Laguiole Traditional 11 cm

The traditional Laguiole knife 11 cm is signed by Gilles: a solid bladestop is provided on all of our springs, that shall keep a long time the edge of the blade, the traditionnal bee is forged into the spring. These details create a unique Laguiole knife, making each knife one of a kind.

Choose your range

  • Laguiole 11 cm Classic

    Laguiole 11 cm

  • Laguiole 11 cm Guilloché

    The « Guilloché » range is superior : in addition of the spring file work, the liners and the top of the blade are chiseled as well.

    Laguiole traditional 11 cm guilloché

  • Laguiole 11 cm Damas

    These stainless Damascus models can be collected or used as everyday carry. The Damascus steel we’re using is from Damasteel® and the patterns will last the life of the knife. The Damascus Laguiole traditionnal 11 cm knife is a premium choice for connoisseurs. 

    Laguiole traditionnal knife with damascus blade