Damascus steel, finest luxury

A stainless steel Damascus blade knife can be collected or every day carry. The stainless steel blade is guaranteed by the structure of the steel itself. This type of knife is the ultimate choice for a discerning collector or for a demanding user. The Damascus steel we use is a Swedish stainless steel.

Damascus steel story

The invention of Damascus steel goes back hundreds of years with J.C. The qualities sought were already at the time a high quality of cut and resistance to use for the manufacture of spears or swords. These Damascus steel objects were already rare tools and made by the best blacksmiths. The beauty of these blades has become over the centuries a true myth for the different peoples who used them.

Manufacture of Damascus steel

The traditional manufacture of Damascus steel consists of welding two different steels, usually in seven layers. Then it is a question of folding these layers over each other and to repeat the operation until obtaining at least a hundred of layer.

The Damascus steel we use comes from powder metallurgy, which gives this steel many advantages.

Stainless steel damascus

The main advantage of this damascus steel is to be stainless, the blade of your knife will retain its aesthetic appearance over time, no risk of the latter oxidize, you will enjoy its beauty throughout the life of your knife.

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