Laguiole Fontenille Pataud

Maison & Objet Tradeshow

Visit us at the Maison & Objet tradeshow, we will show our collections of folding knives and table knives.

Hall 5 A (Craft), Stand 47.

Couteaux Fontenille-Pataud au salon internationnal Maison & Objet

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Fontenille-Pataud knife used in many

We wanted to show you this Yssingeaux knife by Fontenille-Pataud returned by one of our customers for blade change. What is sur, is that this knife was used and has been sharpened many times, evidence that he is perfectly satisfied user. Find Yssingeaux knives and all our folding knives our online sales:

Yssingeaux knife handmade in France

Yssingeaux knife used in many !


Yssingeaux knife walnut handmade in France

Yssingeaux knife unused

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The 5 Coqs knife

The 5 cockerels- 5 coqs name comes from YSSINGEAUX ( pronunciation “ I – SIN – JO”  in the local dialect SIN means five while JO means cockerel, therefore 5 cockerels ), a small town in our Auvergne region. We have used the typical old fashion French shape and design to create a modernized knife : Solid spring, easy opening system, lock back, high-end steels…A special nod toward the cockerel, our national emblematic animal visible on the back of the handle. The knife can be easily folded while pushing on the rooster crest.

Now find the “5 Coqs” knife for sale on our website available in different versions: 14C28 stainless steel blade and Damascus blade, different materials for handle : rosewood, Amboyna, ram’s horn, iron wood, birch, boxwood, oak, juniper, ash burl, willow burl…

Folding knife le 5 coqs by Fontenille-Pataud, knife made in france


Frenche knife Le 5 Coqs, handmade in France


Frenchfolding knife Le 5 Coqs blue mammoth ivory and damascus blade

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Live workshop

Finishing our folding knives is a relatively large working time of our manufacturing. Each knife is hand polished by our cutler to achieve the expected result. We work with different sizes of abrasive belts to side knives at first, then perform a polishing to ensure a perfect finish. We offer two different finishes for our knives: matt or shiny polishing. However, some models are not suitable for a shiny finish such as Laguiole knives Nature with a single hand opening blade, we do not offer that as polishing mat perforation of the blade allowing the opening would be more collided with a shinny finish. It is important to state that the matte finish on a knife is less “messy” a glossy finish, it all depends on your taste and the use and care you bring your folding knives.

Polissage couteau pliant Laguiole fabriqué en France

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Knives for wine lovers

For wine lovers, we offer for sale on our website different types of knives with corkscrews, such as the classic Laguiole knife with corkscrew, but not only because our Corsican knives Vendetta and Le Capuchadou 12 cm can also be sold with the option to open your bottle. The last knife put up for sale with a corkscrew is Le Chamois 12 cm. Finally, we have for sale various models of sommeliers Chateaux Laguiole Grand Cru that you find in the “The Cellar” from our online sale of knives. Chateau Laguiole sommelier “Grand Cru” has an even stronger attachment of corkscrew and modern design, it is designed for intensive use for professional or amateur. Find all of these knives or sommeliers made ​​of different materials: juniper, olive, horn, sterling silver, wood barrel, ivory, mammoth fossil… And if the pleasure of enjoying a good bottle also going by the fact to open with a beautiful corkscrew …

Couteau Laguiole avec tire-bouchon pour amateurs de vin

Couteau Vendetta Corse avec tire-bouchon pour amateurs de vin

Couteau Vendetta Corse avec tire-bouchon pour amateurs de vin

Sommelier Chateau Laguiole Grand Cru

Sommelier Chateau Laguiole Grand Cru pour amateurs de vin

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