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Laguiole knife

Laguiole knife

An interesting article on the Laguiole knife :

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The art of knife

Laguiole Sport knife

The blog “United Fashion For Peace” dedicated an article this week in our workshop knives, we hope this post by thanking his team for the work done. This blog aims to provide an ethical mode of production associated with the world of fashion and luxury. These values ​​are ours every day in producing knives made ​​in our workshop in France handcrafted by our cutlery. Find this article on the webzine “United Fashion For Peace.”

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Corsican knives

You may be the lucky ones who leave parties visit Corsica and its beautiful landscapes this summer , if you do not know, you will soon discover why this region’s nickname is “Island of Beauty”.

At Fontenille- Pataud cutlery, we make traditional Corsican knives .

The knife ‘s most famous native of Corsica is called Vendetta and has a very distinctive shape : sharp blade , long bolstera and a broad rounded handle .

” Vendetta ” is an Italian word meaning ” revenge” , the word can refer to “private justice” , especially between two families ( who often used knives to settle accounts … )

These knives were originally working tools for farmers who used their faithful companions in their daily tasks .

Vendetta knife proposed by Gilles and Zuria family is the result of a long collaboration between the craftsmen who chooses to carry a knife of exceptional quality while respecting the characteristic shape typical of these knives Corsica.

These knives are hand crafted and made ​​of quality materials .

Corsican knives

Corsican Vendetta kinves

Vendetta Knives Corsican

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Customers testimonials are our best advertising , find all these testimonials on this page: .

The quality of our work, the implication that we are daily in the design and craftsmanship of our knives is amply rewarded by all comments you send to us every day. Although we can not respond to each of your posts , the whole team cutlery Fontenille-Pataud is largely grateful. This pushes us to improve every day in making us Laguiole knives, other folding knives and table knives for your satisfaction.

Send us your testimonials in the contact section of our website online sale of knives: .

Thank you to all our customers and future buyers of our knives Fontenille-Pataud .

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Fontenille-Pataud cutlery : Living Heritage Company

Couteaux EPVOur cutlery is labeled “Living Heritage Company” since 2005: this label is a status label and brand recognition which recognizes companies that meet a craftsmanship excellence. The Company label of living heritage can be “attributed to any company that has an economic asset, consisting in particular of a rare expertise, renowned or ancestral based on the mastery of traditional techniques or high-tech and circumscribed territory “. The quality of work and perseverance of our cutlery day after day to deliver knives always more upscale enabled us to renew this label in 2013.

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