The Laguiole XS made of ironwood

Each region of France has a singular history, a cultural heritage and traditions. We can notice that the knife is usually part of this ensemble. At the beginning it was a working tool which was the extension of the hand. The knife has integrated and spread the local habits and life of the inhabitants of a region.
The legend of the Laguiole knife is a nice example of this transmission because this knife was created in the Massif Central region and more particularly in the Aubrac region. It enabled the region to be worldwide well known and is still contributing to this recognition.

Laguiole XS with lock-back system

laguiole XS knife handmade in France
The small Laguiole knives have always been neglected by the manufacturers. They point them out as “ladies or children knives”. The quality is usually mediocre.
The Laguiole XS knife made of iron wood by Fontenille Pataud is the smallest knife we offer. The Laguiole XS knife 9 cm will be discreet in your suit’s pocket or in your handbag.
In a few years, the Laguiole XS became the celebrity of the small Laguiole knives segment thanks to its precision that allows an easy opening and closing. The Laguiole XS knife 9cm made of ironwood offers a safe use because the blade is locked when open. This knife is perfect for those who want a discreet but efficient knife.
To manufacture the handle of our Laguiole knives, we select our raw material carefully. All materials used in the fabrication of our Laguiole XS knife are first choice in order to satisfy our customers while using their Laguiole XS knife made of ironwood
The Laguiole XS knife has an ironwood handle. The ironwood is a very strong wood, very pretty when polished, that can go from beige to dark brown. It has some tiger-striped marbling and golden reflections. It is one of the heaviest and densest wood: it doesn’t float even when dry. It is generally centenary: this wood is very rare and precious that can be sculpted when it had a natural death and has dried on site for 3 years. It comes from the USA.

The Laguiole XS made of ironwood : a little treat in the pocket!