Fontenille-Pataud cutlery : Living Heritage Company

Couteaux EPVOur cutlery is labeled “Living Heritage Company” since 2005: this label is a status label and brand recognition which recognizes companies that meet a craftsmanship excellence. The Company label of living heritage can be “attributed to any company that has an economic asset, consisting in particular of a rare expertise, renowned or ancestral based on the mastery of traditional techniques or high-tech and circumscribed territory “. The quality of work and perseverance of our cutlery day after day to deliver knives always more upscale enabled us to renew this label in 2013.

German Blogger Friend

A special thank to Stefan Schmalhaus for this video on the Laguiole Nature Needles Buffalo Horn. Stefan is an knife enthusiast, a knife collector and especially a journalist in the famous  German magazin “Messer Magazin”. Stephan focuses on the the stylish pocket knives and speaks with passion about the cultural history of these helpful companions daily. Don’t forget to visit the blog of our German friend : .

Before the Laguiole knife : le Capuchadou

Before the development of the Laguiole knife around 1830’s the “Capuchadou” was the everyday knife of the shepherds and farmers of the Southern Auvergne and Aubrac regions of France. This rural knife had a fixed blade and a long drawn point and was made of thick steel.

Lieutadès is a picturesque village located 900m above sea level on the slopes of Aubrac, in the Southern Auvergne region of France.

Its inhabitants are nicknamed “Capujadous”, which comes from the Southern French dialect and means “to cut”. Many years ago, during the long winter evenings the local men would carve the pegs needed to secure the stone roof tiles that are used throughout the region.

The Capuchadou knife “new generation” is now handmade in our cutlery : .

Avant le Laguiole : le capuchadou en bois de rose

Avant le Laguiole : le capuchadou en amourette

Avant le Laguiole : le capuchadou en ivoire de mammouth bleu

This knife is available in 2 ranges : 10 and 12 cm, you can choose your balde (12C27, Carbone XC75, RWL34 Steel or Damascus), your handle (Juniper, Curly birch, Horn tip, Buffalo bark, Mammoth ivory…). Discover the Capuchadou 12 cm with corkscrew.

Coutellia : international tradeshow of art knife and tradition

International tradeshow of art knife and tradition

Do you know “Coutellia”, the international tradeshow of art knife and tradition? The 24th edition will take place on 17 and 18 May 2014.  Of course, we will be present as every year to show our best knifes : Laguiole in Mammoth Ivory, delicate file work, special knifes… Like every year, find over 150 cutlers art from 20 countries, 1500 m2 of exhibition, the forging shop and make your own kinfe. For more informations : .

File work “Guillochage”

This post will talk about “guillochage”of our knives, word often use in our website.

The “guillochage” is a technique of decorative blades, springs and plates by removing material with a file or chisel. The” guillochage” is symmetrically and consists of interlaced lines and curves. It is made with limes and chisels of various sizes and shapes.

Ressort couteau Laguiole guilloché coutellerie france

All our knives springs are “guilloche”, this work is handmade in our workshop. The “GUILLOCHE” pattern is our premium range : in addition of the classical finition, your knife will have the plates, the blade’s top and the internal part of the spring fully chiseled.

Ressort couteau Laguiole guilloché coutellerie france

Discover the “Exception” range : file work is more delicate, all is freehand made.

Laguiole Sport Guillochage fin couteau exception