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Laguiole tableware

In our cutlery, we manufacture french folding knives, but we also specialize in the manufacture of tabeware : Laguiole knives,Laguiole forks, Laguiole spoon …. to see our range of tableware.

Our table knives are usually sold in boxes of 6 or 2 knives, wooden boxes that come with our items are in oak.

All our knives and tableware are available in the material of your choice: horn tip, ram horn, ebony, pistachio wood, curly birch, amboina burl, ivory, mammoth ivory, juniper, olivewood…

All these tableware are handmade in our workshop in France.

Laguiole tableware handmade in France by Fontenille-Pataud

Laguiole fork handmade in France by Fontenille-Pataud

Laguiole spoon handmade in  France in our cutlery (Fontenille-Pataud)

We also carry all tableware items such as Laguiole carving set, Laguiole foie gras serving set, cheese knives…

We created a model “Le Thiers” in table knives, find our collection of table knives “Le Thiers” on our website.

Table knives Le Thiers by our cutlery Fontenille-Pataud

Table knives le Thiers rosewood, handmade in France

Table knives le Thiers pistachio wood, handmade in France


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Live Workshop

workshop guillochage - folding knife made in france

To share with you the life of our workshop and our craftsmanship, here is a photo taken of our cutlery live this morning.

The “Guillochage” of our knives is usually done in the morning by our cutlers, this manual and craftsmanship requires a relatively long implementation.

Unlike many of our colleagues cutlers, we don’t obtrude any predefined “guillochage” pattern, each cutler doing this work freehand with the inspiration of the moment in order not to hinder the talent and to design singles knives.

We made a point of honor among Fontenille-Pataud in recent years to improve every day our “guillochage” technical to offer knives ever worked, the talent of our cutlery did the rest.

This work requires a learning curve long enough to master every wish files to get the desired rendering.

“Guillochage” of our knives is a step to chiseled the back of the knife before mounting: springs, plates and blades.

Our cutlery use small files of different shapes and sizes to produce the desired pattern.

Whatever the range of knives, all models possess a default spring manually with “guillochage”.

We also offer a so-called “Guilloche” range, or in addition to spring, the plates and the back of the knife are make with “guillochage”.

Find an example of the range of “guilloché” knives our model Laguiole Nature.

Laguiole Nature "guilloché" by Fontenille-Pataud

Laguiole nature by Fontenille-Pataud, folding knife

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Our knifes in video

Find our various knives video to get a clearer picture of the quality and technology we handmade for folding knives in our workshop. All our knives are made one by one by our cutlery and respect the expertise and cutlery tradition of our region. To make this easier and more comfortable to use object we add a lock back system on some of our knives which allows you a soft opening and a real safety.

Examples of videos, find all the videos of our knives on our site.


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“Le Chamois” knife : the legendary companion of our mountains.

Le Chamois knife, handmade in france knife

Do you know the mountain knife  “Le Chamois”, the latest creation from our cutlery ?

This sturdy mountain knife become the perfect hiking tool in the Alpine massifs and other peaks in the world.

The Chamois blade is wide and sturdy that allows you to use your knife in the most extreme situations.

The Chamois handle look like the Capuchadou handle (more information here), wich will ensure a perfect grip to perform all kinds of actions with your knife.

This knife is available in two versions: 10 and 12 cm closed.

The blade of a knife Chamois 12 is 10 cm, that of a 10 Chamois 12 cm.

We offer these knives in different versions:

  • Classic range, with a blade in 12C27 Stainless Steel
  • Guiloché range, the spring is inlayed with a Natural gemstone, and you will take advantage of an extra file work on the plates and the blade’s top.
  • Damascus range, Vinland or Twist Damascus (160 layers)

The chamois knife guilloché range, buffalo bark, handmade in France


It is possible to embed a stone in the spring of knife Chamois: Amethyst, Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger Eye, Emerald or Sapphire to add a discreet but luxurious mineral touch to your knife.

Choose the handle for your knife Le Chamois : buffalo bark, ram horn, warthog, horn tip, ivory, mammoth ivory, juniper, ebony, curly birch, amboina …. for more information, contact us.

We also carry knives exceptions such as the Chamois 12 cm Damascus, Blue Mammoth with “guillochage fin” done handmade by our best cutlery.

Le Chamois knife, blue mammoth ivory, damascus range, "guillochage fin"

Le chamois knife, knife handmade in France by cutlery Fontenille Pataud

Le Chamois knife will become your perfect hiking tool
So if you go to the mountains this summer, don’t forget your knife Le Chamois made ​​by cutlery Fontenille-Pataud, who will become your legendary companion of our mountains. 


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Laguiole knife

Laguiole knife

An interesting article on the Laguiole knife :

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