Our Steels


What sort of steel should I chose for my blade?

For a classic and easy use, we recommend the 12c27 stainless steel (Hardness : 56/57 HRC) and the 14c28n stainless steel (Hardness : 58/59 HRC).

For a superior performance, we offer RWL34. That Swedish steel is nowadays the best European (powder metallurgy) stainless steel for knives blades. Hardness  60/61 HRC

The XC75 carbon steel is not stainless. The blade gets dark by the time. It is appropriate for those who look for the good old fashioned knves style. Very easy to sharpen, it is “our grand fathers” steel.

Lastly, there the Damascus steels. Damascus steels are for the knife maker what gold is for the jeweler.

IMPORTANT: We have chosen to manufacture our Damascus blades with Damascus stainless steel bars sourced at Damasteel, Sweden (Damasteel). Given its expense, the Damascus steel is expected to retain its beauty through the years : this is what we do guarantee. A carbon steel Damascus is more "traditionnal" although it would lose the visible patterns through time. It can also rust if not wiped with some regularity. This is why we prefer to manufacture stainelss steel instead of carbon steel damascus