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Le Thiers ® Nature knife online

We are proud to introduce our brand new folding knife: Le Thiers ® Nature knife

This knife features precision mechanism with a secure back-lock. Le Thiers® nature is a smaller & lighter version of our Le Thiers® Gentleman knife. From your pocket to the restaurant, it will soon become your favourite Every Day Carry.
Handcrafted in Thiers-France it is guaranteed by the Coute de Tie, the Guild which certifies authenticity of design. The name “Le Thiers ® Nature by Fontenille Pataud” is a tribute to our city of Thiers. Like Solingen in Germany or Sheffield in England, Thiers is since several centuries the hub of the French knives and cutlery industry. Le Thiers® Nature by Fontenille Pataud offers a good balance between the blade and the handle thanks to its special spring. A groove into the back of the spring allows the blade to fold in. Le Thiers ® Nature by Fontenille Pataud provides a secure locking blade, a smooth mechanism and a solid blade stop to keep a long edge to your blade.

Available in carbon fiber ultra-light.




This le thiers knife is handmade in our workshop in Thiers

Le Thiers, french & handmade folding knife by Gilles

New french folding knife

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New folding knife: Le Thiers® Nature…coming soon

Our brand new folding knife coming soon on our website…get ready 😉

New folding knife by Fontenille Pataud

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Le Thiers Gentleman : Bocote vs Carbone

Special thanks to Sebastien for article and pictures : “Les couteaux et Moi“.

French folding knife

Le Thiers knife

carbon fiber knife

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Le Thiers Gentleman Carbon Fiber knife

Le Thiers Gentleman knife is now available with carbon fiber: an ultra light knife.

Carbon fiber coming from aeronautic industry. Excellent mechanical property : 15% better than commercial carbon fibers. That green material is made of 100% recycled fiber & resin. Furthermore, that process does not produce any waste.

This knife features precision mechanism with a secure back-lock.


ultra-light carbon fiber knife



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Laguiole gentleman knife phosphorescent

The laguiole gentleman phosphorescent resin: it has a plain pale colour indoor, bit it changes to a strong blue colour immediately when exposed to direct sunlight (UV-light). While the material is in the light it charges up the third stage, which is exposed in darkness, where it glows in a strong yellow green colour.

laguiole knife night


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