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New belt leather sheath

We offer a range of belt leather sheath to protect, transport, travel with your Fontenille-Pataud knife, find all these products in the accessories range on our website. We just put online a new sheath made by the company Max Capdebarthes, saddler and leather goods, which was founded in 1987 in Sauveterre de Rouergue, one of the most beautiful villages in France. This artisan offers high quality sheath manufactured in France in his workshop. The proposed new sheath is adapted from our knives type Vendetta, Sperone, Le Chamois 12 cm and Le Capuchadou 12 cm. This belt leather sheath for knives is sold with a sharpener and closes with a snap button. This belt leather sheath is available in two colors: black and tawny. Find this belt leather sheath for knives on our website.

Etui 12 cm fauve pour couteau vendetta de fabrication artisanale


Etui 12 cm noir pour couteau vendetta de fabrication artisanale



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Fontenille-Pataud on social networks

In Fontenille-Pataud, we make a point of honor to communicate with you, to share, to keep you informed of the life of our cutlery, find all our news via social networks, especially, but then most importantly, do not hesitate to follow us  thank you in advance and see you soon on the web!

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Accessories for knives

To assist you in your use of our knives, we offer a range of accessories for knives on our website: leather pouches, leather cases, marquetry hand made wooden box, velvet individual deluxe box, sharpener and sharpening stones. All these accessories knives is available on our website. We selected high-end products for a perfect combination with our knives. Including sharpeners, we work with Fischer Bargoin company that exists since 1859 specializing in the manufacture of sharpening steels, leader in equipment for the food trades. These rifles sharpening are all made in France and high quality to allow your knife Fontenille-Pataud maintain a perfect sharp.

étui ceinture 12 autruche gris pour couteaux

boite marqueterie couteaux plants made in france

Fusil mèche céramique couteaux fermants Laguioe

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Le Chamois knife with corkscrew

We have already talked about our last mountain knife sold on our website: Le Chamois. Le Chamois knife is now available with a corkscrew for wine enthusiasts and robust knives of course. This knife will quickly become your perfect hiling tool.

Couteau de montagne le Chamois tire-bouchon

Couteau de montagne fabriqué en France Le Chamois

The corkscrew is only available on Le Chamois knife 12 cm, find more information on our website of knives.

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Museum of Cutlery

Cutlery was born in Thiers, there is more than 6 centuries. The Museum of cutlery was created in 1982 in order to continue this tradition of craftsmanship of the knife.
Located in the old city center, the museum cutlery present social and economic history of Thiers cutlery and an unfamiliar and sometimes maligned object: the knife.
More than a traditional museum, find houses demonstration workshops and manufacturing where artisans develop high-end knives.

Space for meetings and special trade, the place to discover all the know-how of cutlers of the city of Thiers.

To avoid seeing the knife as a simple and any object, the museum’s collections have models equally rare and unexpected. Peasant knife, knife princes, Thiers knives and elsewhere, knives yesterday and today show the evolution of the object over time.

You will also find some knives made long ago by our cutlery that has existed since 1920.

More information on the museum of cutlery website.

Museum of Cutlery

23 and 58 Street Cutlery

Tel: 04 73 80 58 86
Fax: 04 73 80 29 39

Facebook page of the museum 

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