more delicate, all is freehand made. Each knife is almost a unique piece and has delighted our customer Abu Dhabi.


The Laguiole Knives Gilles traveling to China via Saudi Arabia

34 ° Celsius : Arabian winter starts…

The Laguiole Knives Gilles traveling to China via UAE

A visit at our Abu Dhabi’s best knife shop customer and friend Mohammed.


The Laguiole Gilles Knives traveling to China via UAE

Hot and sunny beach dowtown.



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The 5 Coqs knife Collection Range silver thread ivory

A simple focus on one of our latest creations, the 5 Coqs knife Collection Range silver thread ivory, this knife is handmade in our workshop, discover an exceptionnal knife.

The 5 cockerels- 5 coqs name comes from YSSINGEAUX ( pronunciation “ I – SIN – JO” in the local dialect SIN means five while JO means cockerel, therefore 5 cockerels ), a small town in our Auvergne region. We have used the typical old fashion French shape and design to create a modernized knife : Solid spring, easy opening system, lock back, high-end steels…A special nod toward the cockerel, our national emblematic animal visible on the back of the handle. The knife can be easily folded while pushing on the rooster crest.

Discover this exceptional knife for sale on our website.

5 Coqs knife Collection Range silver thread ivory

5 Coqs knife Collection Range silver thread ivory

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Shipping our knives

If you order a folding knife on our website, shipping charges are available for all destinations worldwide when you choose a shipping by post. This transport can be interesting if who want to choose a deliver in  mailbox at home. This system does not come with the package tracking and is not valid for us knives range The Table” and sharpening equipment.

We also offer different carriers for premium delivery service of your knife, this transport mode allows you to have a tracking service of your knife:

FranceExapaq 9.90

Europe: Exapaq / DPD to 14.90

Fedex  29.90 (premium service)

Rest of the world: Fedex 19.90

General Delivery Times :
Cutlery and Canteens of cutlery : approx. 1 week.
Pocket knives : several days, except in the case of personalized knives (2 -3 weeks). Feel free to use the comment section of the order form, providing us your deadline or writting URGENT ORDER. We do understand and take care of your deadline.

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