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The Laguiole Knives Gilles traveling to China via UAE (Volume 4)

Laguiole knife all other the world

Excellent Arabic food helps to provide a friendly atmosphere

Laguiole knife by Gilles all other the world

We’re going into the desert !

Laguiole knife

… in a Jeep instead of a camel !

Laguiole knife Fontenille-Pataud

When the Jeep cannot go further up on the dune…

Laguiole knife made in France

Bye Bye UAE , let’s go to China !

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Laguiole Nature Knife Full Handle

A new category enriches the family of the Laguiole Nature knife: Laguiole Nature knife Full Handle.

Laguiole Nature knife is a specificity of cutlery Fontenille-Pataud: Laguiole knife combines tradition and modernity, because it has a system of locking blade, fine mechanics, opening and closing extremely flexible.

You can now find all Laguiole Nature knives Full Handle available on our website:

A knife says “Full Handle” is a knife that does not have bolster, the advantage of this type of knife and leave to appear in its entirety the material used to make the handle. You can now get this knife as different materials: Giraffe Bone, Horn, Blue Mammoth, Real ivory, black horn tip, Iron Wood, Birch … Please contact us if you want this Laguiole Nature Knife Full Handle in the material of your choice.

Laguiole nature knife full handle

Laguiole Nature knife Full Handle

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The Laguiole Knives Gilles traveling to China via UAE (Volume 3)

Buy Laguiole knife

Inner detail : drilling the handle makes it lihgter in order to find a nice weight balance

buy Laguiole knife made in france

Gustavo’s toy in Mohamed’s workshop

Buy Laguiole knife made in France premium quality

No doubt : Premium quality knives

Buy french folding knife on our website

Visiting Sultan’s Mosque. Ladies must wear an “abaya” (light cloth covering body and hairs) provided at the mosque entrance.

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Laguiole Nature Premium Damascus Range

Do you know our Laguiole Nature knife? A handmade knife by Fontenille-Pataud workshop, which follows the same form as a traditional 12 cm Laguiole knife, but which we have added a technical specificity, and not least, this Laguiole includes a lock back system. This specificity gives you an easy opening, smooth and really reassuring. Laguiole Nature knife combines perfectly tradition and technical quality.

The opening of this knife is so soft that the blade did not even need more tab, this knife opens without effort, no risk of the blade is closed, you are in total security. For folded blade of this knife, pressing the back of the spring raises the bee slowly releases the forged blade that is screeching halt by a stop hardened steel, now you enjoy snapping the blade of your knife without in damaging the cutting edge.

This knife is available different range: Laguiole Nature Classic, Laguiole Nature Single Hand Opening, Laguiole Nature Guilloché and Laguiole Nature Laguiole Damascus. We now offer this knife in a new version, the Laguiole Nature knife Premium Damascus : this version includes more of his Damascus blade, this knife has a Damascus bolster further increasing its luxurious side. Some knives that version also has a “guillochage fin” : file work is more delicate, all is freehand made.

See our range of Laguiole Nature Damascus Premium Nature in our online sales.

Laguiole Nature Premium Damascus

Laguiole Nature Premium Damascus Bone

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The Laguiole Knives Gilles traveling to China via UAE (Volume 2)

laguiole knife made in france

Knives talks during tea time


Folding knife made in France by Fontenille-Pataud

Visit of the Harbour and fish market


Folding knife made by our cutler

Wide selection of fishes with some unknown in Europe


Laguiole knife with damascus blade

Visiting Mohamed’s workshop. A splendid knife fully forged and made by Gustavo

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