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A Fontenille-Pataud advertising in 1955 in the journal “Auvergne”

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Laguiole knives Gilles in the Apple Daily

Laguiole Gilles knives are high on the famous diary of Hong Kong : the  Apple Daily. All this would not have been possible without our friend and local partner: Aric Chang (

Laguiole gilles knives in Honk Kong Apple Daily-2


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Laguiole Sport knife Scrimshaw

A first in Fontenille-Pataud: we worked with Nat (French artis to propose a Laguiole Sport knive Mammoth ivory  adorned with a beautiful scrimshaw. This refers crafts from engravings made on a material (usually bone or defenses) to the Chninese ink. This technique comes from the Inuit crafts.
Unfortunately, this unique knife is already sold, you can contact us for other models.

Laguiole Sport knife Scrimshaw

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Full Damascus Steel Knife

We proposed already on sale on our website the Laguiole Nature Full Damascus. This knife has a handle in Rose Damascus.

Discover two new knives full damascus:

Laguiole Sport knife full Damascus Steel Delicate file work

“Exception” range : file work is more delicate, all is freehand made.

– Le Thiers knife full Damascus steel

This knives are now available on our website for online sales:

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Safety razor & Straight razor

We are pleased to offer for sale a new line to our online shop, this time it is not knives, although these products are and approach to include some similarities with our usual fabrication. This is a range of  straight razors and safety razors manufactured by Gentleman Barbier for Fontenille-Pataud.

The straight razor is a razor that used our grandparents, and was gradually replaced by the safety razor.

Both objects were then gradually disappeared with the arrival of the razor with removable blade, disposable razor or electric shaver.

But the straight razor and the safety razor had not said their last word because we are witnessing the revival of both tools that will give you the perfect shave.

Safety razors will be offered with a shaving brush and shaving stand (set of 3).

Straight razors and safety razors are high-end tools, handcrafted in France by Gentleman Barbier.

Find all these razors on our online shop.

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