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Laguiole knives collectors range

In Fontenille-Pataud, we produce a lot of Laguiole knives with handles made ​​up of different species, with stainless steel blades, carbon steel or Damascus steel, but we also produce knives Laguiole collection.

This particular set of Laguiole sale on our online sale of knives.

These knives are inspired for most of Laguiole former example the Laguiole knife traditional collection range Pigeon’s wing horn tip or the Laguiole knife traditional collection range Walker real bone. Other models are created as more contemporary knife like the Laguiole knife traditional collection range The Wine,”The wine” scene , made by Roux marquiand goldsmith, from real Sterling solid 925/1000 silver foundry on 1,2 mm thick stainless steel.

The Laguiole knife traditional collection Jean-Paul real ivory and the Laguiole traditional collection Mike chased real ebony  are creations of our most experienced cutlers, finesse and accuracy of these models require a relatively long work, these knives also bear the names of their creators.

These models are all Laguiole handmade in our workshop in France. We follow the story and bring all our know-how to meet the characteristics and specificities of these knives.

Couteau Laguiole collection aile de pigeons

Couteau Laguiole collection vignoble en argent masif

Couteau Laguiole collection 12 cm marcheur os

Find all these Laguiole collection on our website and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


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The history of our cutlery

Fontenille-Pataud was founded in 1929. It quickly became recognized as a manufacturer of high -end table knives. They were admired and revered for their expertise and use of ivory, horn and other fine wood.
As a testimony to their craft, some of these knives are permanently on display at the French knife museum in Thiers, France. This tradition of quality and beauty continued through the years, including management and ownership changes.
Cutlery Fontenille-Pataud, handmade in France folding knife
Gilles Steinberg acquired Fontenille-Pataud in 1994. The sale was more than simple business. The previous owner, Mr. Bargoin, selected Gilles to continue the Fontenille-Pataud business. He was confident that Gilles, with his hard work ethic and his passion for tradition would be well suited to use his youthful skills to bring the company into the quickly changing marketplace.
Change is inevitable. With convenience, technology and globalization, today’s consumer faces a plethora of choices. Plastic handles, Chinese imports and clever marketing provided consumers with choices on quality, price and confusion. Fontenille -Pataud chose to leave the mass market mess by re-positioning its business and product line.
In 1995, Gilles began to concentrate its business on the French pocket knife. Popular and diverse, the Laguiole pocket knife has a world-wide audience familiar with the intricacies of material choice and workmanship. Their success became clear as the Gilles® trademark adorned each knife since 1997.Fontenille-Pataud is very proud of our continued success. Our customers and their testimonials speak to the Gilles® difference. Our products do not compromise on quality.

Unfortunately, not all knife makers share this view. Whether from abroad or in our own backyard, we witness products with poor quality, inexpensive pricing and arrogant marketing claims (which rarely reflect the truth). But in today’s world, this has become common. It is the consumer’s choice.
Our choice is quality over quantity. We want –and are– proud of the knives we sell.  We offer a wide range of product offerings. Our French regional knives from the Corsican to the folding Laguiole are embraced for their function as well as their form. Collector knives are an extraordinary addition for the most discerning owner. Damascus steel joins with ivory handles, tied with sterling silver wire and held by beautiful bolsters to create a true work of art.Fontenille-Pataud is the first French knife manufacturer to sell on the world-wide web. In 2000, the French government recognized our firm’s achievements and presented an award in small business.  We have also been awarded the “Living Heritage”.  Owner Gilles Steinberg is a “Maître Artisan”, or Master Artist in fine knife and table cutlery.

We participate in three international trade shows.  We are proud of our global customer base. It is a tribute to a world-wide appreciation for the traditional arts and an awareness that true quality and integrity knows no boundaries.We look forward to working with you !

Gilles and its team
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Le Thiers knife, history of a french city

Our cutlery workshop was created and is still located in the town of Thiers since 1920.  This city is the capital of the French cutlery, two-thirds of knives produced in France for the pocket, kitchen or table are manufactured by Thiers companies and its region. Expertise cutlers Thiernois draws its inspiration from a tradition that dates back more than six centuries.

Le Thiers knife is a model filed with the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) by the Brotherhood of “Le thiers” knife in July 1994. This brings knife enthusiasts, professionals or amateurs, and work for maintaining a high level of quality in the manufacture of knives as evidenced by the “Jurande” signed by all professional members.

The guild, a quality charter created by the Brotherhood of knife Thiers:

  • Cutler must prove five years of activity cutlery
  • Graphics or prototype introduced by Cutler candidate must receive the approval of the Brotherhood decided by the Board of Jurande
  • Cutler each participant in the guild pact will put its own brand on the tables of marks and registration numbers imposed by the Brotherhood
  • To proceed with the manufacture and marketing of Le Thiers knife, Cutler is obliged to appear on the knife brand “Le Thiers” and the stamp “T.” .
  • In any case, Cutler will not perform operations relating to any rank outside Cutler Basin Thiers.
  • Cutler will be required to produce the knife “Le Thiers”, and all its components from quality recognized by the whole brotherhood materials.
  • Cutler will be required to produce the knife “Le Thiers”, and all its components from quality recognized by the whole brotherhood materials.

This famous knife Le Thiers has just celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, today, fifty cutlers make this knife. You can find more details on the website of the Brotherhood of Le Thiers knife.

In Fontenille-Pataud workshop, we also produce our Le Thiers knife for several years now. We chose to create a knife that combines tradition and technical innovation: lightweight knife, easy opening and closing with one hand, liner-lock system with hardened steel ball to keep the blade closed, Teflon mounting ring.

Find our entire production of our Le Thiers folding knives.

Le Thiers knife handmade in France by Fontenille Pataud

Le Thiers handmade in France knife by Fontenille-Pataud


handmade knife Le Thiers by our french cultler


Handmade in France knife by Fontenille Pataud, damascus blade and liner, mammoth ivory : le Thiers knife

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Our damascus knives

In Fontenille-Pataud, we produce many knives with a blade in Damascus as you may have noticed on our website.

Damascus steels are for the knife maker what gold is for the jeweler. Very important : We mainly offer stainless steel Damascus Swedish ( ) we know and have experienced.

Given its expense, the Damascus steel is expected to retain its beauty through the years : this is what we do guarantee. A carbon steel Damascus is more “traditionnal” although it would lose the visible patterns through time. It can also rust if not wiped with some regularity. This is why we prefer to manufacture stainelss steel instead of carbon steel damascus

We offer various types of Damascus steel blades to accompany your knife, these different kinds of Damascus have all the same technical qualities, the real difference was mainly in the aesthetics of the blade. You choose your blade Damascus according to your tastes.

The Damascus steel is obtained by alternately welding mild steel and hard steel layers on top of each other steel. The number of layers varies from a few tens to a few hundred depending on the desired effects.

  • Knives with Rose damascus blade (120 layers) :

Couteau corse Sperone lame en Damas rose

Couteau Laguiole Sport lame en Damas rose par la coutellerie Fontenille-Pataud

  •  Knives with Twist damascus blade (160 layers) :

Couteau Laguiole 12 cm lame damas torsadé fabrication en France par la coutellerie Fontenille-Pataud

Couteau Laguiole Nature Damas torsadé par notre coutellerie française

We also manufacture some models full damascus, such as the knife “Le Thiers” which has a plate in Damascus, and also the knife Laguiole Nature Full Damascus exceptional model that has a handle in Damascus.

Couteau Laguiole Nature Damas intégral, couyteau fabriqué artisanalement en France


Couteau Le Thiers en Damas, lame et platine en Damas rose made in France

You can also find more information about our different types of steel used to manufacture the blades of our knives on our website.

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Laguiole tableware

In our cutlery, we manufacture french folding knives, but we also specialize in the manufacture of tabeware : Laguiole knives,Laguiole forks, Laguiole spoon …. to see our range of tableware.

Our table knives are usually sold in boxes of 6 or 2 knives, wooden boxes that come with our items are in oak.

All our knives and tableware are available in the material of your choice: horn tip, ram horn, ebony, pistachio wood, curly birch, amboina burl, ivory, mammoth ivory, juniper, olivewood…

All these tableware are handmade in our workshop in France.

Laguiole tableware handmade in France by Fontenille-Pataud

Laguiole fork handmade in France by Fontenille-Pataud

Laguiole spoon handmade in  France in our cutlery (Fontenille-Pataud)

We also carry all tableware items such as Laguiole carving set, Laguiole foie gras serving set, cheese knives…

We created a model “Le Thiers” in table knives, find our collection of table knives “Le Thiers” on our website.

Table knives Le Thiers by our cutlery Fontenille-Pataud

Table knives le Thiers rosewood, handmade in France

Table knives le Thiers pistachio wood, handmade in France


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