Laguiole Magnum Walnut

Laguiole Magnum corkscrew walnut View larger
Laguiole Magnum corkscrew walnutLaguiole Magnum corkscrew walnutLaguiole Magnum corkscrew walnutLaguiole Magnum corkscrew walnut

189,00 €

Hand chiseled letters (15€/letter, Min. 2 letters)
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Customized Bee

A truly exceptional corkscrew, skillfully crafted by French knife maker in the artisan tradition.

An ergonomic walnut handle that fits comfortably in the palm and provides an improved grip when opening your wine. The wood we are using comes from a selection of premium guns stocks.

Two steps long leverage made from one single piece of metal. Patented.

Handfiled spring with the forged "Bee" emblem, the traditional signature of French knife making skills.

The thin and tapered corkscrew "worm" opens easily thanks ti the groove into the handle. It is easy to use and does not swell the cork excessively.

High quality sharpened blade, easy to open. The blade is not serrated and doesn't tear the metal foil of your bottle.

Display box included.