We are proud to introduce our Laguiole knives handmade in our workshop! With or without lockback system, each laguiole knife is created according to the French tradition : freehand file worked spring, traditional forged bee and shepherd's cross inlayed.

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The Laguiole, a premium cutlery which is as functional as decorative

Originally produced in the city of Thiers, also known as the “Knife City”, the Laguiole is a high-quality traditional knife. Its name represents neither a company nor a trademark but the distinct shape of this cutlery. Entirely hand-made by master cutlers, its handle was formally fabricated in cattle horn. Nowadays various models of this prestigious knife can be found, from switchblades to table knives which you can choose between handles conceived in rosewood, horns, bones and other materials. In the light of their elegant patterns, this cutlery is now seen as an object of decoration which is valued by collectors. Beside their appealing presentation, their efficiency is unmatched. These high-class cutting tools offer an impeccable cut and a great comfort when handling.

An assortment of alluring designs to please everyone

The Laguiole is portrayed by a distinct symbol, a bee. Various myths and stories were built about the origins of this emblem. For example, it is said that Napoleon granted the design of a bee to the citizens who demonstrated courage. Browse the Fontenille Pataud’s online shop to discover a large variety of Laguiole, with exquisite and unique designs, manufactured in our workshop established since 1929. This French-made cutlery features neat finishes along with its magnificent bee, forged in the spring of the knife. Due to its original sharp blade, you will find no teeth to its cutting edge. For those passionate about this fine cutlery, you will be able to choose among a wide range of models the knife that suits you, whether you intend to use it for everyday purposes or to buy it as gift. Produced by our expert cutlers, their uniqueness and delicate designs will charm anybody.


Choose your range

  • Laguiole Sport 13 cm

    The Laguiole Sport is from far the best large Laguiole knife on the market. Handmade in France, this Laguiole knife offers a lock-back system for your safety, in addition this mechanism provides smoothness while using. Available with stainless steel damascus blade, the Laguiole Sport knife will become your perfect outdoor activities tool.

  • Laguiole Gentleman 10,5 cm

    The Laguiole Gentleman knife is smaller than the Laguiole Sport knife, but it still remains a robust and efficient Laguiole knife: forged spring, traditional bee and lock-back system. Its smaller size maked it easier to carry. This knife is appropriate both in the city and in the country.

  • Laguiole Nature 12cm

    The Laguiole Nature knife is become the best Laguiole knife on the market: standard size, lock-back system and forged spring. Available with stainless steel damascus blade, the Laguiole Nature knife is handmade in our workshop.

  • Laguiole Le Pocket 10.5 cm

    With a smooth mechanism, the Laguiole Pocket knife provides a perfect safe use thanks to the lock-back system. Handmade in France, the Laguiole pocket knife will become your everyday carry.

  • Laguiole XS 9 cm

    We proudly introduce the Laguiole XS knife, the smallest Laguiole knife of our range. Small but efficient, the Laguiole XS knife provides a solid hardened bladestop, a lock-back system and a forged spring. This Laguiole is handmade in our workshop in France.

  • Laguiole Traditional 12 cm

    Sober, elegant and timeless, the Laguiole knife 12 cm folded leavings the most famous french knife. We wanted a handmade and high-end Laguiole knife: massive forged bee, freehand file worked spring and taditional shepherd's cross. This Laguiole knife is like the whole of our production: 100% Made in France.

  • Laguiole Traditional 11 cm

    The traditional Laguiole knife 11 cm is signed by Gilles: a solid bladestop is provided on all of our springs, that shall keep a long time the edge of the blade, the traditionnal bee is forged into the spring. These details create a unique Laguiole knife, making each knife one of a kind.

  • Laguiole Traditional 12cm with Corkscrew

    The traditional Laguiole knife with corkscrew signed by Gilles® is a high-end Laguiole knife: solid balde-stop, forged bee and 12C27 stainless steel blade, this Laguiole knife is proudly handmade in France.

  • Laguiole Essential 12 cm

    The « Essential » Laguiole knives range is made into our workshop. Despite those knives aren’t branded Gilles®, you may take advantage of their excellent Quality / Price ratio. Those 2 solid stainless bolsters knives are perfect as EDC (everyday carry): 12C27 stainless blade, traditional shepherd’s cross ,and a forged “bee” spring (no welding) including a blade stop.


    The differences with the Gilles® range of traditional Laguiole knives are as follows :


    -          Limited choice of French woods, slightly thinner than the Gilles® range. 1mm thick liners instead of 1,2.

    -          No horn handle (except black horn), nor burl and rare woods. No personalization nor Damascus & special steels.

    -          Handles are assembled with screws unlike the traditional assembling with handmade rivets.

    -          Satin polishing only, including into the mechanism.

    -          Delivered with a not-numerated guarantee certificate and a suede pouch.