Le Thiers®

The Thiers® knife originates from a collaborative effort among cutlers in the Thiers region to create the knife representing the city of Thiers, the French capital of cutlery. Fontenille Pataud offers exclusive models of Le Thiers® knives with blade locking for your comfort and safety. Experience traditional French pocket knife craftsmanship in the modern era!

Once merely practical tools for tasks like sharpening quills, pocket knives are now decorative objects in their own right. Combining performance and elegance, they delight both knife collectors and users alike. The city of Thiers, nestled in the medieval charm of Auvergne, proudly boasts six centuries of cutlery history. Nicknamed "The Cutlery City" due to its significant knife-related activity, Thiers features streets named after its crafts, such as "Rue des Forgerons" (Blacksmiths' Street) and "Rue de la Coutellerie" (Cutlery Street). The Le Thiers pocket knife not only embodies the essence of this city but also showcases meticulous craftsmanship, from blade to handle, with carefully sculpted lines!

Exclusive models not to be missed!

Fontenille Pataud presents unique, high-end models under the brand 'Le Thiers.' On our online store, you'll discover folding knife models ensuring comfort and ease of use. Designs range from classic to modern, catering to diverse tastes. For example, the 'Thiers Liner Lock Bamboo' exudes robustness while being lightweight and elegant. Its clean color and one-handed opening system combine charm with everyday practicality! Catering to more discerning clientele, the 'Gentleman Damascus' model offers security, performance, and aesthetics. Featuring a stainless steel blade locking mechanism and refined, chic design. Explore these models and more, like the Le Thiers Advance, on our website, and find the Le Thiers pocket knife that perfectly suits you!

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