To send us your testimonial, please go to the contact page.


Thank you so much. Love your knives. I know you have an incredible company. I will hold off on ordering.

Love France and the French people.

Someday soon I plan to have the pressed duck at Tour D'Argent in Paris. But I'm going to the Greek Islands first.

And you make knives beyond compare.


Chuck Norton (UK)


Hi Yann

The knife has arrived safely now and is absolutely gorgeous!

Many thanks

Julia (UK)


Dear Cecile and Yann,

I hope this message finds you both well. I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the beautifully crafted work you've provided.

Thank you for your outstanding work and the exceptional service you delivered.


Cengiz (USA)


I recieved my knife yesterday. I just wanted to let you know that it is beautiful and I'm quite happy with it!

I believe the card said that Lacsiy (not sure if I spelled that correctly) made it. Please let them know how pleased I am with it.

Thanks again,

Baron Swodeck (USA)


Dear Yann,

The Pradel arrived today. Looks beautiful, and the juniper burl handle is amazingly fragrant. Thank you very much for this piece of craftmanship!


Coen (Netherlands)


Hi Clara,

The parcel safely arrived today. It took longer than usually because yesterday and the day before yesterday were public holidays in Madrid and the delivery agencies were closed.

Both knives are …. simply gorgeous, especially the Advance. It is a real masterpiece. Many thanks for all your good work.


I am more than pleased. Please give my regards to Alexis and tell him that I am very grateful for his superb job with these two knives and the Pradel with mammoth handle (that is now in your catalogue J) as well.

I would like to also thank you personally. Your availability and flexibility made a loyal client. Within the last 7 months I have acquired 8 of your knives and I have spent more than 6.000 € chez vous. I am an avid collector who has been buying knives for almost 30 years worldwide but I can assure you that this is the first time that I spent so much in one brand so rapidly. That must mean something.

As always, I take the opportunity to remind you that my collection has still a gap that I would like to fill out sometime ....

You both, have a nice w-end and thanks again.

Fernando (Spain)


I‘d like to say thank you. The product arrived today. It is, as expected, very nice. Best regards,

Gerhard (Germany)



Received the repaired Thiers. There is no way anyone would see it unless they knew where to look. Even then it is barely noticeable. If I showed any friend they would not see it. Great job! Thanks!!

Also the Capuchadou is amazing! Turned out great. Wood handle looks amazing! Unique little knife. So glad to add this to my collection!

Many thanks!

Ryan (USA)


Dear Cecile & team,

my Laguiole knife arrived today. Thank you for this specimen of superb craftsmanship (special thanks to Aymeric). The personal notes included are much appreciated.

All the best to the team.

Merci beaucoup.

Martin (Germany)



I just received my pocket knife and it is everything I hoped and then some. Tell Maxime his work is spectacular and thank you! I’m sorry for my impatience but I’m also sure you understand.

Fontenille Pataud is truly the best, right down to your customer service. You have a customer for life in me.

Cheers to everyone!

Gord (Canada)


Dear Yann,

The knife has arrived as informed in advance. The quality, design/pattern and materials are excellent.


Mario (Poland)


Hi!! Finally arrive the pialincu. Great piece.Congratulations for you Yann and your team.Many thank's for all.Super service!!!

With best regards,

Moisès (Spain)


My Capuchadou and Corsican arrived yesterday and they are truly superb.

The Capuchadou is a work of art. I bought this with some money after my mum passed away. I will hand this knife down to my son and then on through the family.

Best regards,

Elliot (UK)


I just want to say that the knife has arrived and it is very nice!

I have several knives from france and most of the times (with one exeption really) the knives where OK but nothing special.

This knife, is special.

I consider it a semi custom and indeed a good one! Congrats and thanks!

Christos (Sweden)


Hi Yann,

I received the laguiole xs today and it is extraordinary. Quite beautiful indeed. I was briefly out of town and my father licked up mail for me. I showed him as well. He is really into wood-working (tables, clocks, instruments etc). He also thought the knife was amazing. That is an interesting way to do the thin laguiole. Did you get a chance to see it before the knife was finished and sent? Love it!

I dont need the extra wood back, so make something beautiful for another customer! Looking forward to the Capuchadou 10cm with traditional cut of the wood.


Ryan (USA)


Hi Yann,

I received the package and the knife is even more beautiful than expected. Really great craftmanship - thanks for that.

Aart (Netherlands)



Just received the 2 London's, fantastic work, thank you so much they are really beautiful....

Happy Crunch Saturday...

Hamilton (France)


Good afternoon Yann!!

The gentleman knife arrived today.It's a super finition now!!!Incredible work, exactly I'll wish!!! My congratulations for the craftman!!

Best regards for you and your team,

Moisès (Spain)


Liebes Fontenille Patoudt Team, liebe Cecile,

das Messer ist gestern angekommen und ich bin begeistert. So eine wunderschöne Handarbeitet habe ich selten gesehen. Es passt alles sehr gut und liegt sehr gut in der Hand.

Ich freue mich schon darauf es zu benutzen. Ich habe einige Messer aus Solingen aber nicht eines ist so schön wie mein neues Laguiole aus eurer Schmiede. Vielen Dank

Dear Fontenille Patoudt Team,

Dear Cecile,

The knife arrived yesterday and I am thrilled. I have rarely seen so much beautiful handicraft. It all fits very well and fits very well in the hand.

I'm looking forward to using it. I have some knives from Solingen but not one is as beautiful as my new Laguiole from your forge. Thanks so much

Henri van Lindt (Germany)



I haven't got an email but the knife was delivered this morning.

It's beautiful!

Thank you very much,

Henri van Lindt (Germany)



I received the ebony Thiers today and it’s perfect. Absolutely beautiful!

By my count I now have e 12 knives plus the magnum for wine. Total will soon be 14 plus Magnum when the final two arrive. I think I bought my first one in 2017. I have collected many knives and then started collected French knives. Overall, Fontenille-Pataud knives are my favorite regardless of region. Classic designs, flawlessly handmade and with modern touches such as higher grade steels, Damascus options, blade stops and locks. Love it.

But I think the next two knives will have to be my final purchases in 2024. You should receive the wood by early next week.

I follow your company on Facebook. I love the short videos on unique creations. I love seeing the team create special versions!


Ryan (USA)


Hi Yann.

I received my knife today and really like it. The pistachio scales are awesome, love the seahorse and the little bit of guiochhe on the spine.

Thank you for your help and please thank artistic cutler who made this for me.

I love all my Fontenille Pataud knives and probably have at least 100 by now, including high end damascus with mammoth molar scales. I've bought some "pre-owned" that look brand new and many from Laguiole Imports.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you and have a great day.

Debbie (USA)


Hello Yann, all,

I’ve received the knife in good order, and it’s a real beauty, thank you.


Chris (Netherlands)


Hi Clara and Yann,

I acknowledge safe receipt of both knives. I don’t know which one I like the most. If your selection of the giraffe plaquettes for Le Thiers was perfect I can´t say less of your selection of the mammoth plaquettes for Le Pradel. Thanks, Yann; you were right when you said that I would be pleased with your choice.

Many thanks for this pair of beautiful pieces of art.

Have a nice w-end.

Kind regards,

Fernando (Spain)


Hi Yann

Thank you so much for this information, I am excited to receive the tire-bouchon (one of the few French words I know!) which will be a gift for a lifelong friend.

My wife and I visited your factory and showroom in September of last year and had a lovely visit with the young women who attended to us. I purchased four knives and wear one of them every day.

All of your cutlery is stunning and I appreciated the opportunity to see your craftsman create the knives by hand. Sadly, this hand crafted work is nearly a lost art. Thank you for keeping it alive.

Best to you from rainy Southern California.

Gregg (USA)


Dear Team,

Well received the parcel, thank you for the real nice knive, it is a good piece of handcraft work, Chapeau!


Raimund (Germany)


Hallo Yann,

mijn 2de zakmes aangekomen! deze keer de gentlemen, ultralight! oh ongelofelijk, opnieuw fantastische kwaliteit, prachtige afwerking, en zo light! dit zal zeker met me meegaan als eerste keus op mijn backpack avonturen!

zo tevreden van de messen, dat ik er waarschijnlijk nog eentje aankoop!

Dimitri S. (Netherlands)


Groetjes vanuit België aan iedereen bij FP.

Beide messen vandaag ontvangen en meteen zeer grondig gecontroleerd.

Geen enkele kwaliteitsfout ontdekt. Waauw.

Ik heb dus thuis geen Bentley, maar ik heb wel een Pradel (pour manger) en een Rondinara (pour marcher)

Patrick P. (Netherlands)


Dear Yann

Knives have arrived with me in London.

They are well made and a matching pair!

Thank you for your customer service in resolving this issue.

Kind regards

Donald (England)


Hello Yann, It arrived !!! I love it. Thank you for your help. What a wonderful piece of art. I cant wait to open a bottle !

Best, Tim M.


Hi Yann

I arrived back at home and the first I did was to look for the knife: that is a masterpiece!

Congratulation for you and your team!!!

Best wishes for 2024

Achim S. (Germany)


Thank you to Alexis for making 2 knives for us. Just arrived in the UK in time for Christmas.

Beautiful work, well done. With rosewood handles.




We just received the Tir Bouchon, its a truly beautiful object, which I know for sure will make my son very happy... Thank you so much for doing it.

Hope you and your team have a wonderful Christmas

Warm Regards

Hamilton P. (Engand)


Dear Yann and Team,

I have been using my 'Basque' nearly every day since I've received it. As expected the 12C27 blade withstands my use 'pour le casse croûte' very well. This is my eighth knife from your shop, and I certainly will add more. I rotate my knives quite regularly, next week it is time for L'Antò again :)

Kind Regards



Engineering Excellence

I was so pleased to receive my Pradel Rosewood pocket knife. I knew immediately I opened the knife I was holding precision engineering of faultless quality because it was so smooth an operation. It was plain to me I was holding the Rolls Royce of penknives. Eight inches of superb unique design, in other words at the very apex of craftsmanship of high quality steel and two bolsters forward and rearward for effectiveness. In its lovely soft leather pouch so tight that it will never fall out when mixed in the pocket with keys or cash it is an item I will never be without. From humble letter opening to cutting my baguette at picnics on holiday and pairing my roast chicken breasts it makes me want to go on holiday right now so I can just use it. The locking mechanism is so cunning and different. I know of no other like it. A.E. Hartink's Encyclopaedia of Knives has 17 different lock-opening mechanisms but not this one. The rear bolster press down system works so unobtrusively nobody would know its there its almost invisible. Napoleon Buonaparte and any King of France never had a knife so good as this. It works better than my Laguiole.

This is a real review and not a fake. I have not been paid nor seek payment for it.

Stephen T. (UK)


Dear Yann,

today I received my Laguiole. Again, an amazing piece of work! A big thank you to you, the team and especially to the maker of this knife!

Kind regards,

Francis G. (Germany)


Liebes Fontenille Pataud - Team,

Wir haben gerade die von uns bestellten Messer Laguiole XS Guilloché Range Buffalo Horn tip und Laguiole Nature Guilloché Range Real bone mit der Post bekommen. Wir sind begeistert und bedanken uns recht herzlich. Unser besonderer Dank gilt natürlich Jason, der unsere Messer gefertigt hat. Zwei wunderschöne Stücke französischer Handwerkskunst die uns sicher viel Freude bereiten werden. Unsere ersten aber sicherlich nicht die letzten Messer von Fontenille Pataud. Vielen lieben

Dank Marina & Frank B. (Germany)


Dear Yann,

I received the knife today and am glad. Than you very much for your kind help - and the great craftmanship of Fontenille Pataud.

Take care!

Yorck K. (Germany)


Treasured work of art!


Ryan M. (USA)


Hi, thank you! We have received the knife. It's well made!


Ting C. (China)


Bonjour Yann,

I just received my knife and it is beautiful!

Merci beaucoup,

Michael G. (USA)


Bonjour Yann,

I have received the 'Basque' last week and have been using it since then for the casse croute. As usual the quality of the knife is impeccable, and it is an absolute beauty.

Thank you, et Merci,

Rudi (Germany)


My order arrived on the 20th of October in perfect condition. The knifes are beautiful.

Thank you Cécile

Marc K. (Germany)


Hi Yann,

Received my order today.

Wow, absolutely beautiful. I could not be happier.

I want to order another 8 piece set in wood. But another type of wood.

Would you be able to make the 8 piece set for me in real ebony for me?


Haldane B. (New-Zealand)


Hallo YANN

The Knives arrived and pleased me very much.

Thank you

Achim S. (Germany)


Dear Fontanille Pataudteam, special Aymeric,

Thank you for this beautiful crafted knive.

Best regards,

Aart V. (the Netherlands)


Bonjour Yann and Cecile,

I received my Capuchadou engraved knife today! I must say it was worth the wait and I am very happy with the quality and craftsmanship. This was my fourth purchase and just love your knives and corkscrews. A pleasant surprise was the better steel used in the blade. I received a 14C28N blade instead of the 12C27 - thank you!

I keep saying this is my last purchase but somehow, I don't think so. Best wishes and please thank the artist who made this knife.

Herb R. (USA)


Hi Yann,

Thanks for following up. I have just managed to contact the recipient (who I didn’t realise was travelling for the last few weeks) and they have confirmed receipt of the knife (which they are super happy with - they love the quality of the product!) Many thanks for the strong customer service and also the craftsmanship of your work.

All much appreciated!

Jim C. (USA)


Hello Team Fontenille Pataud,

Yesterday I was very fortunate to receive my beautiful personalised pocket knife. The knife turned out very nice and I’m truly happy with it. Thank you so much! I will carry it with me and use it with much pleasure. I was wondering if you ended up being able to take pictures and/or videos during the process of creating my knife?

Bien à vous,

Lindy (the Netherlands)


Good morning Jann,

I’m just letting you know that my order has arrived and that I am DELIGHTED with the spoons.

Thank you for a great job!


Mike L. (UK)


Hello, I just wanted to let you know the knife got here and is beautiful!

Also thank you for the generous gift of the sheath and honing rod, I really appreciate it!

Grant D. (USA)


Bonjour Yann,

No apologies necessary. I arrived home today from a business trip to open the mail and my wonderful, beautiful knife was here!!! I love it. Truly a piece of craftsmanship, art, and tonight it will be slicing my snacks over a glass of Bordeaux! Thank you. I love it, as much as my others from you. And, will be ordering another soon.

Have a nice weekend and again well done!

David P. (USA)


Hello Yann,

my knife arrived in the mail yesterday. It is very well done and exactly how I imagined it, thank you very much.


Marcus (Germany)


Bonjour Yann,

My Capuchadou arrived safely today and I wanted to let you know how delighted I am with it. It is an absolutely exquisite piece of craftsmanship and please pass my thanks and compliments on to Aymeric, who I understand was responsible for making it. Fantastic work, and I look forward to many, many years of use with my new knife. I already know that I will want to add another knife, perhaps a Laguoile XS, and I will be in touch once I have selected the right scales; although I know that L’ete will mean the manufactory will be closed for the rest of August so this in will take a little longer. Once again my thanks to you and you team for creating a practical tool that is also a work of art.

Warm regards

Barry M. (England)


Good morning Yann,

We arrived home on Monday and finally I could touch and feel the new knives. They are of superb quality and extremely well made, besides of being very beautiful. Please let Pierre know, that he made a fantastic job. I might be tempted to present Caroline’s gift earlier to our wedding anniversary before we fly back to Avalon. Then you will get the pictures already in September. In the meantime all the best to you and your gifted craftsmen/women.

Kind regards

Hermann W. (Switzerland)


Dear Yann,

Many thanks for your fast reaction. Very kind of you. My parcel was delivered today. I’ll give it to recipient tonight.

It was a pleasure to deal and communicate with you.

All the best,

Marina Kudriashova (Italia)


A big thank you to Sylvain for making a very beautiful knife.

F.C. van Lit (The Netherlands)


Hi Cecile/Alexis

My order [...] arrived today.

We say in England 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever'.

Many many thanks,

John P. (England)


Yann I have received my new knife.

It is a beautifully made knife, I am very pleased with it. Thank you for everything. I hope you continue to be successful, and keep the traditions of French knife making alive :)

Kind regards

Tim S. (England)


Hello Yann,

The knive ist arrived and i am glad to say it ist Just perfekt. Blade ist perfect centered, Action ist great and Wood is beauifull...

Thank you so much.

Gruß Andreas W. (Germany)


Hello Yann Hello Cecile,

I received my new knife from you today after a 4-week wait and I am extremely surprised and pleased with the great work you are doing for the seventh time. Yes it takes a little longer and it costs a little more but it's 200 percent worth it. For the third time, thanks to Maxime for his fantastic work. Hardly any knife (and I own many) runs so smoothly and precisely and is processed so cleanly, just great. Today it's a 5Coqs, before that I was completely convinced by the Laguiole Nature and Gentleman, by L'Anto Corsican and all three greats of the Thiers. I'm already planning the next order.

A customer from Germany


Hi FP team,

I received my knife today and must say thank you, as it is truly a beautiful piece of art that was clearly given a great deal of care during production. The engraving, woodwork and precision of the entire piece is impeccable and just such an enjoyable product knowing it was handmade from start to finish by a profession I hope endures forever.

Thank you again and take care.

Curt H. (England)


Lieber Yann mit Cecile, auch Pierre, Alexis und alle Mitarbeiter!

Nun da unser beider "Laguiole" gut und problemlos hier in Bayern angekommen sind wollen wir, Vater und Sohn, Ihnen unsere Anerkennung zollen. Wir konnten nicht nur Gebrauchsgegenstände entgegennehmen...es waren "Kunstwerke"! Wir waren vorweg bereits hoher Erwartungen, diese wurden noch weit mehr als erfüllt. Sie haben und bilden gemeinsam ein kundenorientiertes, vertrauenswürdiges Unternehmen. Besonders erkennt man auch ihr Traditionsbewusstsein, gepaart mit Zukunftsorientierung. Großer Respekt vor Ihrer aller Leistung! Auch in unserem Haus wird mit seltenen, fremden Hölzern, Mammut etc. präzise, detailgenau gearbeitet...wie Sie.

Viele Grüße und vielen Dank

Otto u. Johannes R. (Germany)


Just received my new knife.

It's beautiful. Thank you very much.

Kind regards,

René F. (the Netherlands)


Bonjour Yann,

Thanks again and I love the work Maxime and Jason did on the knives shown here.

Both are beautiful, the parts are perfect, great sharpness, and the blade patterns also look great.

Best regards,

Paul G. (USA)


Hello, knife arrived today in good condition.

What a fine work. Absolutely beautiful and very sharp knife.

Thank you

Best Regards

Jan K. (Slovakia)


Dear Yann, [...]

My corkscrew is here...I am satisfied! It is very beautiful.

Many thanks Regards,

Gabina B. (Czechoslovakia)


« Chere Yann, Andrew ici. Merci beaucoup pour le ou la coupe choses. Je volonte utilise avec amour. Avec merci, Andrew En l’anglaise: »

Dear Yann,

Andrew here. Thank you very much for the knives. I will use them with love.

With thanks,

Ps - Je apprendre petit mots de en français. Pardon mon français. :)

Andrew J. (Australia)


Thank you so much Yann and everyone for the absolutely stunning knife. I handed my friend the knife in the box and told him it was a new knife I bought for myself. He complimented it on how sturdy it was and that it was obviously of very good quality because the lock was so solid. He then continued to look it over and found the beautiful engraving of his name on it and was speechless. He gave me a big hug and said it was one of the best presents he had ever received and knew it would last him his whole life and beyond. He immediately removed his pocket knife and put his new Laguiole in his pocket and said he would keep it in the leather case to keep it safe.

Needless to say he loves it.

Thank you again.

Matthew B. (USA)


Yann, G’ day.

Knives well received.

Thank you very much for your help, you kind gift and congratulation on you craftsmanship.


Stefanos (Greece)


Hi Yann,

I just checked and found your replies were in another folder. Thanks for your reply again. I just received the knife with the box. Before receiving it, I don't have an idea about what does ART mean when this word applies to a knife, your Laguiole knife well explain it. I really like it and will share on the world great knife forum. I look forward to placing order to LE THIERS next time!

Have a safe & joyful day

Hao (China)


Thank you for the quick reply, the package arrived today and, as always, we are very satisfied.

Yasmina G. (Germany)


Dear Yann

A very late thank you - the knives arrived safely. We were in the UK of all places on holiday but our house sitter sorted the delivery! The knives are wonderful and have been put to work! I’m seriously considering being another 2 knives - if I may say your build quality and design are excellent.


Julian W. (Austria)


Dear Yann,

I received today my new knife “Pradel”. This is as always from Fontenille-Pataud a masterpiece of fine craftmanship. Many thanks to Maxime for making me such a perfect folding knife!

I wonder when anyone of my friends as they did before,will ask me to give it to them, because for sure they are eager to have one as well. I will recommend them your online shop and not as before give my knives away, because I am proud, to have few more of your wonderful knifes.

Thank you and kindest regards,

Jochen C. (Germany)


Hi Yann,

Today I received my Knife.

Perfect craftsmanship.

Thank You and until next time.

Jan de G. (the Netherlands)


I received the knife today.

Very beautiful.

Brad M. (USA)


Thank your for your quick response and for clarification.

And again, many thanks for this beautiful knife!

Best regards,

Francis G. (Germany)


Hi Yann.

I received my nature knife with ram horn scales today. I love it. It's so beautiful. Please thank the cutler for me, as it is a masterpiece. I can do reviews if you send me links to do so.

Thank you,

Debbie P. (USA)


I have no words for Fontenille Pataud but I'll give it a try.

In a world where a $4.00 (or free!) corkscrew can open a bottle of wine, why would anyone buy one costing hundreds of dollars? Simply put, because the respect you're already giving (or should be giving) the world's best winemakers and wine glass makers is perfectly complimented by the world's best corkscrew maker. Holding one of their objet d'art in your hand, you can FEEL the energy. You touch it and you're transported to their workshop in France. I don't even want to refer to FP as a company, it's a family that welcomed me from the beginning. From placing my order, to keeping my updated, to responding once I had it, you could not be in better hands. I will enjoy this piece until my dying day and pass this on to the next in my lineage who appreciates hand-made, history-backed, artisanal craftsmanship.

Thank you for your warm invitation, you bet I’ll visit one day!

Julio M. (USA)


Hi Yann,

The knife arrived today. It’s in perfect condition and an absolute beauty. My wife does love it from the moment she saw it. Thanks to Alexis for building the knife with all his skilled craftsmanship and to Cecile for inspection and packaging. We do now have his and hers and black and white as my Nature (bought in 2010) is in Ebony.

Merci beaucoup

Claus R. (Germany)



Thank you so much for my corkscrew.

I received it weeks ago but have been waiting for the right time to really appreciate it, take some photos and compose my gratitude toward you and everyone at the Workshop.

Having my initials engraved is amazing. It’s actually subtle, almost you wouldn’t know they are there unless you looked and I love it that way.

I just tagged the company on my Instagram — you have a customer for life!


Julio M. (USA)


Hello Clara,

the knife arrived today. I'm very excited!!!

It's great that there are still companies and people who master this craftsmanship.

This is art... Vielen Dank!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Alexander S. (Germany)


Hello Yann,

It is an awesome corkscrew.

The olive wood is lovely. I really like the signed note by your colleague who made the corkscrew.

I am using it as a book layer dor the novel I am reading.

Thank you and until the next purchase.

All the best,

Marco D. (the Netherlands)



Today I have received the knife, I have bought,and I am very very satisfied,it is so beautiful and I am happy.

I have one question. Is is possible to buy a knife without traditional Shepherds cross inlay?

My loving regards to the whole team.

Claus A. (Denmark)


Thought you'd like to know: I had some friends staying over. This morning at breakfast I put my ebony L'Anto on the cheese board. My friend's wife who doesn't care for pocket knives saw it and went: "Oh honey look at this, isn't it beautiful? The color, the rivets..." She made her husband take a picture for reference so that she can order one.

Klaus B. (Germany)


Salut Yann,

I just received my Laguiole.

Thank you so much for this stunning and beautiful piece of perfection and craftsmanship!

I am absolutely happy, having ordered one of YOUR Laguioles!!!

Good job! Love it!

Beste regards!

Heiko S. (Germany)


Dear Yann!  

Thank you again for correcting the knife!!

Both knives are beautiful and in daily use.  

We are very happy with these works of art!!  

Greetings from Austria!!!  

Peter W. (Austria)


Dear Yann,

I hope you, your family and your team are doing good and first of all I wanna wish you all the very best for 2023! Already three months back that I have received my next Fontenille Pataud from you, but still all the while I had the need to at least mail you in short.

I just wanna say a big Thank You & Merci Beaucoup!

As always you have fulfilled all my wishes on this one. Again it wasn‘t easy and especially with the new handle scale raw material (gold sheet). But again you left me speachless when I saw the knife for the first time. It is an exceptional work of craftsmanship.  And as I said previously, I feel very much home with Fontenille Pataud as you know so well to fulfill my ideals on knifes.  I got your mail saying about prices of 2022 untill today.

So I will see to place a next order by today. Only make up my mind still. 

For now all the best!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Frank-Henry P. (Germany)


Bonjour Yann,

Thank you for your response. I received my knife in good order yesterday.

Please thank Sylvain for making me such a beautiful knife.

Kind regards,

Henk J. (The Netherlands)


Dear Yann,

Thank you very much for your great support and the quick processing.

We have already opened our first bottle of wine with it.

I wish you, your family, friends and colleagues a happy and successful new year 2023.

Thank you,

Sven M. (Germany)


Hello Yann,

The other Magnum I ordered arrived today. 

I have never seen one in real life. I have to admit, I am very pleased and surprised. It is a huge cork screwer and so beautiful.  Absolutely love it.

Many thanks to you and all your colleagues for this amazing craftsmanship!


Marco M. (the Netherlands)


Yes, my dear wife did it again...lol.

She always says its not hard to find a gift for me... lol... as long as it is a knife and preferebly made in Thiers. Since Christmas I am the proud owner of another great Fontenille Pataud regional knife... my first wood handle knife!! It is made just like all my other Fontenille Pataud knives, skillful and beautiful too... sharp as a razor and pretty as it can be.

I love my new French made knife! Thank you Yann and all the hard workers at Fontenille Pataud...

I cant wait till Christmas 2023!!! Lol

James P. (USA)


Hallo Yann,

welch ein gelungenes Geschenk und welche Freude es bereitet hat! Mein Mann hatte es den ganzen Abend in Händen und war über diese Präzision so begeistert. Er hat im Internet noch einiges über Ihre Werkstatt/ stätten gelesen und Kommentare von anderen Käufern. Wunderbar!! Vielen Dank nochmals! Einen guten Jahreswechsel und ein frohes, gesundes und gesegnetes Jahr 2023 wünschen wir Ihnen und Ihren Mitarbeitern. 

Mit freundlichen Grüßen 

Willi und Monika W.


Dear Yann,

I received yesterday both knifes. They both exceeded my expectations. Beautiful hand work. I apreciate the efford of sending them before christmas. Both my father and I are very happy.

Thank you very much Yann, i will surely order more knifes from you in the near future.

Merry Christmas tu you and your family and loved ones as well.

Kind regards from Lima,

Alfred B. (Peru)


Hello Yann,

Thank you very much. Really one of the most beautiful knives I have ever seen.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas,

Alex W. (Germany)


Hi Yann,

The knife arrived today. I just wanted to let you know that it is beautiful and I am very happy with the quality, especially the filing and engraving on the spine. The blade locks in very securely and is very smooth. I cannot fault it. I am satisfied enough that I will be ordering another 3 or 4 knives in the new year.

Thank you,

Jack (USA)


Hello Yann,

The knife arrived yesterday.

Great, just like I imagined!

Happy Holidays!

Stefan A. (Switzerland)


The knives have arrived and are beautiful - thank you!



Hello Yann,

I just received my knife. Thank you so much for a wonderful knife.

I appreciate your craftsman ship and service.


Robert F. (USA)


Received it today, many thanks. 

Excellent quality and workmanship. 


Mike H. (UK)


I received my Le Chamois knife today. It is very beautiful. I love the beautiful guiochhe on the spine and the ram's horn scales are very nice. I also enjoyed receiving a card signed by the cutler, an artist really, which is great. I have been collecting Fontenille Pataud knives for years now and wouldn't part with any of them. Thank you,

Debbie P. (USA)


Hi Yann. I just got them back. They’re perfect now, thank you very much!

Have a joyful holiday.

All the best,

Ivor F. (USA)


Dear Yann,

I have received the ordered folding knife from you.

It is the beautiest present I could make myself for this Chistmas.

Many thanks for doing such beautiful things.

Best regards,

Julian D. (Romania)


When you buy a new knife from most knife makers, opening the package can be anticlimactic.

Not so with Fontenille Pataud! Each time I open that brown paper and pull the knife out of the leather slip, I cannot believe what I find inside: craftsmanship so exquisite, it's almost surreal! Nobody does better fileworked backsprings than Fontenille Pataud. And the handle covers? Exceptional colors and patterns every time! The Dark Ram's Horn on my Le Thiers pocket looks better in person than in the pictures. Flawless fit and finish; a blade so thinly ground there's almost no visible bevel; silky smooth walk and talk; and a lockback design that surpasses anything you'll find on the market.

You will never be disappointed with a knife from this team!

Special thanks to Maxime for a job well done!



Hello, I received the knife yesterday (pretty quick with La Poste isn't it) and it is perfect. Thank you and the people at Fontenille Pataud very much for making such great knives; merci a vous!

Best Regards,

Jacob V. (the Netherlands)


I have to thank Yann and Alexis for the beautiful Aurillac knife in cattle horn I received yesterday. As I have come to learn, Fontenille Pataud make knives like no other cutlers in the world. My Aurillac regional knife was outstanding: fit and finish exceeded that of any knife I own from other makers. The caramel, chocolate and sweet cream-colored horn handles are exquisite! I look forward to touring the workshop one day to see where the magic happens.

Another functional and beautiful heirloom for my children one day.

David M. (New Mexico, USA)




First, thank you for the fantastic corkscrew and also the pier chase and service experience. It was a wedding gift for a niece & partner. They received it today and were stunned by this work of art. They did have one question regarding the inlaid feather itself… can you share the name of the bird species it came from?

Best regards,

Paul M. (USA)


I really want to thank Yann and the team for their outstanding customer service, and incomparable talent and skill. My 12cm Laguiole Nature in Hybrid Juniper arrived yesterday. It took just six days to to travel all the way from Thiers, France to New Mexico, USA! The knife is absolutely breathtaking in its workmanship and beauty. I have probably owned more than 100 pocket knives over the years. None of them come close to this knife. It is simply magnificent! Fontenille Pataud are the best cutlers in the world.

I will be a lifelong customer.

David M. (New Mexico, USA).



Thank you very much,

I got the knife. It's beautiful.

Thank you,

Szallo L.


Hi Yann, Alexis and Cécile,

The knife came in yesterday and what should I say? It is beautiful and absolute perfect build like the other one I got before.

Thank you very much! It was worth waiting for it.

I´m sure this will not be my last knife from you.

Best regards from germany.

Hans J. B.


Dear Sirs,

Great to share with you that my customer Richard in Montreal gave me a Laguiole Magnum Feather as a gift when I paid a visit to his company two weeks ago.

This is the best corkscrew I've ever seen, an artcraft to be passed down for centuries.

Michael Y. (China)


Many thanks for the fantastic knife.

Everything is very well finished, polished and packaged.

A masterpiece the "Laguiole Nature 2013 Buffalo horn". The shipping was very fast.

A customer from Germany



I received my knife yesterday and I want to say thank you for the absolut perfect one.

This is a wonderful handcrafted knife.

Great job.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Jenny K. (Germany)


The parcel just arrived.

Looks wonderful!

Thank you.

Dirk M. (Germany)


Hello Yann,

The package will be delivered today. I‘m really happy about this - so I can take it with me on our vacation in France next week.

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

Mit freundlichen


Tilman D.


Hello Yann,

The knives have arrived, I wanted to thank you again that everything went so well. Both knives look very good, two little works of art. I'm already annoyed that I didn't dare to take both knives in blue poplar wood, it really looks fantastic. :-)

Many thanks also to Sylvain for the good realisation of the guillochage...

and the great little decorated mouche.

Great craftsmanship, I will certainly buy another knife from you.

Best regards to the whole team from Germany.

Tobi L. (Germany)


Dear Cécile and Yann, thanks again!

Christoph, a good friend and grill fan, was very happy about his birthday present.

Best wishes from Austria

Bernhard (Austria)


Hello Yann, The knives have arrived, I wanted to thank you again that everything went so well. Both knives look very good, two little works of art. I'm already annoyed that I didn't dare to take both knives in blue poplar wood, it really looks fantastic. :-) Many thanks also to Sylvain for the good realisation of the guillochage...and the great little decorated mouche. Great craftsmanship, I will certainly buy another knife from you. Best regards to the whole team from Germany Tobi L. (Germany)


Hi Yann!

Allow me to thank you for your incredible service! The knives arrived today!

Many many thanks and kind regards,

Heike (Germany)


I just received the knife Le Thiers Advance in good order [...].

It is a beautiful knife: Damascus blade (Vinland?), Timascus/Mokuti (Damascus from 2 titanium alloys) bolster and a Mokume gane (Damescus of 3 copper alloys) handle with delicate engraving o the spring. Both Mokuti and Mokume are hard to make and quite expense to do so. The result is beautiful.

I am really pleased that I took the Mokume as the handle and not the bolster. The yellowness of the handle probably of the brass alloy. Timascus is really prone to thingerprints but Mokume is far less. It is one of the gems in my collections.

Oh, this knife was handmade to my specs and thet is what I like of Fontenille Pataud.

JPM (Netherlands)



Thanks for the nice laguiole.

I am enjoying it,


Peter (Netherlands)



I have received the knives and my husband was extremely impressed with the quality and workmanship.

They’re beautiful. Thank you very much for pushing the order through. It was greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Corinne (UK)


Bonjour Yann,

Thank you for the explanation.

Very fascinating! It’ll be cool to see this Magnum evolve with me over time.

I’m also a sommelier by training, so it’s sure to get a lot of use. :-)

All my best,

Melvyn (USA)


Yann, my knife came and joined the others.


Tom (USA)


Bonjour Yann,

The knife arrived today, now it’s perfect!

Best Regards from Austria,

Klaus (Austria)


Dear Yann,

Many thanks for sorting out the delivery problems. The knife is wonderful and is absolutely fabulous quality I’ve put it straight to work.




Dear Yann,

I just recieved the knife. Thank you very much for the great customer service and the changes you have made to the knife. It is perfect and im looking forward to gifting it.

Best Regards,



Good day to all,

On my way to the Ardeche on holiday, I had planned a visit to Fontenille Pataud. Because I like to visit the shop that makes a knife for me. The personal contact is very important to me. Once there, we were very kindly received by the patron of the house. After an expert explanation of the various knives, I decided to purchase a Le Capuchadou 12 cm Needles Buffalo Horn with cornaline inlay. Waiting time 3 to 4 weeks. After the necessary formalities, the waiting could begin. As it was already noon, the patron made a reservation for us in a restaurant in Thiers. After 4 weeks, a parcel arrives from France. The knife is well packaged and comes with a thank-you note for the visit. The Capuchadou is really beautiful and well made. You could use the Capuchadou for heavy work. But I am certainly not going to do that, I think it is far too beautiful for that. The Capuchadou will only be used for culinary occasions. I can be very brief about Fontenille Pataud. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a beautiful and solid knife. I am very happy that I visited them and met the people behind the knife. I will now order another knife online without any problem, although I do prefer a visit. I would like to thank everyone at Fontenille Pataud for the warm welcome and the beautiful Capuchadou.

See you next time,



PS: the restaurant was top. We found the same pleasant atmosphere there as at Fontenille Pataud.


Dear Yann, first of all I do hope you, your family and your team are doing good! It is a late reply from me, but still all the while I felt I want to write a few lines to you and never managed to do so. My last order, my second knife from you, had a special intention as my wife was pregnant and I wanted to have a kind of family knife with our family name Palm which one day I can pass on to our daughter and I chose a Laguiole for this. When the knife received I was very excited as you did already such an amazing job with my first one, the L’Antò and fulfilled all my expectations by far. But still this one was something different to me. And when I finally was able to hold it in my hand for the first time, I was speechless. It is not only a beauty itself, it is built so perfectly well and again you exactly realised my idea of what I had in mind. It really touched me a lot and still does every time I take it out and use it. On 4th of December 2021 our daughter Letizia was born, the bright light of our life. And quickly six months have passed by now. I can’t wait for the first time I can give it to her hand, hold her hand and let her cut an apple with it and convey her what this knife means. Again I wanna thank you and your team very much for the exceptional work you did! I appreciate it a lot. I already have an idea for my next Fontenille Pataud and will come back to you soon :) All the best for Coutellia! Best

Frank-Henry (Germany)


Dear all that helped creating the beautiful Capuchadou I received this morning. The guillochage is outstanding. I cannot wait to show the knife to my grandsons and tell them about the ancient mammoth molars. My wife was so sweet to give it to me for my 65th birthday. Ik ben heel gelukkig met dit prachtige mes. Met vriendelijke groet / Regards,

Ron (Netherlands)


Muchas gracias señores, acabo de recibir mia bella cuchilla más temprano hoy. Estoy encantada con ella. Saludos

Tom (Spain)


Dear all that helped creating the beautiful Capuchadou I received this morning. The guillochage is outstanding. I cannot wait to show the knife to my grandsons and tell them about the ancient mammoth molars. My wife was so sweet to give it to me for my 65th birthday. Ik ben heel gelukkig met dit prachtige mes. Met vriendelijke groet / Regards,

Ron (Netherlands)


Good day Yann, I received my knife today and it is stunning! I love the dark ram handle - better than the photo on your site. The knife maker did a great job and should be commended. Can I leave you a review? Not sure how to do it. Thanks so much. This knife was worth the wait. Regards,

Herb (USA)


Caro Yann, é arrivato oggi il bellissimo Thiers nature con aiguilles. Come gli altri tre coltelli acquistati in precedenza, anche il nuovo arrivato brilla per la cura di ogni dettaglio; l’artista che l’ha realizzato merita tutti i nostri complimenti. Arrivederci al prossimo acquisto!

Gabriele e Maurizia (Italia)


Good day Yann, I received my knife today and it is stunning! I love the dark ram handle - better than the photo on your site. The knife maker did a great job and should be commended. Can I leave you a review? Not sure how to do it. Thanks so much. This knife was worth the wait. Regards,

Herb (USA)


Dear Yann,

I’ve just unpacked my new magnum corkscrew and I now have it in my hands.

It is truly a beautiful peace of art. Can’t wait to submit a new order soon!

Thank you and best regards,

Alberto (Italy)


Merci !!!!! Seit ca. 30 Jahren ein treuer Begleiter !! Liebe Grüße

Ralf (Germany)


To my 60 birthday I made myself a special gift: Le Thiers® Gentleman "Guilloché" Damascus Fosilized mammoth ivory. It's my 6th Fontenille Pataud and maybe not my last one.

As used to, the quality and finish of the knife are great. Especially the manual filework on the brackets are a pleasure to look at and also the damascus steel with the complex pattern. Needless to say, that the blade runs smooth without any play - that's standard at Fontenille Pataud.

Seeing a mammoth handle that is at least 10,000 years old is a special treat. I chosed the brown color because it's a bit more archaic than the white one. Together with the damascus blade and the decorations, the knife looks very discreetly noble.

One last word to the service: There was a missunderstanding in ordering, so I had to contact Yann. After a quick clarification, I could send the knife back and they had to reassemble and overwork the knife for me. That they did this is really outstanding.

So I warmly recommend this traditional knifemaker.

Do yourself something good and order a knife there. It's worth the money :-)

Best regards,

Gerald (Germany)


Good. Morning, Yann

How are your doing hope all is well.

Just checking in on the watch mechanism knife my last order.

I still can believe the artwork that went in to the blue Mammoth, such detail in the spine of the knife its truly an inheritance piece I hope to carry down a few generations.

Speak soon Have a great day

Rich (USA)


Hello Yann, knife has arrived. It looks beautiful :-)

Where can I rate your efforts in internet?

best regards

Gerald (Germany)


Hi Yann, thanks so much for the knife. It is wonderful..! I will cherish it for years.. Regards.

Elliott (UK)


Bonjour Yann I was away over the weekend but got back last night and found that my knife had been delivered. Thank you for arranging this. Outstanding craftsmanship and build quality. It looks fantastic!!

I will treasure it for the rest of my life.

Thank you to all at FP for their skill and service.

Best wishes

Niall (UK)


Afternoon Yann

I received my Blue Mammoth & I can’t believe the craftmanship that went behind the knife.

I can stare at it for hours and still be amazed. “never gets old” I just want to say thank you again for your patience with me and please let the artisan know he is one of a kind


Richard (USA)




Going to enjoy using my beautiful knife here in Florida.

Merci :-))


Jeff (USA)


Bon-soiree Yann

I have received my magnum corkscrew and I am absolutely delighted with it , true craftsmanship , a work of art that will have a lot of use.

Thank you again and I wish you a very happy weekend.

Best wishes Mark

Mark (UK)


Bonjour Yann,

i have just received the good piece - it turned out great, a wonderful knife!

Many thanks and best regards

Hannes (Austria)


Caro Yann,

abbiamo ricevuto oggi lo splendido Rondinara che avete creato: è semplicemente perfetto in ogni sua parte.

Grazie davvero e vi preghiamo di esprimere un apprezzamento particolare all’artista che ha realizzato il guillochage fin.

Buon lavoro e…..alla prossima ordinazione che non tarderà.

Gabriele e Maurizia (Italia)


Hello Yann,

The knife arrived yesterday safely at my place.

The Laguiole Sport is very beautiful, please thank the employee who made this knife for me.

Best regards from Germany

Peter (Germany)


I just received my knife today and I’m very happy.

It’s more than a knife, it’s a work of art. It’s beautiful.

It’s precision craftsmanship at its best.

Thank you so much.

Craig (USA)


Hello Yann,

Recieved my knife today and I am very happy with it. From the moment you pull it out of its sleave, you appreciate the quality,


Stan (New Zeland)


Please disregard my previous message. I just received my order. Many thanks, it is a beatiful piece of work!


André (Germany)


Bonjour Yann,

Just wanted to let you know my order was delivered today.

The knives are wonderful, I am very pleased with how they turned out.

I will leave a review on the website soon, but rest assured that it will be positive!

Kind regards,

Peter (Netherlands)


Dear Yann The knives have arrived! They are beautiful!! Thanks again

Jeroen (Netherlands)


Yann, Belatedly I just wanted to send an email to day the package arrived safely. Thank you so much it is a beautiful piece. Many thanks,

Kieran (UK)


Hello Yann, I received my new Laguiole yesterday. It's really beautiful. I'm absolutely thrilled. Thanks a lot for this. Greetings from Salzburg

Ernst (Austria)


Hello, Thr delivery arrived in good order today. Thank you,

W.M.J. (Joep), (Netherlands)


Hello Yann!

I received the knives today! I really like them! Fantastic work!

Thank you very much!

Dennis (Germany)


Bonjour Yann,

the knife is back, merci, the one hand mechanism is so cool…and I love al my Fontenille Pataud best regards from Vienna

Mark (Austria)


Caro Yann,

abbiamo appena ricevuto lo splendido laguiole Sport Damasco e vi facciamo tantissimi complimenti per la perfezione del lavoro di cesello "fin" e per la bellezza del coltello nel suo insieme. Un grazie particolare a Cécile per la sua gentilezza e cortesia nel corso della nostra visita al vostro centro di Thiers. Grazie ancora e buon proseguimento.

Gabriele e Maurizia (Italia)



Merry Christmas to you and your family!

We had a wonderful surprise yesterday when we received our two new knives from you - thank you for getting them to us so fast.

As you know, I own several of your knives and love them all. These are truly special knives. This is my wife's first knife, and she was thrilled with her XS in pink and my knife in Amourette is so beautiful.

I just wanted to acknowledge your great customer service and say thanks again Yann.

You made it a Happier Christmas in America for my family!

All the best for a great 2022!

Paul (USA)


Dear Yann,

I received my knife. It is beautiful! I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the artist that did the guilloche on my knife? The work is excellent, precise and beautiful. I've seen places on the internet where people received their knife and a card was included with the name of the artist that did the guilloche and worked on the knife. Maybe this was a different retailer that did this? Or, maybe you have stopped the practice?

David (USA)


Good day,

I received both of my handmade knives this week from you shop and I AM IN LOVE!!! OH MY.

Both knives are absolutely gorgeous and I truly appreciate the effort.

I will be buy more soon!

Thank you,

David (USA)



Just received my knife. wonderful craftsmanship and materials.

Thank you. best regards,

Gerrit (Netherlands)


I just wanted to let you know I have received my 10cm capuchadou with Juniper handle. This is the third knife I have bought from yourselves. I have a laguiole and capuchadou both with corkscrew.

If ever, when the British weather permits, I am at a picnic or BBQ they always draw some comment about their style and quality of build.

Yann was very helpful when I changed my ordered and I sure at some point I will be drawn to purchase another knife.

Thank you.

Andrew (UK)



Just wanted to let you know both of my knives arrived safe and sound.

They are magnificent.

Thank you-

Mike (USA)


Hello Yann,

It arrived yesterday, thanks! It is amazing.


Edgar (Netherlands)


Good morning Yann,

The knife just arrived.

So wundervoll!!

Thank du very much.

Daniel (Germany)


Dear Yann,

Beautiful knife - every aspect of it is exceptional.

Great service and responsiveness as well.

Very happy to have ordered through you.


Alan (Hong Kong)


Hello Yann,

It is a pleasant surprise receiving the good Fontenille Laguiole today.

An impressive piece... Thanks again...

Best regards

Christopher (Philippines)


Buonasera Yann,

Eccolo qui appena arrivato, (da negozio in Italia), bellissimo e perfetto in ogni dettaglio, come tutti i miei Fontenille Pataud.

Continuate così.


Mauro (Italia)


Hi Yann,

I just received the corkscrew.

It is beautiful and I look forward to using it for many years to come.

Thank you so much.

It’s a work of art.

Jeff (USA)


Bonjour Yann,

My corkscrew arrived safely this morning.

Merci, C'est beau.

Rob (Ireland)


Hi Yann,

Thank you so much for my beautiful knife, so impressed with it, the blade is outstanding.

Thanks again, love my new knife very much.


Peer (Australia)


Hi Yann,

The knife is wonderful - the wood has great grain colour and the guilloche is delicate and fluid. Just as I asked. Thank you.

It is obviously so well made and feels great in the hand.

I love the weight and thickness of the blade - and being wide is great for food. It has already sliced up my lunch, making wafer thin tomatoes and spreading pate on the blunt side. Le Chamois is a very useful blade shape I think!

Please thank the maker for me. And thank you for dealing with DHL. I'm sorry the UK is so awkward to sell to.

One day I'll be back for another knife if you can bear to do it all again!

I have my eye on a Sperone Needles...

Best wishes,

Jon (UK)



I received the knife in perfect condition.

Thank you for your support!!

Best regards,

Jorick (Belgium)


Great job on the cheese knives!

Simply beautiful.

Ross (USA)


Received knife today and am very impressed with material and workmanship throughout.

Bravo Fontenille Pataud !!! :)

Well done. Merci Beaucoup !!!


Jim (USA)


Hello Yann,

we received the cork screw that we ordered yesterday and it is splendid and very beautiful.

Thank you

Carolyn (New Zeland)


Bonjour Yann, Cecile,

Returning from my vacation I found my order in the mailbox.

It exceeds my expectations: a beautifull piece of craftmanship!

Very happy with it! Kind regards!

Jean-Paul (Netherlands)


Just received the package.

Everything is perfect, thanks so much!

Ross (USA)


Bonjour Yann,

I received my knife a few days ago.

I just wanted to say thank you! It is beautiful! Piece of art!

thank you again Yann,

Peter (UK)


Thank you for your prompt reply.

I checked my emails again, including the spam folder, I couldn't find the email, strange!

But everything went really well, we received the knife today and are very satisfied.

Thanks for the good work you are doing.

Best regards from Germany

Yasmina (Germany)


Bonjour Yann and Cecile,

Received the two Laguiole knives via DHL on Friday without problems.

They are both beautiful and works of art. The walnut handle will go to the gentleman and friend who does my auto bodywork, as a gift.

The purplewood / purpleheart stays with me - I never knew of this wood (along with greenheart) until living in the lower Carribean 40 years ago.

I now have two other knife purchases to make for Christmas (for family members) later this summer.

Thank you again.


Charles (USA)


Dear Yann,

I received my order today... And WOW!

I love the steak knives and the sommelier knife. They are beautiful!!!!

My 6-year old son picked the Laguiole Magnum for us.

I hope we will be able to visit you in the future, and see how these beautiful cutleries are made.

Merci beaucoup!!

Best regards,

Eric (Singapore)


Thank you very much for this beautiful knife.

Mit herzlichen Grüßen

Detlef (Germany)


Dear Yann

Just to let you know that the present arrived in Austria and the recipient is very pleased with it.

He said: "What a beautiful piece of art. Amazing. This definitely will stay in the family"

Thank you very much! with only the pictures I knew it was a great object for a special occasion.

Best regards,




Yesterday i received my new "Capuchadou" I am impressed,

it is a true work of art, and i can recommend it to anyone.

Kind regards,

Henning (Denmark)


Dear Yann

It's been a while since I placed my order and received my knife. What can I say ?

I felt in love with it from the moment when it has arrived and I was not one single day without it. I own 7 or 8 other pocket knives and they are retired since the day your knife came to me.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with it. I would love to place another order but at the moment it makes no sense as I cannot imagine that another knife would have a chance again my shepherd's knife.

This is how it should feel when you found the knife of your dreams ;-)

Kind regards,

Timo (Germany)



hoy 2-6-21 he recibido mi filo Ucumpa, yo os escribo desde España nación con tradición cuchillera de siglos,tengo que decir mi gran satisfacción ,buen trabajo,buenos ajustes,preciosas cachas, va a ocupar un sitio privilegiado en mi colección,

muchas gracias y un saludo a todo el equipo.

Francisco (Spain)



today I get my new knife and I am very happy.

It looks so perfect.

Thanks and best regards from Hamburg

Thomas (Germany)



Thank you, Thank you!, Yann what a beautiful quality piece of work!

Best birthday gift ever, I will treasure the knife, an thank you for delivering it the day before my birthday May 29th! today, you're the best!

Nicholas (USA)


Servus Yann,

Package was just delivered, everything in perfect order.

The knife is beautiful, I am very happy.

A thank you for their wonderful service.


Norbert (Germany)


Received the knife on saterday.

It is beautiful.

Thans you very much.

Roland (Netherlands)


The knife arrived! Beautiful merci Yann!

It will be difficult to give it away ;)

Ton (Netherlands)


Bon jour Yann.

Recieved my knife today.

C'est magnifique,

Merci boucoup

Henning (Denmark)


Dear Yann,

A week ago my first Fontenille Pataud finally arrived and I feel the need to write to you.

I am absolutely stunned by the knife itself and very happy!!

To be honest with you, when I opened up the package I was a bit worried. I took nicely time in the evening, when all work was done.

Sat down on the sofa, prepared a glas of Whisky for myself and then slowly opened it up to enjoy it. I looked through all the nice pieces you packed as the card which was personally adressed to me from you or the nice leather pouch for the knife.

I can truly value those things and this makes the difference for me between a mass product and if you do something with your heart as how I can feel you do. But as I said I was worried, because I know I am not an easy customer. My expectations in products in general are very high already. And if I can customize a product I have very strong ideas in mind and it’s not easy for others to fulfill this accordingly.

I knew it would be a great knife anyways but I was worried it might not be exactly the way I wanted it. And unfortunately I had a very particular imagine in mind how it should look like.

But when I took the knife out I was just blown away! It is just perfect! It turned out exactly how I wanted it, as if I would have stood besides the cutler who have made it.

It truly is a piece of unique craftsmanship and in every single detail I can feel it’s heart and soul.

You cannot compare this to a mass product made in factories.

I can only say Thank You and a big Merci beaucoup to your team!

My wife and I had already three wonderful dinners with the L’Antò and I enjoy using it and enjoy just looking at it and admiring it’s beauty.

I’m not a knife collector, but I have a few knifes and I do like knifes. I know for sure, this L’Antò will not be my last Fontenille Pataud.

All the very best from Germany!

Frank-Henry (Germany)


Today i got the corkscrew.

I love your products.

I would like to come to visit. I want to see how you do something like that.

Good luck in the future.

Many greetings

Christian (Germany)


Bonjour Yann,

I’ve just received my knife and it’s perfect! It’s just as I’d hoped it would be.

Please pass my thanks and my appreciation on to Cecile who sent my order with a personal note.

I really appreciate that, and the great work.

The knife is beautiful and the chiseled work is lovely.


Best regards to all!

Mike (Oregon, USA)


Hallo liebes Team von Fontenille Pataud!

Ich habe heute mein Laguiole Sport Guilloche bekommen. Die Verzierung der Platinen ist wirklich einzigartig!

Die ganze Verarbeitung ist sehr exklusiv!

Das hübsche Lederetui passt auch gut dazu und ist auch sehr schön verarbeitet!

Schöne Grüße aus Österreich wünscht Euch Ferdinand (Austria)


It arrived! Superb!!!!

Many Greetings and thanks to you as well to Cécile !!!!



Gisteren het door mij bestelde mes ontvangen.

Prachtig en echt mooi afgewerkt.

Cécile bedankt voor de persoonlijke noot op het bijgevoegde handgeschreven briefje.

Deeks (Netherlands)


Bonjour Yann and team,

I just received my Knives via DHL and I must say that I am utterly impressed by the workmanship! The knives (Laguiole Nature Classic Beech and Le Thiers Gentleman Ironwood) arrived in a nicely stitched leather sleeve and they were Flawless!

The service was impeccable, emails were replied within the day and delivery was quick and seamless.

I am an avid collector of fine knives and appreciate that Yann and his team paid much attention to the handcrafted detail of each knife.

These are my first purchases from Fontenille Pataud but I am certain they will not be my last!

I will definitely find the time to travel to their boutique when I visit my wife's family in France...hopefully soon!

Highly recommended and no regrets!

Merci Beaucoup!

Roger (Singapour)



I received my knife today.

Merci beaucoup - to the entire team for the wonderful pocket knive!

Best regards

Bruno (Germany)

P.S. It will definitely not my last order ;-)


Bonjour Yann,

Today I recived my beutiful knife, a true master piece :)

I just wanted to extend my best regards to all the amazing crafts men/women at Fontenille Pataud.

This was truly the piece I was missing :)

I attached some pictures

Best Regards and again

Merci Beaucoup!

Martin (Sweden)


Dear Yann,

Yesterday I got my long-awaited knife!

The road France-Russia-France-Germany-Russia-Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District was not easy, but now I have it in my hands!!!

The knife is magnificent!!!


Vasily (Russia Siberia)


Buongiorno Yann,

Sono venuto in possesso di questo laguiole xs in ginepro, voglio esprimere, ancora una volta, il mio apprezzamento per i vostri coltelli veramente molto ben eseguiti.

Colgo l'occasione per augurarvi una Buona Pasqua.


Mauro (Italia)


Hello there

I just wanted to say both knives arrived safely and to congratulate you on their quality.

I am mostly a collector of antique arms and armour (16th and 17th century rapiers mostly) but I have a small number of high-end custom knives made as one-off pieces by very good master smiths and a couple of custom laguoile knives.

I must say the knives I got from you are of superb quality. The Exception Laguoile with the pin pattern mammoth ivory is truly exceptional, as your name for it suggests. The workmanship is so fine. I liked that fact that the spine and the scales are not exactly like the one in the picture and are inpidual - in my case the spine is even more detailed in its chisel work than the one on the site. The proportions of the knife are well balanced and delicate.

Very well done. I think knives should be used so mine is sitting in front of me next to some good Roquefort cheese and a bottle of Chateaux Marzy.

The Rondinas is also very good workmanship. Balanced, very finely finished and nicely proportioned and robust. Great damascus pattern. No movement at all when the blade is locked either, which is a sign of good work.

We live in a semi-rural area with a lot of garden and some woodland so that one will be a general pocket knife for outdoor jobs.


Daniel (UK)


We have received our order and once again, thank you so much!

Your workmanship always exceeds our expectations!


Gord (Canada)


Dear Yann.

I received my new pocket knife today and it is a true work of art.

The engraving on the spine is great.

A big thank you to all involved in the production process.

Be safe and keep up the good work.

David (UK)


Good afternoon,

we just received our order.

Thank you very much!


Tereza (Czech Republic)


Salut Yann.

Das messer ist wunderschön und funktioniert allerfeinstens !!!

Merci beaucoup et a bientot.

Hubert (Germany)


Hello Yann,

Today the knife arrived - simply wonderful.

Thank you so much, for your exceptional service.

Won't be my last knife :-)

Greetings from Hannover

Uwe (Germany)


You can literally feel the tradition and modern technology that is combined in this wonderful piece of art.

Every expectation has been exceeded in every aspect of this masterpiece.

Claudio (Malaysia)


Thank you very much for the knife very beautifull , it was delivered fast

Best regards

Herman (Netherlands)


Dear Yann,

I just want to let you know that the knife arrived today and my wife Karin loves it!

Thanks a lot for your flexibility.

Karin will enjoy her knife during many future travels when possible again.

Have a nice day and best regards

Christoph (Germany)


Hi Yann,

May I pass all the best compliments to you and your team at Fontenille Pataud for the exceptional work.

I enjoy my knife everyday and it is such a beautiful creation which deserved to be pass on to my next generation.

Much much appreciated.

All the best for you and your business.

Kind regards,

Luke (New Zeland)


Dear Cecile & Yann,

I must say that the craftmanship and artistry are superb. It's obvious that someone took their time and selected, cut and shaped both teak burl scales from a single single piece as the grain aligns and actually "frames" the initials carved in the spring.

I am a Texan who does not object being labeled Redneck. Growing up in rural Texas I have constantly carried and used a pocket knife since age 11 so am very experienced many different types, my collection numbers over 50.....all have been carried at some point.

I found the Languiole knife many years ago and found it's unique design both useful and elegantly graceful.

I could not be more pleased with the example you crafted.


Bruce (USA)


Bonjour Yann,

Just arrived! I am so happy like a small child.

Beautifull pieces.

Many thanks.


Ivo (Netherlands)


Dear Yann

The opener arrived today.

It a wonderful piece.

Thank you so much for making it for for me.

I am more than satisfied.

All the best

Johannes (Switzerland)


Bonjour Yann,

the knife arrived today.

I want to say thank you for this wonderful piece of art! It looks perfect, and will be a great present for my parents.

You do a great craftmenship, i love it.

Think I will order a knife for myself, too...

Best regards

Christian (Germany)


Bonjour Yann,

I want to thank you and your team for your excellent service.

The knife arrived without issues and I couldn’t be happier with the work you have done.

I can only recommend you and your team even if it gives me anew problem to solve - which knife will be my next one?

Kind Regards

Gerhard K. (Germany)



I have just received my Thiers Pocket olive wood.

In one word: superb!

It is a beautiful piece of craftmanship.

Frank (Belgium)


I want to take a moment to thank you for your fine work.

There are very few things left in the world that similarly convey the skill and the tradition of the maker.

This knife will be passed down to my son some day. I truly appreciate your work.

Joseph (USA)


Dear Yann,

I just wanted to let you know, the knive has arrived safely yesterday.

A wonderful piece! Beautiful patterns of blade and grip!

Nicely matching each other & perfect Damascus pattern up to the very tip of the blade.

Merci beaucoup!

Holger (Germany)


Knives just received. They are beautiful!

Thank you!

Rosayn (USA)



I did indeed receive the knife today. Thank you very much, it looks very nice.

Vriendelijke groet,

Peer (Netherlands)


Bonjour Yann,

I just received my corkscrew, and it is amazing!

Thank you so much!

For all your afford and help!

Kind regards,

Yessin (Netherlands)


Just received my beautiful knife - Great knife!!

Chris (USA)


Knife arrived today! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PIECE!

My husband will love it! Now my son wants one too!!!


Linda (USA)


Dear Yann,

You were right: The knives are so beautiful.

Thank you for these artful pieces.

Best regards

Alexandra (Germany)


Dear Yann

The corkscrew has arrived safely and I am very pleased with the quality and workmanship.

It will be the perfect gift for my son.

Thank you !


David (UK)


I am now ordering the 4th knife from Fontenille Pathaud, all Le Thiers Gentleman knives, as bday and Christmas gifts.

The product, quality, materials, finish and customer service are amazing, professional and worth every penny.

We are using the knives on daily base.

Thank you very much and I wish you resilience in those special times.

Best regards

Adrian Wack (Germany)


Hello Yann

Today the knife comes to us and you must see the eyes from my son when he open the package and see his knife – WAU what a moment the knife is great, great in function, great in handmade and the filework with his name is beautifull also my wife found the knife fantastic and we (my wife and myself) want also a knife from your firm with our name.

We have a look what kind of knife we want and you see in the next days a order from me over two knife over your website.

i wish you all the best,

Regards from germany

Thomas (Germany)


Hi Yann...

All arrived safely...

It's a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

Many thanks Have a wonderful and safe christmas and new year

Jim (UK)



I actually have an order and a knife brought to fruition in August/September, 2020 by the splendid blade smiths at Fontenille Pataud. The fit and finish and every other aspect of the knife is stellar.

It simply radiates a quiet elegance. It really debuted as a steak knife for me at a family get together we just had at Thanksgiving at one of the local restaurants renown locally for its hospitality as well as its cuisine.

The masks that were de rigueur did not prevent the Fontenille Pataud from being noticed. Is that the knife you ordered from France? Yes, it is!

Well. I suppose we can no longer accuse you of your taste only being inside your mouth.

Thank you, artisans of Fontenille Pataud. I'm very satisfied!

Good Things to You!

Mark (USA)



I just recieved your package and wanted to thank you. The knife is absolutely beautiful and I am in complete awe.

Thanks for your work, your compassion and your craftsmanship!

With best regards,

Theresa (Germany)


Bonjour Yann,

I am very happy with my new bijou, the Laguiole. Laguiole Knife Nature Damascus Range Amourette DELICATE FILE WORK

Thank you again for making such nice knives and offering them to customers.

Alex (Switzerland)



The knife arrived and it looks wonderful. Now I’m interested in another knife in your collection.

Oscar (USA)


Deal Yann

The Special One is arrived. Thank you for the Good Handmade Piece.

Now me and my sons are happy

Gruß S. Heinrich (Germany)


Dear Fontenille-Pataud,

I received the knife today. It is gorgeous! I’m very happy with the knife, I admire your craftsmanship.

I will definitely order some other knives from you someday.

Gatis (Latvia)


Laguiole Essential 12 cm "Les Amis Du Couteau Laguiole" ordered 23 September and received 9 November in the USA.

Not bad considering not only is the knife handmade but there is a world wide pandemic going on. Well worth the wait.

The traditional craftsmanship is superb with impeccable fit, finish and meticulous attention to detail. What a gorgeous knife that will be a source of pride to carry and use.

Thank you :)


James (USA)


Bonjour Yann,

Many thanks for all the efforts you had taken for just in time delivery.

After all I recieved the knife, Let me pass over congratulations to you and your team for a life time knife made by great craftmans-ship.

All the best,

Harald (Germany)


Hi Yann

I would like to thank you and your craftsmen for my carving set and bread knife. Which arrived safely in Hong Kong today.

I'm very happy and looking forward to using them in the future.

Thank you again

Yours sincerely

Terry & Jo (Hong Kong)


Hello Yann, Bonsoir

Today i got my knife U Cumpa Zuria. Thank you very much for this nice knife. This is a special version of knife. Special to open and special to use. Its a precission par exelance and such a good quality. Also this Bufalo Horn bark looks stunning. Polished and also original look.

Not everybody have such a knife here and i am very proud of this.

We all have bad times in the moment because of this Corona Virus and its not easy to handle all. Many companies loose incomme and many workers loose salar. So everybody should make himself a little joy with something.

My joy is always a knife from your company. To order this on your page and than waiting until the postman is bringing the little package. And than i wait for a good moment to open this package carefully. its like a preludium for me. than i see what a worker have made from hand. Many hours he was grinding and polishing.

Surching for a good material to make my knife. And than the knife get a number and someone (may be a woman) put all together lovely and send it to me. May be you know this feeling. I am sure. Yann i wish you and your workers a good health in this time.

And also a good time for your factory in the future.

Stay healthy and do it so you do.

Best regards,

Markus (Germany)


Bonjour Yann,

I just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying this knife I bought recently. So simple but elegant. Perfect size and shape. And beautiful!

I am a member of a knife forum on the internet, and have been showing off the knife. I am getting many compliments.

It will be my everyday carry for the next few months, until I buy another one of your knives. I am saving the money. I hope you are doing well. It is so sad to hear about the violence in France right now.

It is bad enough we have to deal with the pandemic.

Be careful, mon ami.


Vincent (USA)


Dear Yann,

Two spectacularly finished, shave-sharp knives awaited me in Zurich...

Many, many thanks - One cannot ask for more. Quality and Reliability are becoming so rare.

After being locked-down in South Africa - on the one hand, Cape Town is not a bad island for that - yet on the other - it was government imposed and with locked borders - which makes one appreciate what we have in Europe even more on sunny Autumn day.

Thank you Yann.


Bernard (Switzerland)



The knives just arrived in good order.

They are fantastic!

Thanks Best regards



Many thanks for my knife, which was successfully delivered.

I'm delighted with it; the file work is beautiful!

David (UK)


Good evening Yann,

I have received laguiole and the box.

Thank you very much to your and your colleagues.

Yours sincerely,

David (USA)


Dear Yann, dear Cecile & the entire Fontenille Pataud team.

I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the "Bear Laguiole Project" ! This knife is even more beautiful than I would have expected.

The damask pattern, the "bear mouche", the exquisitely beautiful handle material, the guillochage of the back of blade and the resort, the buttery smooth blade movement, the perfectly chosen font for the initials ... it is the sum of all these details that make this knife a true work of art !

I already have some nice pieces (for example by Pierre Martin, David Dauvillaire and Philippe Voissière), but this Fontenille Pataud-Custom-Piece is the crown in my Laguiole collection !

Please Yann, also convey my great admiration and gratitude to the artist-knife maker who created this work of art !

Many greetings from Bavaria,

Martin "Grumpy Bear" Kraus


Dear Yann,

received my new knife today.

Thank you for the wonderful art work.

This is (as the other five items) just a dream of knife.

Kindest regards

Jochen (Germany)


Dear Yann and Cécile,

I just received the Thiers knife I ordered last month (boxwood handle and my initials on the spring).

C'est magnifique!

I own nearly 50 pocket knives, but this instantly became my favourite. A work of art. I am very happy with it, and I know that I will be buying more of your knives.

Maybe a Corsican and a Laguiole next. For special occasions, like birthday or Father's Day or Christmas.

Thank you again!


Vincent (USA)


Hello Yann,

I just wanted to take a moment to say that I received the knife today and it is as lovely as I hoped it would be.

Thank you again for making sure that it arrived early, I am really so very happy with it.

I will definitely recommend Fontenille Pataud to others and I hope that with any luck one day I will be able to visit your shop in France.


Martha (USA)


Just received this beautyfull piece of art and want to say thanks to Fontenille pataud.

I m realy happy about it and will visit your store for sure after evything calmed down. 

Merci beaucoup.

Gerhard (Austria)


Dear Yann,

today the knive arrived. Thank you very much for this wunderful and stunning piece of handcraft. Its a kind of artwork and I like it very much.

Especially the engraving is beautyful and I want to thank you so much for this kind service. Please send my best regards to Cecile, who left me a note in the package. I realy like this!

Now I am keen to promote your brand in my circle of friends.

I wish you and your team further success and please dont mind my impatience.

Best regards,

Christian (Germany)


Dear Yann,

I received today my cheese knife and I can say that it was worth waiting the two week delivery time.

I was greatly impressed by the craftsmanship displayed in the final product.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your products.

I am going to start saving to treat me to one of your knives!!!!

Kind regards,

Diosdado (UK)


Good evening Yann,

Just a note of thanks. The knives are really beautiful.

A piece of art. Always wanted to own a set from Laguiole. Very happy with it!

The tournedos taste a 100x better now! Have a great weekend,

Peter (Spain)


I was finding it hard to justify spending a £140 on a knife until I rceived them yesterday.

Thanks Yann they are just perfect,.

Wonderful workmanship, the lock liner lays perfect on the scale when the blade is away.

The file work on the spine must take ages to do, complete mastery of the art of knife making.

I was looking around for a knife for Susan's gardening I found quite a few that were 2 to 3 times the price yet nowhere near like the quality your offering, and I was so jealous at the thought of of Susan having one of your knives that

I had to get one for myself.

My U Cumpa is one of the best things I own.

Can't thank you all enough.

Stay safe and best wishes from us.

Great service as well.

Harvey (UK)


Bonjour Yann & Cecile

The beautiful Corsican L'Anto with briar root scales has arrived today.

I believe this is my fourteenth work of art from Fontenille Pataud and as always the workmanship is beyond reproach.

The ceramic sharpening steel makes short work of alligning the edge.

Best Regards,

Robert (USA)


Thank you for making such beautiful knifes. I have the pleasure to own and use six of your great knifes... from the classic Laguiole to Corsican Sperone and new L’Anto which is now my favorite (until the next one).

All I can say that your knifes have been following me and my family in the USA, France, Belgium and now Ireland.

Why? Because of the quality of the material used, the design of the knifes, classic and modern at the same time, the customization of the setup (blade, handle, professional engraving) and at last but not least your customer centric attitude, every time I contact you.

Makes your knifes and the customer experience so special that I feel like being part of the Fontenille Pataud’s family.

Thank you.

Philippe (Ireland)


Dear Sirs,

Today I received my knife in good condition.

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,

Ruud (Netherlands Antilles)



Thank you for all your help, I received my knife yesterday

Great craftsmanship it’s very nice.

I do plan on ordering I had bought a Laguiole from another company last year but Hard to open,the knife from your company is Easy to open an wonderful craftsmanship.

Thank you

John (USA)


Hi Yann & Cecile,

My Nature knife arrived 2 days ahead of schedule, on the eve of a return to lockdown due to an increase in Covid-19 cases.

It is an elegant knife and every detail of it proclaims high craftsmanship.

I appreciate the friendly assistance during the order process.

Larry (Philippines)


Just to let you know I am so pleased with the Knife you made for my husband back in June. I should have sent you a ‘thank you’ earlier , he has been using it constantly and was surprised and delighted to receive it for his birthday. With thanks again

Carrie (UK)


M. Delarboulas,

In early May 2020 I ordered a knife from you and I must say that at 68 years old I now have the finest knife I've ever owned, your Capachadou 10 cm bone handle knife.

Although I have fairly large hands, I find this knife fits very comfortably in my front pocket and is very comfortable in my hand cutting string, opening packages, etc. My days of needing a heavier knife are now gone, but I know this would easily handle much heavier work.

And I still need a good knife! I particularly like the thick, heavier blade. My wife has been a working artist all her life, and while not interested in knives, at all, when she saw this she was amazed and said "This is really a work of art!". She continued to hold, examine and handle the knife for several minutes. She even mentioned the perfect balance! She was very impressed to say the least!

I guess I am lucky she has small hands or I might have had a hard time keeping it for myself. I also like the way the bone has already aged, taking on a very light, mottled brown/tan color.

When I first received it the handle was so polished that some friends thought it was plastic! I assured them it was not. Now that it's aged and begins to look almost ivory, no one thinks makes that mistake anymore. They only want to know where I found it.

I would recommend your work to anyone. I had heard your knives were more expensive than a lot of handmade knives but well worth the price.

I absolutely agree. Thank you for making such an outstanding knife.

Pat C. Fort Worth, Texas, (USA)


Thank you the shipment arrived Today verry nuce piece of workmanship

Great job.

Thanks again


Peter (Germany)


Bonjour Cecile and Yann,

Today I recieved the Lagiuole Nature knife your team crafted for me.

It is really beautiful, I am very pleased with this knife.

Many thanks to you and your team.

Kind regards,

Eduard (the Netherlands)


I received my Laguiole Nature Damascus knife yesterday, and I am really impressed with the craftsmanship and finish which has surpassed my expectations.

Great personal service from Yann and the team.

Thank you so much!

Gary (UK)


Hello Yann,

I received my knive and I wanted to thank you for the great customer service I received, I appreciated it very much.

The knive is a beauty and it looks great in the wooden box - thank you very much for including it.

I am looking forward to my next purchase after this experience!

Servus from Vienna,

Bernhard (Austria)


Bonjour Yann and Cecile

The quality of the material and the artistry created a knife that others will be measured by.

Best regards,

Roger (USA)


Dear Yann, dear Team,

thanks for delivery of this very exceptional knife, will like it.

Famous craftmanship!

Best regards,

Sven (Austria)


Received my capuchadou pocket knife from you and just want to say how special it is very good workmanship,more than just a utility blade but a regular companion to be admired each time I take it out the leather sheath

I also received from you thanks also ordered another pocket knife from yourselves.

Nick (UK)


Dear Yann,

the Laguiole "Nature-Guilloche", which you made according to my wishes, arrived yesterday ... and it is much nicer than expected!

The guillochage, the finish, the blade passage, the entire processing: just PERFECT. A true masterpiece and a highlight of my collection!

Please also express my thanks to the artist-knife maker who created this work of art!

Greetings from Bavaria,

Martin (Germany)


Hello Yann.

The knife is Beautiful!!

Thank You So Much!!


Bill Pirola (USA)



I just received my latest order Le Saint Bernard and as usual it is a superb build.

As are all the knives I've received from Fontenille Pataud.

Now to save up for my next Laguiole,

James (USA)



J'ai bien reçu mon couteau aujourd'hui; il est magnifique. Un grand merci à Zuria qui l'a confectionné .

Il rejoint ma collection de pliants et de damassés avec mon vieux laguiole "Le Sabot" en bois de rose d'une trentaine d'années qui me sert au quotidien.

un grand merci à toute l'équipe en espérant pouvoir visiter votre site un jour.

Bien cordialement,

L. Liconnet


Cher Monsieur Yann,

L‘Antó has arrived. It is fantastic.

Thousand thanks and regards from Switzerland.

Claus-Dieter (Swiss)


Dear Yann,

first of all thank you very much for the Le Thiers® Nature 11,5 cm. I did get it and it is super! The spring is surprisingly easy to move. My inpiduall graving RF does have a double meaning: They are my initials, but it also means République française because it's part of my French knife collection;-)

Kind regards,

Rainer (Germany)


Bonjour Yann,

I just received my Corsican Vendetta Guilloche and it is stunningly beautiful. Your craftsmanship is truly something to behold. I feel privileged to own such a fine piece and will show it with pride.

Thank you to you and your team and I can't wait until I place my next order.

Gord (Canada)


The knife arrived today. Couldn't be more pleased with the quality and craftsmanship.


Dave (USA)


Cher Monsieur Yann,

The knife arrived today and it is very beautiful.

I am totally happy. Thank you very, very much.

With best regards,

Claus-Dieter (Switzerland)


Dear Yann, Just received them.

They look gorgeous! The blade and the wood are absolutely fantasti

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

Henry (Hong-Kong)


Hello Yann and all members off the team,

I am very happy with the capuchadou that I recieved today. It’s perfect!

The delivery with DPD very smooth and quick, the packing very safe.

Thanks to everybody.

Eric (Belgium)


Yesterday I received my Laguiole Magnum.

It’s a wonderful piece of craftsmanship and I’m very pleased with how it has turned out.

Thank you for your excellent work!

Peter (Netherlands)


Good morning Yann,

Both folding knives arrived today, my son’s and mine, they’re very nice, thank you.

I particularly like the Thuya Burl style handles.

Best regards,

David (UK)


Bonjour Yann

I received my knife today. It is absolutely perfect.

I am very impressed with the skill of your makers and your customer service alike.

Thank you very much for all the help.

With kind regards

Thomas (Denmark)


Bonjour Yann,

today i got my knife "Pialincu". Thank you very much for such a pretty knife.

This size within 10 or 10,5 cm is the best to carry. The knife is well done and " par exellence" as usual. It looks cute and also dangerous :-)) It is a wolf in a sheep fur. :-) and also the wood box as a gift is very beautiful.

I can say for sure: "your factory and your workers make the best Handmade french knives"

All fit perfect and it is a nice feeling to hold this knives in hand, doesnt matter if open or closed. Again thank you very much. In this time it is not easy to make a good job, but you can do it! I am proud to know you and you have to be proud of your workers and off all what you have done in past and in future.

Best regards,

Markus (Germany)


Thank you. I received the knife today.

I like it even better than the last one I purchased. I am very happy with it.

Giuseppe (USA)


Bonjour, I just received the knife in good order. I own more knives but this one is by far the most beautiful I have . Thank you very much.

best regards,

Gerrit (Netherlands)


The knife has arrived safely thank you so much it’s a pleasure to have it in my hand stay safe.

Tony (UK)


Yann, Cecile.....Thank you so Much this Knife is Beautiful, and worth the wait !!!!

Best Regards,

Michael (USA)


Good evening!

Thank you so much for the beautiful knife! I am very happy! It is simply magnificent! It was very nice to receive a card signed by hand from you! I've been waiting for this moment for so long and when I got it, I was happy!

Thank you my friends!

Now I dream to order another model of knife from you. I like it very much, too.I'll attach a photo.

It's a little expensive for me. But I think I'll dig up and buy this knife from you. 

Thank you again!

Sergey Zadkov (Russia)


Bonjour Yann,

My family compliments your entire team for the quality of work they produced.

The pieces we received were exceptional examples of craftsmanship. It is always appreciated, albeit very rare, when tools can be transformed into functioning works of art.

Thanks to all!!!

John (USA)


Dear M. Delarboulas,

I must tell you, very recently I learned about the fabulous knives from Fontenille Pataud. And having reached an age where I can acquire a few, I did not hesitate to investigate them. Not long ago, I purchased two from an American distributor—an ebony “Le Pocket” and a ram's horn 10 cm “Capuchadou”—and in fact, you are now building a 10 cm amourette “Le Thiers” for me. (I wrote to you the other day, inquiring about delivery, but that was my enthusiasm, not impatience!)

Your work is brilliant. It is a marriage of beauty and usefulness, which is a rare and comforting thing in this turbulent world of ours. I am amazed by the care and craftsmanship that you put into your work, and I applaud everyone in your company. Bravo, indeed. Every aspect of your products is done with such fine skill.

My father, who was a European immigrant to America, taught me to carry a knife, and it has been my habit to do so for many years. One happy example was several years ago while walking in the woods with my beloved wife, we found a wild duck in a lake trapped in fishing line. I was able to walk into the cold water and cut the line, freeing the duck immediately. While that knife was a relatively inexpensive blade, it was a lifesaver for a beautiful wild animal.

But I think perhaps for myself, the knives of Fontenille Pataud are more for indoors than outdoors. They are small works of art, and I would be distressed to lose or damage one. So I look for opportunities to put them to work in little ways. My “Le Pocket,” after a little additional sharpening on a whetstone, has become my preferred tool to carefully cut the end of my evening cigar. It is always a moment of peace and gratitude for me. Thank you for your patience in reading this note.

I only intended to say “thank you,” but I felt compelled to offer some distant words of praise. Please share my appreciation with everyone in your company. I hope they know that their work goes into the world speaking for itself with pride. Those of us who are lucky enough to have a Fontenille Pataud in our homes can only be thankful for your place in an obviously grand tradition.

Wishing you all good health and much success,

David, Maryland (USA)



My new knife arrived today and it absolutely perfect!

All the parts fit together seamlessly, the blade is perfectly centred and very sharp. The guillochage is very fine.

It’s a beautiful piece.

The hand-written note from Cécile the manager was a nice touch.

I’m a very happy customer.

Best wishes,

Jim (UK)


Dear Yann,

Just to let you know that the beautiful corkscrew arrived today.

Truly exquisite.

I will put it to good use.

Thank you.


Simon (UK)


Dear Fontenille Pataud,

Today I recieved my beautifull ironwood with silver boar and shamrock Laguiole knife, and it is just stunning!

Amazing craftmanship and love is to be seen throughout the knife.

This knife will give me luck and strenght, and hopefully for more generations to come.

Thanks for the Personal note delivered with the knife.

Lots of Love,

Thomas (Netherlands)


Greetings Yann,

The knife arrived today and it is beautiful!

I am extremely excited to surprise my son with it on our next outdoor adventure in hopes that one day he will pass it down to his son!

Thank you so much.


Mark (USA)


Hello Yann, the knife arrived.

It is really very, very, very beautiful! A piece of sunlight in this dark days :-)

A warm thank you to you and the whole team!

stay healthy and greetings from southern Germany,

Gerald (Germany)


Dear yann.

I ve just received my gentlemans pocket knife today. wow! what a beautiful work of art.

Its perfect and the embossed lettering looks great.

Big thanks to you and all involved.

p.s. im still saving up for a damascus pocket knife lol.

Many thanks.

David (UK)


Bonjour Yann,

thank you for the tracking number.

I was looking at this and saw the knive is on the road but far away. But..... just now our german DHL was bringing my knive :-)))))))

I see good things need time. What a beautiful knive!!!!! All perfect done and this kind of wood is amazing. well done!

I canot say which is the nicest and the best knive from you and its not easy to decide which is the best to carry everyday.

So i take everyday another one :-)

Yann, thank you for all and stay healthy.

Greetings from Germany (Black Forrest) also to Cecile who was writing a nice card :-)

Good health and good buissenes for you and your workers.

Markus (Germany)


Dear Yann,

Today I received a beautiful knife from you guys.

It is great and I am already really happy with it. Great work!

Kind regards from Vietnam!

Jesper (Vietnam)


Hi Yann.

I really like the display you have and figured I might need the oil too so I added it to get over the 10 dollar threshold.

I got the corkscrew today and it is beautiful!

Definitely something very unique that noone else we know would own.

The engraving looks fantastic too. Keep up the amazing work.

Thank you,

Mike (USA)


Dear Yann,

I just received the knife. Thank you.

It is really worth the money.

Congratulations for your business.

Nikos (Greece)


Dear Yann

It a pleasure to receive my wine opener in perfect shape , and with a nice handwritten card from you.

The Laguiole Magnum is wonderful piece of craftsmanship and it feels perfect in the hand.

All the best to you and your colleagues,

Jan (Danemark)


Dear Yann,

The knife has arrived. It’s magnified piece of art and i love it.

Thank you very much. 

David (Portugal)


Received my knife yesterday and I must say it is a Master Piece of design and quality. It will never leave my side.

Thank you for producing such a great quality knife.

Philip (UK)


Thank you very much.

I am satisfied with the product which I have received just 5 minites ago.


I wish you "Gesundheit",

all of us open borders and best regards,

Gerhard (Germany)


Hi again Yann,

Hope you are doing well.

Writing to say that the knife just arrived and is absolutely beautiful.

Really impressed by it, thanks so much. I am sure I will order from you again soon :)

All the best,

Stefan (Sweden)


Messer ist da und wie üblich sehr schön.

Lieferung schiebe ich auf Coronavirus.

Knive is herfand very wonderfull.

The Delievery is corona#s fault.

Gretings from Bocholt Germany from me To Yann,

Reinhold (Germany)


Dear Yann

I get my order today it‘s very very nice knife

I thank you and your team so much,

Kale (Austria)


Bonjour Yann,

The knife arrived today. Beautiful workmanship,

thank you very much.

Take care,



Ein Wunderbares Messer ! Auslieferung sehr schnell




Thank you very much for for the lovely and perfect made knive!

I hope you are all well!

Yours sincerely,

Christian (Austria)


Bonjour dear Yann,

Today finaly your beautiful ceation arrived


Yours sincerely and stay healthy,

Elmar Winkler (Germany)


Dear Yann,

I just received my knife and I have to say that I'm more than happy with this beautiful folder.

About 12 Years ago my passion with collecting knifes started with one of your Laguioles and doesn't end now.

I wish all the best to Fontenille Pataud for the future so that I will be able to collect more of your beauties.

Stay healthy and safe.

Greetings from Germany

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Björn (Germany)


I just wanted to follow up to let you know the knives arrived yesterday.


Thank you,

Nicole (USA)


I received my Le Thiers pocket yesterday, much faster than I expected.

I had just looked at my calendar and thought it would come anytime, but probably not until next week.

I walked outside just as the post arrived and I eagerly opened it and was awed.

The fit and finish is perfect. The sharpness of the blade was outstanding. Overall, it looked gorgeous.

I am extremely pleased and look forward to doing more business with you. Although this is only the first piece I have purchased from you, I highly recommend your products, based on what I have seen, and I appreciate your speedy delivery in these difficult times.

Thank you VERY much.

James (USA)


Received my knife today.

Exquisite workmanship.

We will be doing more business in the future.

Stephen (USA)



The knives arrived yesterday - absolutely gorgeous.

Thanks a million,

Steve (USA)


Dear Yann and team,

I would like to express my sincere thanks for your excellent work, as well as for time for turn-over and inquiry.

The knife is really exceptionell, and my concerns about quality have been solved very time-sensitive and satifsfacorily - guarantee is an asset at Fontenille Pataud, and taking very serious.

I would highly recommend to my friends...

Thanks again, and looking forard to my next order...

Sven, Vienna (Austria)


Hello Yann,

My knife is arrived today and it is perfect !!!

Thanks on all the people from your team for this perfect knife :-)

and thanks for our motivation every day to create so beautiful knifes.

This knife accompanied me every day. Sorry, my english is not so good ;-)

Thx and greetings from Bavaria/ Germany

Manfred (Germany)


Dear Cecile,

Please be advised that, my order had well rec'd in Hong Kong.

Many thanks and appreciated to your kind assistance in let me have these commodities so fast, so that my Magnum could have cloth right now.

K. Rgds,

Philip (Hong Kong)



the item has arrived just now.

I’m super happy with the quality and craftsmanship in my knife.

Please give my regards to the cutler who made this blade.


Grant (Australia)


Dear Mr. Yann,

today my knife has arrived. It is meant to be a birthday present from my husband.

Both he and my son have had a Laguiole Pataud for years and they are very fond of their knifes.

I must confess that I am overwhelmed by the craftsmanship and beauty of the knife. It is elegant, it fits perfectly in my hand and folding it in and out goes smoothly and safely.

It’s made with such precision and care. I am very happy with this beautiful companion for many years to come!

Nicoline (The Netherlands)


Hello Yann,

Good news I have received my new Knife and it is wonderful.

Thank you so much for such a beautiful piece of art.

Carlos (USA)


Hi,I just received my magnum ,WOW!!!

“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.”– Leonardo Da Vinci

Thank you very much.

Jacek (Poland)


Bonjour Yann, Hello und Guten Morgen

yesterday i got all my ordered knives and also the repaired one Laguiole Gentleman. Thank you very much for this fast Service to fix my knive. Now it looks perfect in all. Excellent!

Also this new Capuchadou looks so cute and beautiful. This black polished Horn Tip and the Finish is well done.

One question: Why you have not designed this knife with a back lock like the others? is this a tradition from the past? Or because of the law §42a in some countries. This law say its not allowed to take this locked knives in public.

Also i have now a Laguiole Magnum as a special Version. I dont drink Alcohol :-))) but i must have this tool to open wine bottles.

This instrument looks so perfect. All fit together.

Yann, we also have german knives from Solingen and from different factorys. But you canot find and compare such beautiful looking knives with all this details. May be from Böker. But the style of german knives is very straight and let me say normal. No details, nothing. only from stag horn or ebony wood. I am sure you know this.

Also the swiss Viktorinox doesnt look like your french knives. All looks too simple. Again i say thank you for your service and for your wonderful looking knives. Thank you very much.

Also thanks for this little bottle with oil inside. i will use this. I wish you and your team a very nice christmass with peace and harmony and also a good and happy new year 2020.

Go forward with your company. I wish you all the best.

Best regards,

Markus (Germany)



The beautiful stag horn carving set arrived yesterday. The craftsmanship is incredible.

Your attentiveness throughout the process was appreciated.

I look forward to placing additional orders.

You all are amazing.

Craig (USA)


Our beautiful knife arrived yesterday! I am very pleased with it. Merci beaucoup!

Ron (USA)


Recently received my Laguiole Gentleman and it is a thing of true beauty and artisanal craftsmanship.

It has exceeded all expectations, not only is it beautiful, but it is a solid strong tool too.

Thank you Yann, and all involved in making my knife.

I look forward to making another purchase in the near future.

Michael (Canada)


Bonjour Yann,

thank you very much for your customised support and your personal greetings!!!

The parcel arrived yesterday, without opening the packaging, because the blade is a Christmas present.

Thank you again for all, to you and your team a wonderful Christmas season!

All the best wishes from Austria,

kind regards,

Markus (Austria)


I just received my 4th knife from Fontenille-Pataud.

This time it is a U Cumpa with the buffalo bark handle.

It is a thing of beauty and incredible craftsmanship.

Thank you.

Robert (Canada)


I received my beautiful Laguiole today. I am very happy, I shall cherish it. Thank you so much.

Doug (Canada)


The knife arrived today.

Thank you so much for this beautiful piece of expert handwork.

The perfect precision in everything from the transitions between wood and steel to the position of the blade in folded condition and the fine decoration handwork just makes it a pleasure to hold and look at.

The balance of the knife is also perfect.

This was a 60th birthday present for myself, and I have not regretted it.

Thomas (Albertslund, Denmark)


Hi Yann,

Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how great these two corkscrews look.

I'm certain my friends are going to love their birthday gifts.


Adam (USA)


Bonjour Yann, Hello,

yesterday my Laguiole Gentleman and my cute Laguiole XS arrived.

It is a wonderful pleasure to hold this knive in the hand. I never had such beautiful and pervect worked knives.

This knives are funktion like a watch and they are pretty like a woman.

One day i will travel to Thiers and i would like to see how the craftsman is creating such a tradition knive.

I am very proud to be the owner of your knives. Merci and i wish you a good and nice day.

PS: Now i am waiting till i get my 2 (one is a gift for my brother) Le Thiers Pocket and for my Capuchadou

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Markus (Germany)


Dear Yann

Today I received the knife that I ordered about 3 weeks ago.

It is a the most beautiful and luxurious knife I’ve never had.

Everything is just perfect and so beautiful, especially dedicated finishing. I love this. I’m deeply thanks for your great effort and fantastic work. I believe that I will be one of huge fan of Laguiole knife.

And please give my big and deep thanks to you colleagues for me.

Best regard,

Sungbae (South Korea)



Thank you very much! I love it - the magnum is beautiful!... will try to attach some pictures.


Greg (USA)

PS - that is not me - that is my friend who suggested the magnum to me - he was at your shop this past summer where he bought the other knives!


Bonjour Yann,

Just a quick message of thanks as my knives have arrived. And they are just gorgeous! I love them!

Testament to your and your teams dedication to quality and craftsmanship. I am so pleased I chose you to go with. And a huge thanks also for the added knive pouches too!

They are beautiful too! Huge Merci!

Glen (Swiss)


Bonjour Yann,

the knife arrived today and it is PERFECT

I cannot thank you enough.

Thank you and your Team SO much!!

Best regards,

Jacob (Germany)


Dear Fontenille - Pataud The beautiful Damascus Laguiole has been received. It is as nice as expected. Even better looking after I used some Camelia oil on the blade and wood. It is very sharp (as requested = “rasoir" edge). A great artisan job! Merci!

Armando (USA)


Hello Yann,

I picked up the knife this afternoon in the parcel shop.

So one last world to all of this. There is one who did a great Job. Ist your knife maker. Respect and congrats to him its a very cool knife with high quality. Better than expected even if I have some other nice knifes from fontenille pataud.


Andreas (Germany)


Bonjour Yann,

Got it and got the knife. Stellar job, very, very nice.

Thank you!

Best regards,

René (Netherlands)


Hello Yann

Thanks very much for the knife that has arrived in England. I am very pleased.

Best wishes,

Richard (UK)


Bon Jour Yann. Merci. This is the most beautiful knife I have ever owned. Wow! All of you at Fontenille Pataud are artists.

Merci Beaucoup,

Pierce (USA)


Hi Yann! I just wanted you to know the hunting knife was beautiful. John really liked it! We went quail and pheasant hunting last week and it was put to good use. Merci beaucoup for another beautiful piece of art.

Marietta (USA)


Dear Couteliers, dear Yann, yesterday my Laguiole Picnic with corkscrew came by post. I have to say that I am very enthusiastic, perfectly worked, beautiful guilloché on the spring! The juniper wood smells great. Merci beaucoup and thank you for that!

Best regards,

Martin (Germany)


Yann, I just received it and it is really beautiful!

Thanks and until next time.

Kind regards,

Leonard (Netherlands)


Dear Yann,

My Laguiole arrived today and it is a real work of art, which I will treasure and eventually pass down to my son (not too soon I hope)

One day I hope I will be in a position to buy a Damascus version.

Thank you so much.

Kind regards,

Phil (UK)


Hello, Merci, Knife arrived yesterday, excellent finish to knife, very pleased with lettering.

Tjalling (Netherlands)


Yann, I want to thank you so very much for the delivery of the knife I ordered when my friend, Ed Dailey, and I visited you in your Thiers location in early June. The Chamois that I ordered for my son came last week and it is beautiful. He is thrilled with it and I know will treasure it for the rest of his life. I am enjoying the Gentleman knife that I purchased in Laguiole from the nice lady in your showroom there the day before we visited you in Thiers. 

Warmest regards,

Alex, Charlottesville, VA (USA)


Bonjour Yann,

I have received today my Capuchadou and I am blown away. I AM VERY IMPRESSED!!! Perfectly executed Guilloche and details.

From now I will only order Capuchadous.

Thank you for the low value. Like this I did not have to pay VAT.

Merci, mille fois pour le travail exceptionnel.

Best regards,

Duschko (Switzerland)


Hi yann,

Just recieved my knife, and wanted to say thank you.

I'm over the moon, it's indescribable how stoked I am, the juniper burl and detail in the knife is just perfect.

Thanks again, absolutely love it, you are a legend.


Peer. (Australia)


Thank you to Yann and the entire team for an exquisite knife. I ordered the Laguiole Le Pocket Damascus, out of stabilized poplar burl as a gift for a friend. My friend wrote me and said he had never seen such beautiful craftsmanship. Besides superior quality, your company offers SUPERB customer service. The patience your company took with me to choose the knife went above and beyond my expectations. You sent a beautifully handwritten note to accompany the gift. Also, I appreciated you sending me pictures of the finished product. I look forward to working with you and your team in the near future.

Kindest Regards,

Marietta (Québec, Canada)


Hi Yann,

I just received my knife and it is beautiful, thank you. 

Try to stay cool...

Jason (USA)


Bonjour Yann,

Merci beaucoup, the Laguiole knife is simply awsome!!!
All the best to you and the Fontenille Pataud Team.

Kind regards

Roman (Germany)


Thank you very much for the knife it is perfect, just how I expected to be. See you next time

Grigore (UK)


Bonjour Yann and all the team. I just want to say that I received my Corsican Rondinara a few days ago. This is my second Fontenille Pataud and once again the quality of this knife is absolutely superb. It is a real work of art. Merci beaucoup.

Jim (Glasgow, Scotland)


Received my order today.  The knives are beautiful and well made.  The shipping was no problem, delivered direct to me at my office in San Jose, CA.  

Thank you.

Alan (USA)


Dear Yann & Team, I received my Le Thiers Pocket Walnut a couple of days ago. Again a perfect piece and very well designed! This is true craftmanship and I'm certainly coming back once more. This is now my fith order and I was never disappointed - neither by the product nor the service. Please continue the philosophy of Fontenille Pataud. Thanks and kind regards,

Ralf (Stade, Germany)


Dear Yann Delarboulas,

I have received the knife about 2 weeks age. It is a beautiful work, thank you!


Laszlo (Hungary)


Hello Yann,

Today I went to the post office and got the knife. It was a bit hectic in this time period because of the European Summit in Sibiu and I didn't get the notice from the post office.

The knife is beautiful. The craftsmanship and attention to details is astonishing. The tolerances are on point.

I am researching now the decorative tools from different cultures, and the motifs and their meaning that got lost with time. The Laguiole knife is one of my subjects

and I am very proud now to own one and give it as an example. It's something else to hold one and use it. It provides you with a better understanding and appreciation of the tool. 

Again I thank you very much and I also appreciate the very pleasant and promptly correspondence with you.

When I would have the opportunity I would visit Thiers, and also see your workshop.

With best regards from Sibiu 

Theao (Romania)


Bonjour Yann,

Now we are proud owners of Le Chamois, 2x Le Capuchadou and Magnum.

With best regards from Germany,

Regina (Germany)


Bonjour Yann! Today I received my "U Cumpa" full damascus knife. It is beyond description in terms of beauty and design. I am very, very pleased with this knife, as I am with all Fontenille-Pataud knives, but this one is so special! Marc.

Robert (USA)


Bonjour Yann,

Just have received my 5Coqs – really am impressed  having this beatiful piece of knife-art.

Fine polished scales, mother of pearl inlay is giving a tasteful touch of luxury to perfectly executed project. Definitely it will be my every day friend in all daily jobs that need a knife.

Thank you. All the best , cheers,

Tomasz (Poland)



I received my knife and it is stunning. It is beautiful, elegant and practical to use. The size is perfect, the locking mechanism is innovative and useful and the handmade details are amazing. This is my new favorite knife! This is why Fontenille Patuad is my favorite because each knife is perfection. 

Truly remarkable. 

Many thanks!!

Ryan (USA)


Bonjour. I just wanted to say that how much I like my new knife which arrived a few days ago. It is a true work of art and the craftsmanship is exceptional. It's a thing of real beauty - Helen of Troy reincarnated in knife form. Merci bien.

Jim, Glasgow (Scotland)


Ich möchte mich auf diesen Wege bedanken für das schöne Messer. Sieht super aus, vor allem der Name der auf der Feder eingraviert wurde. Danke für die Prompte und schnelle Lieferung. Ein super Unikat.

Reinhold (Germany)


Bonjour Mr. Delarboulas.Just want to let you know that my order arrived yesterday.Both knives are once again outstanding. Thank you and look forward to another order soon.

Best regard,

C Ioannou (Cyprus)


Bonjour Yann

Just a quick note to let you know the knife arrived today, and it’s fabulous.

Thanks for your help.


Alex (Australia)


Many thanks
The Magnum is my 4th knife from you the photos shown on your website never match up to the reality- they are always more beautiful in the hand ( the mark of hand made). 
The Magnum is no exception every part flows into the other - I love the asymmetric sharpening on the blade and the corkscrew & lever work perfectly.
Many thanks from Leo (UK)


I am now the proud owner of the most beautiful corkscrew ever made. Thank you so much! I am hugely impressed by the superb quality of your work and I am delighted that I asked you to make it for me.

Best regards,

Simon (UK)


POLISHING & LOOKING: MATT POLISHED!Прекрасно произведение на изкуството!Истински шедьовър!Много удобен!Красота!Съвършен дизайн!Благодаря ви! (Bulgaria)


Wow, Congratulations, to the Fontenille- Pataud team, You have delivered a knife that exceeded my expectations. You should all be very proud of the time honored tradition and quality you deliver, I found the workmanship and the quality of the fit and finish was magnifique ! A true work of art, Thank you all again, your knife will be a valued family piece for generations to follow.  Merci boku.

Neil (USA)


Bonjour Mr  Delarboulas,

Today I received the knife in good order. Excellent work again. Merci.

congratulate you on your new ownership of the firm. Keep up the good work!

Kind regards,

GD (Netherlands)


Good evening,

I wanted to send you a quick message to say that the ‘Le Thiers’ Liner-lock knife arrived safely a few days ago. I am delighted with it; it is  a beautiful piece of style and wonderful craftsmanship! It is an absolute pleasure to hold. Thank you very much.


Andrew (UK)


Dear Gilles, Received my Rondinara-guilloche Corsican resine bronze today. Fed Ex is doing a super job with delivery. The scales are superb and the file work on the spine (spring) is simply magnificent. The soft leather pouch with the knife in place make for one of the most comfortable carries in pocket. Thank you yet again for exceeding my expectations.

Robert (USA)


Hi Yann,

I have just received the knife.  It is beautiful and exceeds expectations.  Excellent work.  

In a world where quantity is the only quality most care about, artisans of the highest caliber are rare and becoming rarer all the time.  Thank you for your dedication to this craft and I look forward to not only purchasing additional products from you and your team but to also recommending you to others who will undoubtedly be interested in where I obtained this exquisite example of the famous Laguiole knife.


Steven (USA)


I received the knife today.  It is absolutely beautiful.  Thank you for your help. 

Michael (USA)


Hi Gilles and Team, my Laguiole Nature Damascus Range Curly birch is arrived. I never saw a knife like this. Its stunningly beautiful a real master piece. I`m very happy to decide to order this knife from your manufacture.

Thanks a lot

Uwe from Bavaria (Germany)


Bonjour Giles - My Le Thiers nature has just been delivered, and it is beautiful! I am so pleased with the quality of the knife and the sheath, I hope you will add my compliments to the Testimonials on your website. I am very happy to recommend Fontenille Pataud to anybody who is thinking about buying a traditional French pocketknife. I am, once again, a very happy customer.


Jim (UK)


Bonjour Gilles,

Just to let you know that my knife arrived in Ireland. It is a work of art! My complements to you and your craftsmen. It is a piece I will treasure with my 9 year old daughter as we both love to forage for mushrooms. It must be luck but we found a large basket-full of procini the day kinfe arrived!

Bien amicalement à vous,

Patrick (Ireland)


Delighted to receive my new Thiers nature carbon fibre ultra light knife. It’s a beautiful looking knife, very light, well balanced and expertly crafted; of the highest quality.

The display stand is perfect to show My Fontenille-Pataud collection.

Merci Gilles and team.


Ian (England)


The work of Gilles Steinberg and his team is an outstanding example of the finest art of craftsmanship. We all know that the knives of Fontenille Pataud are precision, elegance, tradition and perfection made of steel. Not only the knife production is charaterized by high end quality, but also the repair procedure ends in perfection. I have to emphasize that the team of Fontenille Pataud repaired perfectly my Laguiole Nature. Thank you very much to the whole team for your craftsmanship and your efforts! Best regards

Heiko (Germany)


Bonjour Yann,

Wanted to let you know my knife arrived safely today. It is beautiful and I am delighted! It is everything I expected and more. My compliments to your craftsmen.

I am sure I will be ordering a matching knife to go with the one I now proudly own!




Yes, I have received it. It's beautiful. Viva la France!

Blair (USA)


Just to say how absolutely delighted I am with my new Laguiole traditional knife. It is not my first as I have used one, from another manufacturer, every day for over ten years and been very happy with it. However, wear and tear has taken its toll on the moving parts and with no lifetime guarantee I've had to retire it. The difference in build quality with my new knife from Fontenille-Pataud is exceptional. This was a 70th birthday present from my wife which I will treasure. Merci beaucoup à vous tous et félicitations pour la production d'une telle œuvre d'art!

Malcolm (France)


Hello everyone,

I just received my order and wanted to thank everyone. Both knives are absolutely beautiful and have a stunning quality of detail I have never seen before. Merci beaucoup pour tout! Vous êtes les meilleurs.

Peters (Canada)


Kedves Beáta!

Köszönöm a válaszát! Tegnap már megkaptam, nagy boldogságomra. Elnézést a türelmetlenségemért. A kés fenomenális ismét. 


Egy elégedett vásárló 

Szép napot! 

Lisztes (Hungary)


I received my knife yesterday. It’s beautiful!

Thank you very much! 

Best regards,

Gijs (Netherlands)


Hi Gilles,

Thank you so very much for the perfectly made Laguiole knife I received today.

It truly is a perfection. From the choice of the beautiful wood grain, to the perfect guillochage, all the way to the perfectly centered blade and the buttery smooth opening, locking and closing mechanism.

It is a work of art!

I have recently ordered the Le Thiers knife and can not wait to receive it. I can see a few Damascus bladed knives being ordered in the near future!

Thank you and your team of talented artisans!

Best Regards,

Suphi, Falmouth, Maine, (USA)


Dear Gilles, thank you for this wonderful work of art. I received the capuchadou knife and I can't help admiring its beauty. Thank you very much from Chile!!

Jaime (Chile)


Yann Hi.

Just to let you know that I have received the knife. It is an object of beauty and craftsmanship

Thank you,


Andy (Jersey)


Dear everyone, 

thank you very much for your email. 

I can tell you that I have received the ordered knife in good order today. 

The knife exceeds all expectations: it is simply beautiful! Thank you again for your craftsmanship that has led to this wonderful gift. 

With kind regards, 

Jeannette (Netherlands)


On a lighter note, the knife is another beautifully crafted piece of art and I'm delighted with it. It's exactly what I wanted and ordered. I have teamed it with my Ivory Gentleman as my "Piano Pair".

Thanks again for accepting my custom order. Happy holidays to all at Fontenille-Pataud.

Timothy (USA)



Magnum Corkscrew arrived today.

Will break it in tomorrow for my 60th birthday.

It looks stunning and imagine it fill function beautifully.

Thanks ,

Nick (USA)


Outstanding! I couldn't be happier with this knife. It is of superb quality. Also, the service was outstanding all along the process. It is clearly apparent that this company takes pride in its products and itself.

Steve (USA)


Bon Jour Yann,

The knives arrived today ahead of the predicted delivery date.  Thank you again very much for expediting the order.

The knives are stunningly beautiful!  My hat is off to you and Fontenille Pataud for your excellent craftsmanship and design!

Best regards from a delighted customer,

David (USA)


Good afternoon,

I just received my Buffalo horn folding Damascus it is exactly what I was hoping for Merry Christmas to you and your team at Laguiole looking forward to doing business again


Rich (USA)


Dear Gilles and Yann. Thank you very much for the fantastic knife i just recieved last week. It is all i hoped it would be, and then some. My request for dark walnut scales was done with perfection. And my initials engraved look 100%. Not my last knife from you guys. Next will be the XS i think. Have a good christmas and a happy new year. Best regards from Denmark.

Michael (Denmark)


Dear Gilles and Yann and Team,

today I have received my new knife. Thiers nature stag rwl34.

I must say, it's a wonderful knife again like all the others, I ordered before. Fine and very easy in use. Very good to use on the way or in a restaurant.

Thank You very much for all the wonderful tools you've made for me and the always super support and communication.

Greetings and always good fortune.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Jörg (Germany)


Hello Société Fontenille-Pataud, 

Merci beaucoup for the wonderful laguiole Le Pocket, it is worked beautifully and I'm happy.

Special Greetings and thanks to the Master Knife Maker.

Have a good time,

Kind regards,

Thomas (Germany)


Acknowledge safe delivery of the knife. Many thanks. Very Impressed. 

Best Regards,

Tessa (UK)



Received knife Thanks a lot very happy with it.


Steve (Australia)


Good evening from Germany and many thanks for the magnificent knife which arrived today. My husband is absolutely contend and enthusiastic about it.

Again thank you for the nice correspondence and  the good cooperation.


Jule and Ingo (Germany)


Yea! I received my knife today. It is stunning. Excellent fit and finish. The filework is beautiful, and the bee is like a jewel. The care that went into its fabrication is well evident. The sheath was a nice touch. Thank you very much. 

Geoffrey (USA)


Hi Fontenille Pataud Team,

many thanks, thats what I got today.



Ansgar (Germany)



yesterday I reveived my Laguiole Gentleman! It's really beautiful, a great knife, thank you very much!

Christian (Austria)


I received the knife Friday. I expected it to be beautiful and it is. In fact it exceeds my expectations. I hope to carry it for many years. Thanks for an heirloom.

John (USA)


Received my latest purchase from you Monday PM. Wish to thank all of you at Fontenille Pataud for yet another fantastic piece of functional art.

The Le Thiers Gentleman (Damascus/Ivory) is a truly beautiful, and superbly made knife. I plan to enjoy carrying it although I doubt if it will cut anything. It is just to beautiful to do anything but show it off. You can bet that I'll be doing plenty of that. Thank you again.

Timothy (USA)


Dear Gilles. The Laguiole XS Guilloché in Ironwood just arrived, and I am completely blown away. The filework on the spine is absolutely beautiful and very evenly matched on both sides. The ironwood scales show a great progression from a tight grain to a looser one, and whoever picked the two scales matched them perfectly. I look forward to having this knife as a pocket companion for years to come.

Jingu (USA)


Dear Gilles, My Capuchadu-Guilloche 10cm Stag knife arrived yesterday. I must say that it has exceeded all expectations. As a retired Gunmaker I am able to appreciate the skills and craftsmanship used to manufacture this knife. The hand fitting and filework are excellent and the Stag used top quality. I love the design and the way it fits in my hand. It is a thing of beauty as well as being practical l intend to carry and use it everyday. One of the few handmade knives that meets UK knife laws. I am so happy with the knife I intend to order another.


Paul (UK)


Dear Gilles, 

I received the knife and it is another beauty. Thanks. 

Warm Regards,

Steve (USA)


I received these today, thank you for getting them out so speedily.  They are beautiful


Amanda (UK)


Good afternoon Gilles and Yann. 

The parcel has arrived and the dinnerware is exquisite. Our thanks to all of the craftsmen who created such beautiful pieces. 

We hope you all have a fun vacation next month and hope to see you when we are next in France. 

Best Regards, 

Stephanie and Randy


Received the knife this AM. It's a gorgeous piece of knife art and it's exactly what I wanted. Thank you again for accepting my special request. Thanks to you (Gilles) and your entire crew for their superb craftsmanship and very prompt delivery. I hope you all will have a fine and enjoyable summer holiday and you will likely see another order from me in September. Thank you again.

Timothy (USA)


Hi Gilles,

the Sommelier knife has just arrived. What a beautiful thing. You must be very proud of it. I am very proud to own it and doesn’t even matter if it doesn’t get used (it will). I might do a drawing of it, sitting by a bottle of Bordeaux and a bunch of black grapes; maybe some cheese.

Thank you very much.

Bonne chance et bonnes vacances!

Jerry (UK)


Dear Gilles,

The knife arrived today. It's beautiful. I can't wait to give it to my boyfriend for his birthday. Thank you!!!!!!

Jennifer (USA)


I got well the sent product.
Thanks for making well.

Choi (South Korea)


I have received my Corsican Rondinara knife. It is beautiful, the look, the wood and the finish. The knife oozes french regional tradition and culture. A joy to look at and to hold.

Thank you,

Miles (Hong Kong)


I received my knife, a Laguiole Nature with the juniper handle, last week. I am very impressed with its quality and the craftsmanship that went into making it.

The nice surprise was that the knife had a lovely smell. Juniper wood is delightfully fragrant. Not that I spend all my time smelling knives, it was just something that was immediately obvious when I opened the package. The black leather sheaf is also high quality.

Perhaps the best part of the knife is that I am certain that it will age gracefully with wear through regular use. Mine won't be a collectors knife, but one that will see regular use over many years to come.


Anthony (Australia)



I already received the knife, what a surprise.

Many thanks for the super service.

Regards from Barcelona,

Carles (Spain)


The knife arrived and it is beautiful.

Thank you.
Robert (Sweden)


Dear Yann,

The knife has arrived and it is amazing! Great piece of craftsmanship, my friend will be  delighted.

Thanks again, 

Richard (Hong-Kong)


Dear Gilles and folks at Fontenille Pataud, The Laguiole Magnum with the special scales arrived this morning as I was talking with a neighbor on the front step. The craftsmanship is simply exquisite. The file work on the spring and the work on the bee are remarkable examples of steel art. I could not be happier. The neighbor will likely become a Fontenille Pataud customer.

Best Regards

Robert (USA)



I received the knife. I am very pleased with it's beauty, quality and serviceability. I also appreciate your quick and efficient service. I will be sure to order a knife for my son.

Best Regards, 

Steve (USA)


Hello, my new knife got here and I love it, THANK YOU.

Rowdy (USA)


Dear Gilles,

I received my knife a couple of days ago and just wanted to say thank you for even including a small letter in which you told me that you've chosen the darkest ram horn possible. to me receiving this letter along with my knife even makes it more personal. 

So thank you again and have a great weekend.

Kind regards from munich!

Marcus (Germany)


I received my knife today and it is amazing!!! 

I love that you upgraded the steel on these as well.




I received my Laguiole Gentleman's Classic Knife and am blown away with the quality and craftsmanship of this knife. It exceeded my high expectations, and i am a very proud owner of such a work of art and practicality. As a shipmaster, I appreciate when something is made right. This knife is the perfect harmony of form and function. Thank you for crafting it for me.

Matthew (USA)


Bonjour Gilles, 

The Le Thiers-Nature arrived safely. Another exquisite example of the knife makers art. It takes it's place along side my Laguiole Gentleman and the memory of my Laguiole XS which was unfortunately stolen. 

We plan to visit France again and I hope to put Thiers in the itinerary. 

Best Regards,

Don, Houston, Texas (USA)


Hello - just received my knife, my second one from you. The knife is perfect - the fit and finish, the snap of the blade, the edge, the file work on the spring. I will proudly carry and use it!!! Thanks again for creating and crafting - real old world first class craftsmanship!!

Matt from Pittsburgh, PA (USA)


Dear Mr. Steinberg,

I received my package in good order

What a beautiful piece of art!!

Thank you very much for your excellent service.

Kind regards,

Ruud (Nederlands)


I received my knife. The capuchadou is the pride of my collection. The workmanship is outstanding. Bravo to the artisans at Fontenille Pataud. Service and shipping are both excellent as well. Merci et a bientot

Pericles (Canada)


Dear gilles,

Both knives arrived today and i am very happy.

Kind regards from munich!

Marcus (Germany)



I received my knife - WOW is the first word that I can say.  The craftsmanship that was done on this knife is incredible and so much appreciated.  I am going to enjoy this blade  for a long time - and then my son.

It is amazing, the lines, the sharpness, the quality of the juniper wood, the feel in the hand, the cross - the bottom-line is I can feel the spirit of the knife and work of the person that crafted this knife.

Truly appreciate owing a Laguiole knife from you.


Matt (USA)


Bonjour Gilles 

This is to let you know that my Capuchadou arrived yesterday morning and I am delighted with it!

It is beautifully made and a pleasure to use .

Thank you for your help with the order.

Best wishes,

Julian (England)


Dear Mr, Gilles Sternberg and Company, 

Thank you for making these fine and useful knives, and for offering them to international customers.  This order arrived safe and sound in excellent condition!  My wife and I put the knives to good use this past weekend on some beef steak, and we are very, very pleased with our purchase! 

We will continue to consider your knives for our needs in future.

With appreciation,

Scott & Linda (USA)


Bonjour Yann and everyone at Fontenille Pataud! I would like to comment on the knife I ordered. I absolutely love the stag scales and the file work is exceptional, another work of art. The file work reminds me of vines and leaves, which I adore. I will always treasure this knife. Please thank the artisan who made this knife for me. Blessings to all of you this year, may 2017 be the best year ever.

Debbie (USA)



I've recieved the knife today and i'm really happy with it, it's beautiful! I will make another purchase sooner rather than later.

Kind regards,
Kristian (Sweden)



The knife arrived and it is beautiful.  We thank you and your team for the excellent work and quick shipment.

David (USA)



Dear Gilles, 

Beginning of this week I received my second Fontenille-Pataud knife. The knike is beautiful. Quality of workmanship is outstanding. It is great by the unique and  innovative approach you have dedicated to the Le Thiers liner – lock.

Köszönöm szépen!

Üdvözlettel (Slovakia)     



Really looking forward to this beautiful knife,its my first from You :-) It will be my companion when flyfishing by the rivers up in the Norwegian mountains.Plan to use it for making my meals:-)

Best Regards,

Sveinung (Norway)


Hi Giles,

My knife arrived just before Christmas (23-12). I expected it to arrive in the new year because of my late order (13-12), the undoubtedly extra orders this time of year and the extra engraving with my initials. Great was my surprise that it arrived before Christmas. It is a real fine piece of craftsmanship ! I really love the walnut-handles and detailed file work. For everyone who is dubbing if personalization of your knife with name or initials is a good idea ........ Yes, it surely is !! It makes the knife more beautiful, extra-ordinary and special. For all the craftmen at Fontenille Pataud: thanks you very much for your great job and hard work !! I hope you have a very good and healthy 2017 !!

Paul (Netherlands)



My son's knife was just delivered!!!!!  ( I thought it wasn't going to be delivered until the 29th!) 

It is just beautiful.  Thank you for all of your assistance!

I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and peace, health and joy fill your New Year! 

Warmest Regards, 

Elaine (USA)


Dear Gilles:

I just wanted to let you know that my knife arrived yesterday.  Actually, this was something of a surprise, because the first e-mail I received from FedEx on Wednesday afternoon, said that I should expect to receive the package on December 28th (which would have been a problem, as I will be out of town then).  So I was very pleasantly surprised when my doorbell rang shortly after noon yesterday (less than 24 hours after receiving your shipping notification) and it was my Fontenille-Pataud! 

The knife is quite simply exquisite.  The maple burl is really beautiful and the chisel and file work is fantastic.  I love the kind of modern, minimalist take on the traditional bee.  The blade is very well centered.  The fit and finish is superb.  I am very, very pleased with it.  

As I mentioned previously, I really like the animal derived handles; my next purchase will be one of those.  If you see a nice, clean piece of ivory or mammoth ivory, let me know! 

Thanks again for the truly gorgeous knife!  I hope you and your family and staff have a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year! 

Best regards,

Aaron (Netherlands)


Hi Gilles, My wonderful Laguiole arrived savely yesterday. What an outstanding piece of craftmanship. Assembly, materials, finish- absolutly perfect. Many thanks, best regards,

Oliver (Germany)


Hi Giles , I received my knife today and wanted to say thank you very much ,  I'm very pleased with it you have done great job it's a lovely piece , viva la France !! ;-)

Μιχάλης (United Kingdom)


Bonjour Yann,

Yesterday I have more time for play with my new toys which I got of your company. So I can write this:

Belt leather sheath for 10,5 cm knife will be very useful thing in my collection.

Deluxe sting-ray leather pouch would be useful if its size was 12 cm, and it some pay for deluxe crocodile leather pouch.

Le Thiers-bamboo knife with ebony handle has very gorgeous technical solvation of open/close system. And his circle on circle decoration used in factory work out wrist watch is marvelous too.

Corsican Pialincu 10,5 cm knife with maple burl handle has very true camouflage of forest in summer. Another knifes in my collection with some camouflage are only little pupil behind master professor.

Lagiolle XS handmade 9 cm Guilloche knife with mother of pearl handle is such gorgeous BEAUTY that I would be very sad man if SHE was not be in my possession.


Peter Kováč from Pragu (Czech republic)


I received my champagne saber today. It is beautiful, perfect in every way. Fortunately, I had a bottle of cava chilling in the refrigerator so I could saber off the top within 5 minutes of receiving the knife. The action is much more satisfying than the back of the kitchen knife I have used in the past. The cork flew 30 meters. I am sure their is no difference between a cava and champagne, but the cava seems to fly further. I have never sabered s truely great champagne, but now that I have this beautiful saber I feel obliged to. I am always looking for a reason to throw a party, and this is a good a reason as any. Thank you for your fine work and excellent customer service. I look forward to buying more knives (if somewhat smaller) in the future.

Michael (USA)


I received my 11 cm traditional Laguiole knife the other day and am thrilled with it. The selection of olive wood used for the scales is just beautiful and the Guilloché work is absolutely stunning to say the least. What a gorgeous knife this is ... gratitude and blessings to the artisan who made this knife for me. I love it!


Debbie, CA (USA)


The Laguiole Nature Classic arrived today. Thank you for the perfect service! The knife will be a Christmas gift for my husband and could therefore not yet been tested by him. i suppose he will be very happy with this knife.

Best regards,

Monika (Germany)


Thank u. Very nice. Oh yeah quick . Another very very nice. I am thrilled. Do I have room to add another very very nice? I do well , I 'll not just get carried away. Just one more great knife from y'all.


David (USA)


Thank you,

Everything arrived already and is beautiful.


Mary Ann (USA)


Dear people at Fontenille-Pataud (I am sorry, I do not speak French and my English is terrible)! I recently received one of your knifes via Brandners-Homestyle. It is the Fontenille-Pataud Rondinara Damastgriff Damastklinge (yes, that´s mostly German). The reason why I write you is, because I want to thank you personally for this beautiful piece of art. Your knife is the first of your forge in my collection, but it will definitely not be the last! You did a great job and your knife is the envy of any of my friends whom I showed it.

Thank you and thank you again!


Christian, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)



received my knife last week and I'm very happy, the workmanship is excellent as expected and the color of the mammoth tooth is perfect.  Thanks once again. 

Frank (USA)


Bonjour Yann,

I wanted to let you know that my order arrived safely today.

I’m very pleased to receive it, it’s a beautiful knife.

Merci beaucoup.

Best Regards,

Kevin (Macao)


I though this is a small Laguiole (Le pocket) it stands out more than the standard laguiole. I have already 19 other knives from you (most of them damast), this one is exceptional.

Let me describe the knife. The thirst thing I thought was about the damast blade: wow what crispy black and white, has there been a different kind of etching been used? The answer is no. Because the knife is smaller the damast steel stands out more beautiful: it is the eye catcher!. In detail there are more niceties. It is a knife with delicate filings. I really love that in a knife. The top is nice and playful, but the inside of the spring I like even more: it has colloring from light yellow, to yellow to liliac (don't see that as an error but as an asset, I do) with a nice engraving. Most people who see this are astonished: making something you normally don't see beatiful. 

Hm, I see some projects coming... 

I'm very pleased.

I am pleased: it is a small beauty.

Hans (Netherlands)


Dear Gilles,

package arrived in good order and condition, all three pieces are wonderful.

Best regards to you and your team and till next time,

Hans-Georg (Germany)


I received my Capuchadou with Guilloche work and rose Damascus blade. Very beautiful, I love it! This is the second Capuchadou I have purchased but have many, many Fonteniille- Pataud knives and all are works of art. Thank you to the artisan of this knife.


Debbie, California (USA)


Bonjour équipe de Fontenille Pataud, today my knife arrived...it is BEAUTIFUL, merci beaucoup!!! I know now that I choosed the right coutellerie. I´m proud to have such nice pice of handcraftship...and by the way, I´m a toolmaker and know, what good handmade work with steel is:-) my friends will be jealous:-)))

Veuillez recevoir mes plus cordiales salutations.

Guenther (Bockenem / Allemagne)


The knife  arrived yesterday.

It is wonderfull. Thank you.

Robert (Netherlands)


Hello, Thanks for the Corsican knife with the Dark Rams Horn. It's really beautiful.

Thank you,



I retrieved my two knives from the mailbox today and opened them immediately of course. What beautiful, high quality, well made knives they are! One is the Laguiole XS with amorette scales and the other is the Laguiole 9cm with blonde horn scales. Both of these knives are works of art that anyone would take pride in owning. Congratulations on your fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Give all your workers a sincere 'well done' from me.

Roger, Liberty, Tennessee (USA)


Hi Gilles and team, just wanted to let you know my Laguiole Gentleman arrived today and I'm very happy with the beautiful craftsmanship. The RWL34 steel was well worth the extra cost and the juniper handle feels (and smells) fantastic.

Thanks again,

Nick (Australia)


Yann and Gilles,

The knives and forks arrived, and they are really quite something. I'm really impressed with the workmanship!


Gene (UK)


I received my Capuchadou knife last with with a Damascus blade and horn tip handles. It is very beautiful. I really love the file work on it as well, very exceptional Guilloché work on it. Wow! Thank you for another beautiful knife.

Debbie from California, USA


Dear Mr. Gilles Steinberg,

today I got very beautiful knife sharply according on my order. I can thanked You and Your all company for really ARTWORK.

Best regards,

Peter from Prague (Republique Tchéque)


I have just received my Laguiole Fontenille-Pataud by Gilles knife , it is simply a Beautiful  outstanding piece of workmanship ! Thank you.




My knife was delivered OK a few minutes ago.  Beautiful!  Thank you and your team.

Take care,



Dear people of Fontenille-Pataud, 

Yesterday my Le Thiers Gentleman classic walnut arrived in Holland. I ordered a personalised version with my name engraved and that is done in an excellent way.

So if you are reading this and want to buy a knife and are in doubt to personalize your knife or not, don’t hesitate… just go for it. It will make your knife extra special.

 The knife feels robust and just big enough. A wonderful balance between a modern appearance and old fashioned craftsmen’s ship .

As a starting knife enthusiast this will be my EDC for sure.

So thank your obvious craftsmanship. I will be back for more!

Kind regards, 

Arjen (Holland)


Dear Giles and the team at Fontenille-Pataud, Thank you for the beautiful Chamois. The dark ram's horn handles are beautiful. This is my second Chamois to go along with my other two Capuchadou. Your knives are exquisite and beautifully made. I don't know what to get next but I look forward to more of your knives.

All the best,



Gilles & Team,

Just a quick email to let you know my knife was delivered OK and to tell you how happy I am with it.  Beautiful!

Thanks again,



I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to you all at Fontenille-Pataud for making this wonderful collection of pocket-knives available. I have just received my second knife from you- a Corsican 'Sperone'  with Briar-wood handle, and it is, as anticipated, a beautiful-looking, perfectly-made object of superb craftsmanship which I am very happy to own. It is this variety of styles and materials coupled with such outstanding quality, that makes 'semi-collectors' such as myself, come back to you.

With warm regards,

Andrew (UK)


Hi Gilles and Yann 

I received my knife yesterday . excellent work,unblemished. I love it 

Thank you.

Mahmut (Turkey)



The knife came in time and it is amazing!!! 

He was very happy about the knife!

Thank you very much! You did a good job! 

With best regards from Germany,

 Mona (Germany)


Dear Gilles and everyone at Fontenille-Pataud,

Thank you so much for your excellent craftsmanship and care with making & processing my orders. I am probably an unlikely customer- an older woman with small hands, I now have 3 beautiful knives from you: the traditional St. Martin, the petite XS Laguiole, and the Corsican Pialincu. I enjoy leaning about the heritage of french knives, and absolutely love each Pataud in my new collection. Thank you for making such wonderful knives. kind regards,

Laurel (USA)


Dear Sir or Madam,
I got today delivered the product I Corsican Sperone.
The knife was an excellent workmanship and looks beautiful.
I'm excited and wish them continued success in their work.
Best regards,
Martin (Germany)


Dear Ladies and gentleman, I've just received my Capuchadou and it's really fantastic. Do you sell any sturdy leather belt pouch for it? Great regards.

A. Berger (Germany)


Dear Mr Steinberg,

I received my knife yesterday and it is more beautiful than I imagined. Thank you.


Tony (USA)


Good evening,

I just received my Capuchadou this afternoon, and your team did a great job. Truly a work of art!

The communication and quick turn around, made the transaction a pleasure. 


David Carrion (USA)


Delivered safely last Monday!

Very happy with the product.

Thanks to the artisan that made it.

All the best,

Jorge (Belgium)


Wow!!  Had a nice surprise today: FedEx delivered a package from Thiers with not one but two Fontenille-Pataud Laguioles.  They're beautiful!.  I like the cow horn scales.  One knife will go itno my collection; the other is in the knife block in the kitchen and will be used to prepare supper tonight.  I'm thinking  about another, smaller laguiole as a pocket knife, but I hav to find some way of also carrying the tools on my swiss army knife: screwdrivers, can openers, etc. 

Colin (USA)


Mes Capuchadou Fantastisch!Mooi afgewerkt! Tot nog eens.

Mady uit Belgie (Belgium)


Bonjour Gilles et l’équipe,

J’ai bien reçu mon couteau, et je suis très heureux avec il. Merci beaucoup.

I have written for your testimonial in English, and tried in French too.

I have received my new knife, the Thiers gentleman, stag. It's a lovely knife. the materials and craftmanship are of the highest quality, as I have come to expect from you. It is very sharp, and a pleasure to use. Thank you to you and your team.

J’ai bien reçu mon couteau, le Thiers gentleman stag. C’est vraiment super bon, la haute qualité, comme d’habitude. C’est une plaisir de la utiliser. Je l’aime bien. Merci à vous et votre équipe.




I recently made a new order for a knife with your company. When you will start working on the knife I have a small request. Is it possible to make the decoration on the spring of the blade around my name in the same way as you did on the knife on the photo, which is in the attachment of this mail? I really liked it a lot! I work as an arborist and this decoration for me ressembles the structure of the leafs of a tree.

This isn't my first knife that I buy from your company, nor will it be the last. I was a little unfortunate by losing previous knives for a variation of reasons. But because of the supreme quality of these knives - I mean I have not yet found another knife that pleases me as much as the Laguiole Sport from Fontenille-Pataud - I can not buy another kind of knife.

This knife really is the Supreme Elite Top of the cutlery industry for me.

With kind regards,

Max (Belgium)


Dear Gilles

Another masterpiece from you! Got it yesterday, and here you see how it turns out. My U Cumpa has to rest some other place :)

Trond (Norway)


Thank you, received and love my beautiful Saint Martin knife. The workmanship is amazing and I can't wait until I get another knife from you. Thank you also for switching out my handle preference. best,

Laurel (U.S.A.)


I received my shipment.  Excellent work, once again.  Thank you.

Gaines (USA)


Hi Gilles,

I thank you for your time and effort

The knife arrived yesterday, thank you for including the leather pouch. 


Brett (Australia)


Thank you!
The knife has arrived to my home in Indonesia.
I really appreciate the craftmanship put into the details of this knife.
This is my first buy and I feel satisfied by the quality of this knife.
Best regards.

Rendy (Indonesia)


Bonjour Gilles
I received the knife yesterday. My husband adores it. :)
Thank you very much!
Wish you all the best,
Valya (Bulgaria)


Dear Gilles,

I received my new Knife today… it’s a lovely thing… Thank You. For the past 20 years I have used Modern Production Knives… Benchmade, Smith & Wesson and Heckler & Koch. Although they are reliable and durable they have no intrinsic value.

I am sure this knife, hand crafted in fine a tradition will soon become a cherished possession and the thought of slicing and spreading camembert on my fresh baguette whilst I picnic on the beach im Marseillan is something to look forward to.

With Kind regards,

Bryan (England)


Salut and good morning Gilles

Always a nice surprise receiving a Fontenille Pataud parcel :-)) Again......what a beautifully made knife.

Loving the full handles and the clean and simple design.

And thank you again for the fantastic sheath,

Marc (Australia)


Dear Gilles & Yann,
My Laguiole 12cm willow burl has just arrived!
I love it! I am completely smitten with the balance of beauty & precision work, the fantastic femine chic lines of the whole knife and the ruggedness of it's traditional craftsmanship 7 functionality.
It is a knife to be used and it clearly oozes that vibe.
The absolute beauty of unparalleled craftsmanship that stayed true to it's original design end ideas.
Thank you!

Luca (Netherlands)


Ordering a knife at Fontenille-Pataud is a great pleasure, service and products are both of high quality. Receiving the knife so soon was great, presenting it to my daughter's 16th birthday was a wonderful moment for all of us.
Thank you all!!

Andrea (The Netherlands)


Thank your for your prompt and helpful service. My husband is delighted with the quality and craftsmanship of his knife, and for someone who lives in Sheffield with all its history in the knife making industry he knows something about these things.


Carole (England)


Dear Yann, the knife just arrived today. Great work of art and craftmanship! I appreciate it very much.

Have a good christmas time to you and all your firm and families.

Merci beaucoup,

Chris (Germany)


Hello...just wanted to let you know that I received the knife for my sons Christmas present today
I am very impressed with your workmanship...adding his initials makes that final special touch..
Am sure Palmer will be equally impressed when he receives it Christmas morning , and will let you know
Merry Christmas to all...

Pat (Canada)


Dear Gilles,
I have received the knife in good order.
So here is my review:
The ivory is white (slightly creamy) ivory with beautiful pictures of elephants (good work Nat). I have a lot of Damascus steel nives but this is one of the better ones (both sides and bolster are beautiful). The liners are nicely filed and the spring is also lovely (on the inside and the outside): it is engraved and filed by hand in a delicate matter. The inside of the spring is evenly yellow (which pops up the engraving). The bee on the spring is handly files and engraved. To sum it all up: a top piece in my collection.
Best regards,
Hans (Netherlands)


Dear Gilles,
Thank you very much for my exquisite Laguiole Nature Guilloché knife. I can only repeat and confirm all the other testimonials. Exceptional craftsmanship absolutely beautiful what you and your team create. I already knew and heard it from my brother but I was still surprised from the quality and beauty of the knife. I'm delighted I ordered 'Gilles Fontenille-Pataud' and I can only recommend your work and admire your trade.
Thank you & un très grand merci,
Thomas (Wädenswil Suisse, Lutter F)


I want to thank you for being so patient and cooperative for my many request. You are absolutely awesome. Your customer service is above reproach. You care about your customers wishes. You are an example for others to follow. If I had only one word to express my appreciation it would be. "Unbelievable".

Thank you.

Raymond (USA)


Dear Gilles,
Thank you so much for the exquisitely crafted laguiole knife I received yesterday. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful objects I have ever owned -- as delightful to behold as a fine museum piece. Congratulations to your entire team for their skilled work.
Michael Capone (England)


Salut Gilles
My first order with Fontenille Pataud......I'm happy I did so, the knife has arrived safely.

I big thank you goes to you and all your staff ......exquisite French craftsmanship at its best. Your knives are beautifully made.

I have a feeling my brother will place an order soon ;-)

À bientôt I hope,
Marc (Australia)



I just received my new knife and I'm floored at the quality. I sincerely look forward to enjoying my knife for simply the rest of my life.


Michael (USA)


Kedves Beáta,

Tegnap kézbesítették,én most tudtam megnézni.

Nagyon szépek.

Örülök neki nagyon

Szép napot kívánok

Gábor (Hungary)


The knife has arrived thank you both for your efforts Gilles it is a work of art thank you very much

Kind Regards,

Anthony (Australia)


Bonjour Monsieur Yann Delarboulas

The artwork is yet arrived today. It is wonderful. Please tell “Cutlery artist” it is done perfectly. Thank you for the great work. I hope that even a Laguiole will find its way to Munich / Ismaning :-)

You and all the people from Coutellerie Fontenille Pataud I wish all the best,

Gerhard (Germany)


Dear Gilles,

The knives arrives today and all look perfect! Your knives are beautiful pieces.

Thank you very much.

Greg (USA)


Bonjour Yann,

the Knife arrived yesterday. It looks great!

Thank you very much for the perfect service.

With best regards,

Alexander Schaal (Germany)


Thank you- my second order (a Le Pocket) arrived safely and is of couse a truly lovely knife. It is now on its way to my brother for his birthday....
Best regards,
Mike Poole, Nashville TN (USA)


I have received the beautiful knife I ordered. It was waiting for me when I returned from an extended trip.

Thank you very much,

Andy (USA)



I received my repaired knife today. Not only does Fontenille Pataud stand by their guarantee, the repair of my knife exceeded my expections. Thank you for the prompt service.

Your craftsman are true artists.


Ralph (USA)


Hey, I ordered this ivory and silver knife four or five years ago. It is just perfect in every way. If possible, please tell the people or person that made it that they are amazing artists. Are your knives the best in the world? Anyway I love all of you guys. Have a great day.


Dear Gilles,
Thanks for that beautiful knife :). It arrived just in time, and so I could take it with me on my backpacking tour to switzerland


Dear Gilles and team!

I recently received my Laguiole with amourette handles and razor sharp RWL steel blade. It is my third knife from you and I'm once again absolutely satisfied. Keep up your good work!

Greetings from vienna region,



Dear Gilles,

I wanted to commend you on your knives. Several years ago I ordered a Laguiole from another knife maker and although it is a well-made knife the Nature and Le Theirs in walnut and the U Cumpa Mammoth Tusk I received from you shows the pride you take in your knife making. You set the standard for French knives.





Knife arrived some days ago and I'm delighted with the workmanship and quality of service, thank you very much.


William G


Dear Gilles Steinberg,
The sport laguiole I have received is beautiful. Both the Damascus blade and bolster are eye candy. The blue mammoth molar with the red inlay are a good combination and finally the delicate filework and engraving on the inside of the handle are verry pretty. A perfect knife.
Best regards,


Dear gilles,

The 2 chamois knives arrived today. They are great, the only minus is, that I have specifically orderd the engravings with a space in between the 2 year dates an the initials of our names.

They are lined up without any space in between. But non the less they are georgous. Thank you for the delivery in time, it´ll be a great suprise for our 16th anniversary.

All the best from Vienna,



Hi Yann,
thanks for another lovely knife, I'm so impressed by the consistancy of what you guys produce. I've just placed another order today- looking forward to my delivery already



Dear MM. Gilles and Yann,

Please be advised that I have received the latest shipment in good order on Saturday, 30th May. As usual, I was not disappointed. Thank you again.



This is my second set of steak knives and forks, the quality and finish is superb like the existing set. Vive la Fontenille!



Hi sir. I just recive the knife. it is a peace of art.im very happy for this knife it is one of best in my collection.thanks a lot sir.my next order will be in fiew days sir.




Today the knife I ordered (5 Coqs with amourette scales) arrived.

It is very beautiful and beyond my expectations!

My compliments to the craftsman or craftswoman who made it!

Merci beaucoup,



Hello Gilles,
Can you please pass on my thanks to the craftsman that put so much work into my knife, it arrived yesterday and I am so pleased with it. I would also like to thank you for selecting the mammoth ivory that best suited my specifications, it is perfect.
Kind Regards,


I have previously owned the same set of superb hand crafted knives and matching forks. They are a real pleasure to handle, and the balance and cut is absolutely perfect. Expensive, yes. But what investment in pleasure comes without some financial sacrifice?

With best regards,



Bonjour everyone at Fontenille-Pataud.

Today I received my order with for 5 COQS with bocote wood scales. I can tell by the grain it's the exact one shown on your website. It is simply beautiful. I love bocote wood anyway and it sure looks great on this knife. Very well made, great file work, the abalone inlay is bright and pretty. Your team continues to impress me with the attention to detail and stunning knives produced.

To whomever made this knife, I am grateful.


Debbie, CA (USA)


Special thanks to the entire team of Fontenille-Pataud! I recieved my two Laguiole Sport Guilloche knives with Juniper Burl handles yesterday. As was already the case with my previous order, I'm absolutely amazed by the superb craftsmanship with which these 'twins' were made. I'm very pleased and proud with these essential survival tools. Thank you very much! This won't be my last order I'm sure.
Best of luck!!


Dear Gilles,
Thank you very much for replying so fast and delivering my dream knife within a day to Austria. As I told you already on the phone the Pialincu exceeds my expectations BY FAR!
This is my second fontenille-pataud knife and for sure not my last one...
All the best,

Leopold from Vienna


Received my knifes and very pleased, thank you and will start my collection... more to come...



Bonjour Gilles,

I’ve already received my Laguiole yesterday. Thank you very much for the fantastic work, great customer service and also a really beautiful knife. Attached you will find some photos of my Laguiole Nature Guilloché. If you like to show them on facebook, you have my permission.

Greetings from Germany,

Sebastian (Germany)


Hello Yann,

I received my knife today and i'm very satisfied,

will be ordering another one in near future,this time smaller model,more appropriate for everyday carry :-)




Hi !
My Laguiole traditionel 12 cm guilloche range maple burl arrived today. Really like the quality and detail on the knife and it almost got a medieval feel to it.
All the options you can chose/add to the knife makes this company my first choice when it comes to chose a personal knife.
Best regards,


Hi Yann,

I received my Basque Yatagan this morning and i'm again delighted with the quality off the materials used and the exceptional finish. Many thanks to all at Fontenille Pataud.

You'll hear from me again soon,

Best regards,

Paul Fleming


Hello Yann,

The ivory nature damascus knife has arrived in good order. This is our third one of a kind so that now in the family we all have the same, yet different knife. Once again it is outstanding high quality and finishing, and very beautiful too !

Kind greetings,



Magical, what a piece of art. I have just received my corsican-pialincu-classic knife, I bought it for myself with the view that in years to come I will pass it down to my son who's name I had engraved on the
Knife. It really is something that I believe will be in my family for generations to come, thank you Gilles, a pleasure to deal with you guys.



Bonjour Yann!
Yesterday I received my knives and am very happy with them.
I'm so glad I decided to just go ahead and get two that I like. The Le Chamois with olive wood scales is great and I love he smell of olive wood. I'm almost mesmerized by the snake wood scales on the Pialincu and love the guilloche on it. Both are beautiful knives I will always treasure. These will make fine additions to my knife collection and Fontenille-Pataud is my favorite French knife maker, so hard to find in the USA.
Thank you also for taking care of the replacement scale for the buffalo bark on my other Le Chamois. I'm pleased with it and glad to have it back. Didn't take very long either so thank you, Gilles and the entire team.
Debbie, CA (USA)


Dear MM. Gilles and Yann,

I would advise that I have received the shipment of cutlery (ORDER REFERENCE XJYGVRKQN - PLACED ON 2015-02-26) in good order on Wednesday, 18th March. I was not disappointed. Absolutely beautiful! I'm going to have a hard time deciding which of the knives to use at any one time, be it the Le Capuchadou or the Laguoile Nature. The little Aurillac, on the other hand, has already replaced my Victorinox in my pocket as my "go-to" knife, and looks much better to boot! I also have to say that after handling the 9cm Aurillac, the Laguoile XS is looking more and more tempting...

My wife also sends her compliments on her 10cm Le Capuchadou and (the other) Aurillac. Being the first "artisan" knives that she has owned, I have this feeling that I might have started her on a new hobby.

So, merci encore, and until next time!

Gerald (Singapour)


Hallo Herr Gilles, Hallo liebes Fontenille Pataud - Team,

Mein Laguiole Messer habe ich bekommen und ich muss sagen: "Es ist wirklich ein gelungenes Kunstwerk!" Ich möchte mich an dieser Stelle bei dem Handwerker bedanken, der das gute Stück mit ersichtlicher Freude hergestellt hat und Ihnen weiterhin alles Gute wünschen!
Vielen Dank.
Herzliche Grüße,
Alex Braikrats


Thank you Gilles. I ordered 2 beautiful steak knives with black buffalo horn handles on the 8th Feb and they have arrived safely on 22nd Feb all the way to Australia. They will make a wonderful gift for my son and daughter in law. She has an eye for quality and loves all things French. I know she will be thrilled to receive them.
Thank you once again.
Carol Lowey


Bonjour Gilles and everyone at Fontenille-Pataud.
I received my knife, 5 Cogs with Pistachio wood, last week. It is simply beautiful and the file work on the spine is exquisite!
I have many knives made by your company and they are the best ever!
Thank you and whomever made this special knife for me.
Debbie Parker CA (USA)


Thank you Gilles,
the Laguiole is beautiful and outstanding quality! And sharp.
It is worth the Money!


Bonjour Yann
The knife is beautiful my thanks to the cutlers, amazing levels of skill and passion.
I will treasure it for the rest of my life.
Many thanks,
Best Wishes
Antony, London (UK)


This is the third Fontenille Pataud knife I have purchased and, just like the other two, it is a splendid example of the knifemakers art.
The stag handle feels really good in the hand and the personalised engraving adds a fine finishing touch to a high quality knife.



Hi Guys,
My knife arrived today, firstly thankyou very much for your prompt, and professional service.
I could not be more pleased with my knife, I am a 55 year old gentleman and have been collecting and making knives all of my life. So I really appreciate the amazing levels of skill and passion that your cutlers possess.
The fit, finish and alignment is all spot on. On top of this it has a charm and feeling all of it's own. It is refreshing to find a knife like this, as so many are now mainly machine made, and even though they can exhibit precision and accuracy, they seem to have no passion, feeling more like a machine part, than a treasured companion.
Could you also please pass on my heartfelt thanks, to the actual cutlers who made my knife. Letting them know they have made for me, something I will treasure for the rest of my days.
Again many thanks,
Best Wishes,


Bonjour Yann

The knife is beautiful! I have shared your web site with some friends and I hope you will receive many more orders.

Bonne année!



Hey Gilles,

I received the knives yesterday and could not be more pleased. Beautiful work.

they are just what I wanted, and the selection of materials was perfect. Thank you very much for doing such a great job for me. I will no doubt be ordering another in the near future. Keep up the great work, and have a very merry Christmas.





I received the knife.I really love it, the craftsmanship is really stunning look much better than expected.

Denis, Memphis (USA)


Dear Gilles,

As promissed my testimonial...

Last week I have received 3 knives: a full damast sport laguiole, a ful damast le Thiers and the scrimshaw sport Laguiole.

Over a month a go I asked Gilles if it was possible to make full damast versions of the laguiole (with delicate filing) and the le Thiers. It was like he described it: sort of a master piece indeed. Yes, that is exactly what they are (you can see the pictures on the site).

The beauty is in the details. I love damast steel: it has repetition but each repetition is unique. The sport laguiole has delicate filing and engraving on the inside of yhe knife: that is pure jazz singging to you.

The inside of the spring has a yellow color which gives the inside a golden glow and makes the engraving stand out. The bee on the spring is also engraved with care.The knife is 280 g heavy and it feels real majestic.

I really love the le Thiers. It shows lots of damast steel. It operates smoothly and it looks out of the box with the blade not in the middle but on top. With her delicate curves, she is my mistress ;-).

The scrimshaw sport laguiole is another story. Agaian the damast is pleasingly to see (actually the backside is more beautiful damast), Although the bolsters are curved the damast patterns are eye candy. The mammoth ivory is like coffee colored with lots of milk/cream. The scrimshaw drawing is made by a lot of tiny colored dots. The metal of the spring on the inside goes from yellow to lilac to yellow to lilac and again to yellow with a playful engraving all the way.

Best regards,



Hello Yann,

The damast knife arrived today. It is a superb combination of craftsmanship, beauty and utility tool.

Thank you for attending the order.

Kind Greetings,



Dear Gilles Steinberg,
I have received the scrimshaw knife (invoice 13604) in good order.
Again a stunningly beautiful knife.



My Capuchadou was delivered yesterday.

The workmanship is exquisite and the graceful curve of the snakewood handle fits perfectly into the palm of my hand. It really is a beautiful knife of distinction and is a great companion to my Fontenille Pataud horn tip Laguiole Traditional.

Many thanks Gilles to you and your craftsmen.



Bonjour Yann, Bonjour Gilles,

many thanks for the beautiful knive :)

I like it sooooo much. And it was a big surprise for André yesterday!

Many many thanks again and have a good time!




Bonjour Gilles,
The knife I ordered from the Gentleman's Range arrived this morning, sooner than I expected.
I am very happy with the quality and craftsmanship of the work and wish you and your company continued success in the future.
Thank you,
David, Brisbane (Australia)


My knife arrived safely in the UK today.
I am absolutely delighted with my stunningly beautiful and wonderfully crafted knife -- the craftsmanship is superb and this elegant knife is already one of my most prized possessions.
Thank you so much.



Bonjour Yann!

I just wanted to let you know I received my knife today. I have quite a few Fontenille-Pataud knives but this one is even more special. The Le Chamois style is really different and I love it. The buffalo bark and lapis inset with the extra filing for the Guilloché range is just perfect beautiful.

Thank you so much for handling this order and whomever made this knife did an awesome job, which I truly appreciate.

Merci beaucoup!
Debbie, CA (USA)


Bonjour Yann
I want give you a feedack magnifique I must say the knives arrived and I'm really impressed.
Very very superb.
They will not be the last knives I have ordered at fountenille patault.
Thank you and go on with this beautiful kind of knive manfacruring art.
Salutations de Allemagne


Morning Gilles,

It arrived yesterday, to my complete surprise!

A beautiful wee knife, which has to be unique in NZ.

Many thanks,



Bonjour Yann,

I received a very wonderful knife today. Again It's a Superb in handmaking and quality. I love this wonderful smell of juniper wood.

It's great to use it enjoying other french Specialities like cheese, baguette and wine - what a wonderful composition!

Many thanks and best wishes.



Dear Yann,

Just a quick note to say I have received my knife today and am extremely pleased with it.

I have owned several Laguiole knives before, but none as beautifully made as this, it really is something special. Thank you once again for your assistance with my order.

Kind regards,



Hello Yann,

I recieved the knive today.

To me, it is in all aspects a perfect knife.

I am very pleased with it, and also because of your understanding patience, your efforts and advice which have resulted in finding a perfect knife for me.

Best regards,



Dear Gilles,

I received my knife this evening and it is truly a work of art. I will carry it proudly.

My thanks and complements to you and your entire company for the beautiful craftsmanship and the flawless execution of the order.

Best regards,

David, Spring, Texas (USA)


Bonjour Yann,
yesterday i get my 2 knives.
These knives are incredible good the best french knives i`ve ever seen....
I have a collection of over 50 french knives, but these 2 are the best !
I ´ve never seen this qualitity before.
I will order some other knives in the future ...
Thank you verry much for the perfect service - i`m very satisfied...
Best regards


Dear all,
I just received the knive I ordered. It is even better than I had hoped for!
Thank you very much


Dear Gilles,

Today I received the knife I ordered during your holidays. I found it in perfect conditions. Thank you!

This knife is the third knife and the fourth item I bought from you. It is a traditional laguiole-12-cm-guilloche-range-knife and I am delighted to

find it as beautiful as the others. Really fine craftsmanship and on the state of the art.

It is worth every single cent of it’s price.; which is very fair when you compare with other Laguiole manufacturers.

Thank you very much for this fantastic item.

Kindest regards,



Now having one each Vendetta and Sperone, I can attest that this company is doing wonderful things with the Corsican knife. In simply visiting this website it is obvious that the blade style is very practical, although the full measure is in the use. And the knives have a very secure feel.

What's especially noticeable about the Gilles Corsican is how, when the thumb is placed on the thumbrest, the knife informs that it is ready to get to work. Of course, this also occurs with a decent Laguiole knife, but certainly as much with the Gilles Corsican.

I haven't otherwise experienced anything quite like the built-in intelligence - that is, the genuinely good handling characteristics - that these knives possess.

Pete (USA)


Bonjour Yann,
thank you so much for the prompt delivery.

I am sure that I will give great pleasure with this gift, because my friend is like me is a big fan of Laguiole knives.

This knive of Fontenille-Pataud is beautiful and of excellent quality.

Thanks again,

Best regards,



Dear Mr. Gilles,
I want to express my thanks for your attention to my recent knife order.
I am truly satisfied with the quality of your work. My compliments to your
entire team.
With best regards,


Dear Gilles

I am holding a piece of artisan beauty and luxury. It is my new 'Gentleman' knife with fragrant Juniper scales and the full Guilloche file work. It exudes quality. The weight, the feel, the infinite detail and craftsmanship. Alongside that and just as important, if not more so, is a knife that you just know will last generations.

Unlike many so called handmade items there is a secure assumption attached to the products from Gilles at Fontenille Pataud that every knife is the work of one person. You can feel the determined dedication in getting it right; delicate beauty mixed with utilitarian strength. It is a pleasure to use, hold, open and close or just peruse.



Hello Yann,

I received my knife today it is BEAUTFUL .

The craftsmanship is superb thanks.



Dear Gilles

this to say my Gentleman Juniper has arrived and it is wonderful, thank you.

Best wishes,



Bonjour Gilles.
I recieved my knife today, it is truely a work of art. It will be a family heirloom. Many thanks to the brilliant artisans at fontenille-pataud. Excellent service, highly recommended!

Again Merci Merci Merci!



Bonjour Gilles et Yann,

The knife arrived yesterday and is evertyhing I had hoped for.



Thank you Gilles - the two knife repairs have arrived and all is good. To
make sure I do something in return I shall order the knife mentioned a while
back from your website (Gentleman, Juniper scales).



Hello sir, I just recive my knives now. I want to thank you sir for the (grand qualite )of your art. I hope recive a notification when you have a new product. Thanks a lot sir.




The Corsican knife has arrived a few days ago.

Thank you!


Dear Gilles,

I have just received again two new marvellous knives, a Corse Sperone and a Laguiole, both in rose damast steel. Your rose damast steel is really beautiful. To be proud of! Of course, the knives themselves are totally - as always - very beautiful and handsome. My felicitations to your collaborators!

Warm greetings from Antwerp.




I've received them and they are just fantastic.

Thanks again,




The knife has just arrived, and is perfect; beautifully made. My complements to you and your craftsmen!




Dear Gilles,

Thank you very much for sending me your traditional Laguiole knife, I have received it in good order.

I have to say, it is a piece of art, the finish and the engraving is of an extremely high quality and therefore I will use this knife very frequently for the rest of my life.
Gerald, Eersel (Netherlands)


Dear Sir,

Thank you for the selection of knives that arrived last Monday. They are absolutely beautiful! I love the detail and the use of traditional, natural materials - completely different from mainstream knives. The workmanship is superb. They are beautifully proportioned, look magnificent and are very tactile. The juniper ones even smell great. They are all very different in character but all great examples of the knife-maker's art. I will definitely be buying again from you in the future.

Merci beaucoup,


Bonjour Gilles,
yesterday the knife arrived, and I would like to thank you for the solution you found !
I like the knife, it's a marvellous art - piece and more than worth it to say thank you again !
Toda, best Regards,


Hello Gilles,

I received the little knife today and examined the file work with a loupe...
All I can say is 'exceptional' in every way
Who ever handmade this I would by a bottle of French burgundy and give to them as a sign of my appreciation.
There is nil blade play , the blade is perfectly centred and the forged bee is perfectly aligned
Merci Merci Merci!!

KK, Australia


Hi Gilles,

Thank you very much and I look forward to receiving my knife.

By the way, I originally found your company through the excellent Youtube review of the La Capuchadou knife posted by Stefan Schmalhaus. I know you are well aware of this video since you also have it posted on your web site but I would just like to give credit where it is due.

It is very encouraging to see these invaluable artisan skills still being practised. Even from just the pictures it is clear that your people put a lot of passion into their work.

Best regards,



Dear gilles,

thank you so much for the awesome knifes, they`re so beautiful, i`m totally in love! We´ll send you our first wedding-picture! many thanks,

milena+ blumi



Dear Gilles,

I have just received today my two new capuchadou knives. They are very very nice, indeed.

I always liked your Corsican knives very much, but I must admit: I shall have to buy more capuchadou knives in the future. They are really something special! Smile!

Many greetings from Antwerp,

Ivo (Belgium)


Hello, Gilles!

My knife has just arrived! It is a great piece of craftsmanship, and it shows how much your work is beautiful. The details on the grip are fantastic and the locking system is very easy to use. Such a remarkable knife. It seems like an object to keep as a piece of one's inventoire of life. Great work has been put in this. I really like the fact that there is still a workshop that provides such an object.

Many thanks, and please keep up with this excellent tradition.


Rodrigo (Brazil)


What a state of the art is this knife!
The walnut wood is nice and has a nice deep dark colour. The decoration that is made on the metal is great. You can see that it is hand made with care and well quality materials. It is a very functional knife that will bring me a good use and hopefully luck when I am traveling and doing outdoor activities.




Hi Gilles,

Yesterday mr. postman delivered the knife. Very beautiful. Thanks a lot for such good service.

With kind regards,
Yep Zeinstra


Bonjour Gilles,

The knife arrived 2 weeks ago. I was so elated that it had finally come and could not wait to give it to my husband. He was very surprised and happy to be the recipient of such a beautiful, but at the same time, very functional knife. He has shown the knife to many of his friends and co-workers. And all concur, that it is the most beautiful, well-made knife that they had ever seen.

Thank you for the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail that was put into making this knife!

With gratitude and appreciation,



Hello Gilles,

Got the package with two very nice knives today. The Saint Amans is not 'black horn' but the 'light horn' tip version - no problem looks good to. The Le Chamois-Picnic with 2383 engraving and the emarald is a great looking outdoor knife.

Merci bien!

A un prochaine fois,

Nico (Holland)


Bonjour Gilles.

I received my Laguiole knife yesterday, very impressed with the look and the
craftsmanship involved, I had my initials engraved into the spring which I
am extremely pleased with. Excellent work.

Many Thanks.

Andy (UK)


Dear Gilles,

I have just received my two new knives, a Corse Sperone with blade and bolster in rose damascus and your new Chamois also with damascus blade.

They are really fantastic! " Dans un mot: superbe ! Vraiment SUPERBE ! "

So it will not be the last knife I order. Especially your other brand, the chapuchadou knives, seem very handsome as well.

Have a great year 2014 with all your people.

Many greetings from Antwerp.

Ivo (Belgium)


Bonjour Monsieur Gilles Steinberg

"Bon, Très Bon, Excellent"
There you can buy!

Ich habe Laquiolle von 4 Herstellern verglichen. Die Messer von Forge waren im Laden verfügbar und einige hatten schon auf dem ersten Blick Schwächen (z.B. unsaubere Verarbeitung der Übergänge von Mitres zu den Platinen oder schräg stehende Klinge). Die Messer von Aubrac, Durand und Pataud musste ich bestellen (Wachholder, satiniert und gouillochiert mit Doppelplatine; Achtung: Pataud gibt es nicht mit Doppelplatine). Leider war auch Aubrac am Übergang Mitres/Platine nicht sauber verarbeitet, bei Durand war das schon fast perfekt und bei Pataud tadellos. Die Griffe sind bei Durand am breitesten und bei Pataud - durch die bauchige Ausformung - ähnlich so breit wie Aubrac mit der Doppelplatine. Während bei Aubrac im Holz kleine Macken waren, hatten Durand (bis auf eine winzige Ansplitterung des Holzes) und Pataud keine Schwächen.

Aubrac und Pataud haben eigene Webseiten. Bei der von Aubrac fühlte ich mich leicht verloren. Bei Pataud hingegen vorbildlich. Eine übersichtliche Webseite mit guter Produktinformation und hilfreichen allgemeinen Information (incl. Filme) die eine Auswahl und Bestellung erleichtern.

Pataud bietet eine Direktvermarktung mit konkurslos breitem Angebot. Erst auf der Homepage ist die Vielfalt des Sortiments ersichtlich. Kein Händler bietet diese Vielfalt. So kann man auch oft eine andere Klinge (auch verschieden Damastarten) wählen. Mein Favorit die RWL34 mit ca. 60 HRC, deutlich mehr als die sonst übliche 56 für 12C27 (übrigens: Forge kann seinen T12 mit 58 anbieten und bei Schanz wird RWL34 mit 59-64 angegeben).

Toll auch die Möglichkeit sich unterschiedlich gouillochierte Federn - Biene auch mit Perlmuttinlay - auszuwählen. Zudem führt Pataud auch ein Backlooksystem. Damit entfällt jede Unsicherheit hinsichtlich der Sicherheit eines Federverschlusses der Klinge.

Ich habe mir dann noch ein Sperone (Backlook, gouillochiert) geholt. Die Klinge sitzt - ob offen oder geschlossen - fest und nichts wackelt. Der Eben/Rosenholzgriff ist sauber verarbeitet. Nur an einer Seite ist zwischen Platine(Backe) und Feder ein kleiner Spalt (hier war wohl die verbindende Nut zu groß). Nun habe ich mir noch zwei Laguiole mit Backlook (Wachholder und Büffelhornspitze, je gouillochiert mit RWL34) bestellt und überlege mir noch ein Messer mit Elfenbeingriff.

Zudem steht Herr Gilles Steinberg dem Kunden für Fragen hilfreich zur Seite.

Kind regards,

PS maybe I buy an ivory knife (this would be the 4. Gilles knife)


Dear Gilles,

I am pleased to confirm receipt of the Capuchadou and Le Chamois. Thank you for their swift and safe despatch.

The knives exhibit the level of artistry and artisanship for which your workshop is justifiably renown. Please convey my complements to the craftswomen and craftsmen.

Yours sincerely,



Gilles, salut,

I have received it and want to express my admiration - it's a masterpiece! I wish you prosperity - which, I am sure, with this level of quality, will always be with you.

Sincerely yours,



Dear Gilles,

Today I bought a Fontenille Pataud Corsican 'Pialincu'. What a beautiful knife. I couldn't be happier! For sure il will not be last GILLES knife. Merci beacoup!

Lucel (a big fan from Holland)


Dear Gilles,

I received my new knife stag shiny polished today.

Let me thank you for a very very wonderful knife. I am extremly happy, you made a wonderful filework and very fine special bee or fly on knife-back. Thank you very much.

I have made a second order with you. Sport knife bruyere guilloché shiny.

Wish you a great 2014 and always success.

Many greetings and best wishes.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,



Bonne année, Gilles.

The knives arrived on December 24th, so I was able to give one to the older daughter for Christmas. It looks beautiful and she loves it!

The younger girl will receive hers for her birthday in February.

Again, merci beaucoup!




I apologize for taking some time to write back - things kept getting in the way as "things" are wont to do. The knives’ craftsmanship and aesthetic are both outstanding. I have identified the “Gentleman” range / sizing as my favorite and will likely order several more as gifts and for my own collection.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!



Thank you Gilles, I have got it. Very nice job on this knife. I am very glad to have it back.



Dear Gilles,

I gave my husband his knife tonight as a birthday gift and he was delighted with it. It certainly is beautiful

and will be treasured for many years to come.

Thank you.

Kind regards,



Hi Gilles,

the knife received on last saturday.
And i must say it's what i expected as much.
It's an awesome piece of handcraft,

Many thanx to all ..;-)


The 2 knives in the order are a delight. They are expertly made, as one would expect and they have an artistic quality which makes them look good as well as feeling good.



Dear Gilles,
The knife arrived yesterday! It is very nice! The bone and stainless steel is especially elegant and I am very satisfied.

Thanks for good and fast service!



I am pleased to confirm receipt of the Vendetta, thank you for its swift and safe despatch. The knife is exactly what I wanted, and I am delighted with it.

Yours sincerely,



Bonjour Gilles,

I received the knives, well in advance of the date by which I had requested them. They look very nice!

Many thanks.



Dear Gilles,

The knife I received is absolutely stunning! The fit and finish is second to none, and the wider boxwood scales are a perfect fit to my hand. In fact, I love this knife so much I am going to purchase another one with the same wood featuring RWL34 steel instead!





I confirm receipt of my Laguiole 12cm "NATURE", lock-back in Ebony. It is a solid lock. Fit and Finish perfect. The engraving is beautiful.

Magnifique !



I ve got your knife. It is awesome. A peace of art. Now I am your client, great thanks!
Soslan (Russia)


Dear Gilles,

I have just received my 4 new knives (2 Languioles, a Corsican Pialincu and a Savoy). Just as all previous deliveries, these knives are really beautiful and well made. "Chapeau"! I shall have no other choice than to collect them all :-)

Many greetings and lot of success!

Ivo, Antwerp (Belgium)


Hello Gilles,

The Le Thiers knife arrived today and, as always, your work is a work of art. Now in my collection I have thirteen of your knives.

As I have told you before, for most of my 75 years of age I have been collecting knives. In my collection, in addition to French knives, there are knives from places like Germany, Italy, England, Spain, South Africa, Japan, Argentina and the United States. But among all the knives in my collection the most admired and highly appreciated group of knives is the group of knives from Fontenille Pataud. This is not only my opinion but also the opinion expressed by all the persons, including knife collectors, who have seen my collection.

Soon it will be a decade since I acquired my first Fontenille Pataud and I hope to continue for many years collecting your knives.

Many thanks for all your help, advice and your excellent work through all these years,

Antonio, San Sebastian (Puerto Rico)


For years, I have wanted the tableware. I decided to finally treat myself and purchase a service for two. It truly was worth the wait. Each piece is beautifully crafted and like the knives, the artistry is worth the expense. I am thrilled. They will be an elegant addition to my table. Thank you !

Debbra Kumm


Dear Gilles,

I have just received my new order of two Laguiole knives and an Corsican Vendetta knife. Just as the former knives I already got, they are really beautiful. And a quick and correct service to deliver them! You can be really proud of Fontenille Pataud: it is a superb brand! So I wish you a lot of succes with your cutlery.

Au revoir.

Ivo, Antwerp (Belgium)



I received my order last week and I must say that I am very pleased. I usually do not give feedback on items that I purchase, but I feel that it is well deserved in this circumstance. Every aspect of this knife boasts quality from the scales, to the file work, and even that "click" you hear when you open the knife. I've already received many compliments from my coworkers and my friends these past of couple of days and I think you will definitely be seeing a couple of new customers from the states. I was planning on purchasing two for my first order, but I decided to wait for just one and buy another depending on how much I liked your product… and it looks l'll be placing another orders shortly. Thank you and well done.

Edward, Virginia Beach, VA


Hi Gilles

I just want to let you know that I have received my order. And it looks amazing !!! Just how I imagined. Really nice job.

Thank you :)


Good evening,

This mail just to inform you that I have just received the two Corsican hand made Sperone knives. Much sooner than I had expected : buying knives in Spain takes much longer :-) .

The knives are realy superb. And can be opened very easily and smoothly.

Really products you can be proud of! I must certainly look at your other models.

Many greetings from Antwerp, Belgium.

Ivo, Antwerp (Belgium)



I just wanted to thank you and your team for making me this beautiful knife, and for having it delivered in time for my birthday, the 14th of July.

It is simply stunning to behold:)

Thanks again, and I wish you all a great summer!

Best Regards,
Bjoernar (Norway)


Dear Mr. Gilles, today I recieved two beautiful knives. A Le Thiers and a Laguiole Gentleman. As I was expecting they are a pice of art, mechanicaly perfect, pleasant to the eyes. Im sure that I'm going to buy one of each knife you got in the internet page.



Dear Gilles,

My 12cm classic Nature knife in Juniper arrived this morning (in 24 hours, from Thiers France to Vienna Austria! Incredible!) and it’s a real beauty – pleasing to the eye, feels great in the hand and the aromatic, peppery note of the Juniper makes for a wonderful cutting experience. This new knife has just accompanied me through breakfast – cheese, bread and French sausage! I’m a happy camper! Gilles, what a great design! The blend of traditional (sleek laguiole form) and modern elements (lockback, blade stop) works fantastically!

The artisan, hand-crafted workmanship is a joy to behold, from the texture and fit of the scales and brushed stainless bolsters and blade, to the shepherds cross and the intricate guilloché work. The materials are high quality and combine and harmonise so well together. It’s reassuring to see and feel the care, pride and skill that is put into these beautiful artisan-made knives. Gilles, thanks for answering all my questions in detail and for your friendly, personalised customer service!

Kind regards,
Peter, Vienna (Austria)


Thank you very much for knife its absolutely brilliant never seen a knife with such workmanship I will treasure this one. Once again thanking you. My grandfather is from Corsica that's why I wanted one both my parents are French to.


Paul (Australia)


Hi Mr. Gilles, I recieve my beautiful Pialincu with black horn tip handle. It is perfect, beautiful hand made craftmanship! I'm so pleased. It's mechanical perfection!

Hilda Torres


Lieber Gilles, liebes Team von Fontenille Pataud!
Zuerst erhielt ich ein "Le Pocket-Guilloché Amourette", jetzt ein "Gentleman-Guilloché, Juniper burl". Beide Messer jeweils mit persönlicher Gravur. Ein jedes ist mehr als nur täglicher Begleiter, es sind liebevoll verarbeitete Meisterstücke. Traditionelles Handwerk und Design, modern interpretiert, detailliert verarbeitet, insgesamt perfekt umgesetzt. Vielen Dank für diese herausragenden Beweise ihrer enthusiastischen Handwerkskunst!
Excellente Jobs, unbedingt empfehlenswert!

Dear Gilles, dear team of Fontenille Pataud!
First, I received a "Le Pocket amourette guilloché", now a "gentleman-guilloché, Juniper burl". Both knives each with personal engraving. Each one is more than just a daily companion, there are lovingly processed masterpieces. Traditional crafts and design with a modern twist, processed detail, total implemented perfectly.
Thank you for this outstanding evidence of their enthusiastic craftsmanship!
Excellent job, highly recommended!

Best regards,

Peter, Elsdorf (Germany)


Bonjour Gilles,

My order arrived yesterday. It is very beautiful and am sure my husband will love it!!
Merci Beaucoup!! Have a wonderful day!!


I have just received the Laguiole dinner set for two, with horn tip handles. The materials and workmanship are excellent, they have a lovely 'feel' to them. They are a pleasure to look at, and use.

They make a perfect anniversary gift for a romantic meal for two.

This is my third order now, the service and quality of the products are superb.

Merci Gilles.



Bonjour Gilles:

The overall quality and function is superb. All of the rivets are nicely set and it is very smooth in fit and finish. All of the pivot points are snug and sturdy. The spring holding the screw is firm and tends to hold the screw very tightly when attempting to open it. Over time that will become more comfortable. I accept these to be subtle nuances that are part of owning such a high quality artisan style waiters knife. It makes it uniquely mine.

I would like to thank yourself personally and also all of the artists who worked on this beautiful Chateau Laguiole.

Tres Magnifique.




I have just received my Guiloché Laguiole knife; it is beautifully crafted, a work of art. I ordered this after receiving my first Gilles knife as a christmas present. I am now looking at the dinner set.
These knives are a pleasure to own and use.

Merci Gilles.




I received the knife and it is beautiful!



Die Messer von Fontenille-Pataud sind nicht nur handwerklich wundervoll ausgearbeitet, sondern erscheinen auch im Detail wie Kunstwerke. Aber keine Angst man kann sie nicht nur ansehen, sondern sie sind gut zu gebrauchen. Liegen gut in der Hand und schmeicheln dieser. Bei anderen Betrachtern lösen sie immer wieder Bewunderung aus.

Ich freue mich auch jedes Mal aufs Neue, wenn ich sie ansehe und in der Hand habe.



Received my Knife yesterday and absolutely love it. The craftsmanship is even better than I expected. I look forward to many years of use and will absolutely recommend your company and knives to everyone I know.

Thank you so much for your prompt service and amazing attention to details.



Dear Gilles,

just received the knife yesterday and want to tell you that it is truely a piece of art and I am very proud to be the owner of such a beautiful thing.

All the best from Scotland,

Jamilah (Scotland)


Hello Beata,

Recieved the knife today. Such a wonderful piece of art. Thanks!

Best regards,



Hi Gilles,

Actually it turns out my email was premature--the knife came just hours later! I appreciate your response nonetheless.

Anyway, I really love it. This knife is heirloom quality! I love the file work and how you did the initials in the back, I can't believe it was all done by hand... I will definitely be ordering again and recommending you to others!

Thanks again,


Dear Gilles

Thank you much for the sport knife that was delivered today as promised. This knife is for my son's 21st birthday and it is the second knife we have ordered from you. Your knives are beautiful works of art and we love them. I look forward to ordering mores knives from you in the future when a suitable occasion arises.

Thank you,



Bonjour Gilles,

Just to let you know my that bone-handled U Cumpa arrived safely and that I'm very happy with it. It's perfect.

Kindest regards,


Bonjour Gilles -

I am writing to tell that my "Gentleman-Guilloché" with Amboina burl handle and the cheese and butter set with Rosewood handle arrived last week. Both items are perfect. The "Gentleman-Guilloché" is the pocket knife that I've searched for during many trips to France but could never find. Your execution of the overall engraving and the initials transform the knife into an artisanal masterpiece. The cheese and butter set is a match for a "Dinner for Two" set that I gave to my wife as Christmas gift. I will need to find another reason to return to your website in the future.

Merci encore,



Bonjour Gilles,
Arrived safe this morning, thank you.

As with my first order last year, I am extremely pleased with both the knife and the pouch. The craftsmanship, design and materials are again superb and I shall take great pleasure in owning and using this knife.

Thank you once again. Until my next order...



The knife I ordered arrived in good time for Christmas. My husband was delighted with it! Excellent craftsmanship, a beautiful knife. Will be ordering another one very soon.



Dear Gilles,

The knives have arrived and everything is wonderful. Thank you.

till next time.



Hello Gilles,

Just wanted to let you know the knife has arrived safely. I've wanted a traditional Laguiole knife for years now and I'm glad I finally decided to order one.

The fit and finish is great, exactly as I had hoped.

Thanks very much,



Hello Giles,

Just to let you know, the steak knife sets are excellent. We have used them continuously from day one – no problems at all.

Both my wife and I are delighted with our purchase.

Many thanks and All the Best for the New Year,

Graham (Abu Dabi - London)


The knife has arrived today. It is very beautiful!

Thank you.

David, London (UK)


Bonjour Monsieur Steinberg,

I recently purchased a "Dinner for 2" Rosewood, 8 piece setting for my wife as one of her Christmas gifts. The set is beautiful, the craftsmanship pure perfection and my wife adores them. The concept of "Dinner for 2" is truly romantic and adds a very special feeling when we dine at home together. The meal is transformed into a return visit to France. After experiencing firsthand the quality of your workshop's craftsmanship I have promised to acquire for myself one of your exquisite pocket knives (the "Laguiole "Gentleman-Guilloché" with Amboina burl has caught my eye). You'll will be receiving my order shortly.

Merci encore,



Lieber Gilles,

ich habe das Messer (Griff aus Wacholderholz, Klinge aus Rosendamast) heute erhalten und bin ganz begeistert. Es ist in Wirklichkeit noch viel schöner und eleganter als auf der Abbildung. Ein prachtvolles Stück Handarbeit!!!

Mit besten Grüßen aus Oberbayern,



Thank you, Gilles! The Rouen model arrived today and I am very pleased! I hope to order from you again soon!

Happy Holidays!



Hello Gilles,

I own one off your great knifes for many years now. I use it every day for all kinds of things. So I use it the way it should be. I don't 'save' it but it is still in great shape!! A real high quality product I am still proud of to own, and love using it.

Kind regards,

Ferry (The Netherlands)


To Mr. Gilles,

Knife received. Love it. Thanks to you and your professional artisans for the superb workmanship.



Als Laguiole-Sammler bin ich sehr anspruchsvoll und verlange das Beste für mein Geld.
Nicht selten investiere ich bis zu 10 Stunden in einem Messer um die Mechanik einzufahren, die Seitenbacken oder die Klinge zu polieren oder Horn / Edelholz-Oberfläche auf höchste Gütestufe zu verbessern. Dabei werden alle Bearbeitungsfehler sichtbar.
Nicht so bei Fontenille Pateau aus Thiers und einigen wenigen anderen Hersteller aus der Gegend um Laguiole.
Hierr erhielt ich bisher nur allerfeinste Qualität. Das kann nur zustande kommen wenn alles stimmt, die Erfahrung der Mitarbeiter, ihre Motivation, die Zeitvorgaben, die Wartung und Pflege von Maschinenpark und Werkzeuge... und nicht die maximale Stückzahl mit minimalistischer Aufwand wie ich es leider zu oft - auch von namhaften Hersteller - erfahren musste.

Nach zahlreichen Bestellugen und Kontakte mit Gilles Steinberg bin ich zu der Überzeugung gekommen, dass er und ich die gleiche Liebe für Perfektion und Vollkommenheit teilen. Er ist sachkundig, innovativ, disponibel, flexibel, hifsbereit und zuverlässig.
Fontenille Pateaud ist daher zu einer meinem bevorzugten Quellen und einer tragenden Säule meiner umfangreichen Sammlung herangewachsen.

Mit Sicherheit war das nicht die letzte Bestellung.



Dear Gilles,
I want to let you know that I received my knife just the other day, but I wanted to wait for a while to write this review so I could put into words the way I feel towards your company and the products I have purchased.
Your Knives have surpassed the point of elegance, and in my opinion, truly are perfection. These knives are not only the most stunning things I will ever place in my pocket, but they also exhibit incredible utility! When I first received your knives, I feared that they couldn't hold up to many of the tasks that I needed them for, but after having one in my pocket everyday for the past year, they have all surpassed my expectations. And trust me, I put them through hell and not even one of them has developed blade play. I find that a company like yours is very rare, in that the way you treat your customers is truly second to none. Gilles, time after time, you, your company, and your products surpass all of my expectations!

Thank you very much,


Bonjour Gilles,

Just want to thank you very much for the absolutely superb Nature knife you made me. The shades of ivory, the engraving on the spring and the file work on the bee are an outstanding demonstration of quality and craftsmanship. While the rose damascus steel bolsters and blade gives it just that little bit more cachet.

Also want to say thanks for your advice, excellent service and fast delivery. I am a very happy customer who's looking forward using this knife with great pride and pleasure for many years to come.

Kind regards from Les Pays-Bas,

Earl (Pays-Bas)


Dear Gilles,

We received the ordered knife yesterday.

What a great present to receive, what a beautiful knife! Your service is of high quality, which will result in a new order soon!

Many thanks and wishing you a very nice day.

Kind regards,
Andrea & Joop


Große Freude über das U Cumpa: Ein Kleinod !


I don't know whether or not you get tired of hearing testimonials but I could not let this beautiful knife you sent me go unnoticed. I am American working in the south of France and wanted an authentic French knife, I could not more pleased with my gentleman's folder as well as even the leather pouch, the quality is fantastic. All this said I will be ordering another for myself. Thanks very much for everything.



Bonjour Gilles,

I received the knife in perfect conditions, and it was what i expected. Beautiful knifes with a touch of perfection, that i appreciate very much. I gave it to my father as a gift and he loved it.

Because of that, i am thinking in other order, but this it is for me. I am just not sure in which kind of blade i should choose.

Best Regards,



All I can say is that this knife leaves me speechless! From the incredible figure of the olive wood, to the overall fit and finish of the blade, this knife truly is amazing. The customer service of your company is second to none, and you have again gained yourself a very satisfied customer.

Thank you very much for your time, you have been a pleasure to do business with,


PS : Gilles, one more thing. Please pass on my gratitude to whomever put the edge on my blade, it is absolutely amazing !


Hello Gilles.
I can confirm that I have received my knife today. It is absolutely beautiful and the quality is fantastic, I am very pleased indeed.

I was recently in Millau on holiday and visited Laguiole, although tempted to buy one on the day, none of the knives I looked at had the lock and release mechanism like your knives do. I had done some research on the web prior to my holiday where I discovered your business and so decided to wait. Although I was buying online, your web site video gave me the confidence that I was buying a high quality hand made knife. The beauty and quality has now been confirmed now I have it in my hands, I am so glad I waited and not bought one on impulse whilst in Laguiole.

I will definitely recommend you to anyone who looks at my knife and may be interested in getting one for themselves.
The service and communication has been brilliant.

A BIG THANK YOU to you and your team for producing such works of art.

I look forward to many trouble free years using my new knife.

Best regards,


Hallo Gilles,

thank you very much for the fantastic "LAGUIOLE" ! Absolutely , its a piece of jewellery ! Allways , FONTENILLE PATAUD also is a quality of precision .
Gilles, have wonderfull holidays !
Best regards,


Dear Gilles,

Simply one word: Stunning.

Thank you,



My second knife from Gilles and still perfect.

The beautiful stag handle, the sweetness of the mechanism of Laguiole Nature, fine detail are again present.

All the French know-how in a pocket knife!

A really high-end product!
Raphaël (Belgium)


I received my knife this week and it is beautiful. Superb Craftsmanship and design. Thank you for your attention to detail and fine quality product.


David, Meridian MS


Dear Sir or Madam,

Just a short note to thank you for the outstanding knife you have made me. I am looking forward to using it with great pleasure for many years to come.

Please be so kind as to pass my compliments to the person who did the guilloché work. He or she did a splendid job.

With kind regards,

Jan, Den (Pays Bas)


Dear Gilles,

I have just received this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. It is, from the tip of the damascus blade, to the horn handles, and the damascus bolsters, an exquisite knife. Attention to detail, fit and finish is superb.

In addition, the whole transaction was informed by personal, prompt and courteous responses.

One word of warning: if you purchase one of these knives, you'll soon want another!

Robert (Canada)


Thanks for the quick delivery, I am delighted with the quality.



Dear Gilles,

Hello, the knife has arrived without damage and it is very beautiful. Thank you.



A few days ago I received my knife and it is such a wonderful piece of craftsmanship that I wanted to write and express my delight with it! The quality, the 'feel', the mechanism, the wonderful handle in Ram's horn; All of these together in one beautiful object.. what a pleasure to have discovered your website.

Many thanks to you,



Bonjour Gilles,

The Knife arrived yesterday and it is a really Masterpiece, it is absolutely wonderful!!

Thank you very much and until the next knife! ;-)

Greetings from Austria,



Bonjour mister Steinberg ;_)

Chapeau! SE12-080 is a masterpiece.

Thanks for the real attention,

Jan (The Netherlands)


Bonjour Gilles

The knife has arrived and I am delighted with it, thank you. I think the matt finish works well and helps it look like a knife that is a tool (which I like) as well as a knife that is a trophy. It will be treasured for many many years.

Jerry (UK)


Dear Gilles,

As an avid knife collector, I continue to be impressed with the quality of your knives and your customer service. My latest acquisitions Corsican bone and Gentleman mother or pearl, received today.

I have near to twenty of your knives in my collection and they hold pride of place. They certainly exhibit, what I think, is the best looking action available. I remain your loyal customer.

Will be placing a new order next week.

Kind regards,
Stefan, Melbourne (Australia)


Dear Gilles,

Just received my knive and I must say I am absolutely astonished by the marvellous quality and the craftmanship, it is absolutely top of the bill! I now have two Laguiole knives, One I bought in Holland, a Juniper burl with matt blade and bolsters and the new one: a guilloche model with bone handle and shiny blade and bolsters. The leather sheath is also of very high quality.

Thank you for your help with the delivery and your excellent service!

Best regards,

Kees (Holland)


Salute Gilles ,

The knive was delivered today. It is absolutely awesome , thank you very much !!!

Kind regards,

holzbau • messebau



The order arrived in perfect condition. The steak knives are beautiful and will be a great addition to the set we already have. I can’t wait to give them to my husband for his birthday at the end of the month.

Merci beacoup!!



Dear Gilles:

I wanted to write to let you (and visitors to your web site!) know how pleased I am with my new 10 cm Capuchadou folding knife. I chose the "guilloche" model with buffalo bark horn handle and the RWL34 steel blade. In a word, the knife is exquisite. I own quite a few French and Japanese pocket knives, but this has instantly become my favorite.

The hand detailing is beautifully done and I really like having my birthstone (amethyst) inset in the shamrock on the spring. The RWL34 steel shimmers like mercury - and it takes just a few strokes on a leather strop to keep a nice sharp edge.

Now I have my eye on a 12 cm guilloche in juniper, but for that I will save my pennies until I'm ready to buy the Damascus twist steel!

I also have to say a word about the shopping experience. You have been incredibly kind and responsive to inquiries and the delivery was faster than fast. All told this has been a very pleasurable purchase. I'll be back for more! Thank you.



:) received it today, just perfect, the service and the knife, thanks a lot!

Bernhard (Austria)



I am pleased to tell you that my order was delivered today.

It is beautiful - the mirror polished steel and the Juniper wood complement each other perfectly. It is clear as soon as you take the knife out of the box that it is of the highest quality. The spring tension is perfect and the blade centring is precise. I love the guillochage on the spring and the way the handle fits your hand.

I am a very happy customer.

Kind regards,



There is something unique about these knives. Timeless elegance, handcrafted beauty, precision, durability; they have all of that, but more. Perhaps its the way the design blends the confident security of the past with a dashing streak of the now.

I have mine beside me while I work (at home) just as my dog lies at my feet. I look forward to its use, in fact I find things for it to do just because I want to. Sometimes I open and close it just to feel and hear the reassurance given by that well engineered click. They are expensive but then all the most enjoyable indulgences are.

Jerry (UK)


Ola Giles

Excellent I received the knife today - what can I say it is beautiful the carbon damascus, matt brass bolsters & of course the Juniper I hope you photographed it (I was unsure how it would look with the matt brass bolsters-fantastic is the answer) ; if not I shall send you some pictures as you display them on your website.

Saludos (will be in touch again).



Dear Gilles,

Today the knife arrived and i have to say that i am really stoked about the great workmanship. Your knife is a piece of high qualitiy artisanry. I am very happy with it, thank you for everything!

Best regards from germany,

Norman (Germany)


Hi there just received my knife , and what a great knife you have made, the detail is fantastic ,thanks again for such a great service.

Gary (UK)


My knife came yesterday and I must say that the pictures on your website really don't does these knives justice. The juniper handler is beautiful, you could actually smell it when I opened the package. The engraving on is is crisp and sharp, and the writing is perfectly legible. There is no play or gaps anywhere. I'll be ordering at least two more for my father and son very soon.


N. Barfield, Georgia (United States)


Dear Beate & Gilles Steinberg,

Today I received the knife in good order and I think it is a masterpiece. thanks!

Thank you both very much for the service and care to get the product (after so many problems) at my place.

I will recommend your company to my friends, it was a pleasure doing business with you.



Gilles - the Laguiole XS arrived safely. Thank you for such fast turnaround. This knife is something very special - a perfect size for every day carry, solid & satisfying movement, a pleasure to behold and it also cuts very well!

Thank you.



Dear Gilles,
The knives has arrived and are perfect – My husband loves them.
Best wishes,


The knife arrived today and it's great! Thanks Gilles.


Mesdames et Messieurs,

I received the knife "U Cumpa" yesterday: it is a masterpiece, functional and aestetical! Thank you for this work!

Best Regards,



Dear Gilles,

The knife is very nice and I thank you for your very good support

Best regards and I come back to you.



Hi Gilles, I unpacked the knives yesterday and they are beautiful. I am so happy with the two folders and the tableware you made for me. They are each works of art. The abalone (MOP) handle scales are like jewels. I will definitely have you make another knife for me in the near future. Thanks very much,



Dear Gilles,
today arrived my new Laguiole ( small locking blade XS 9 ) and I must say, I am deeply impressed by the look and the quality of this outstanding knife. It is a small masterpiece which is on the one hand very extraordinary but on the other hand also absolutely suitable as a real pocket knife for all purposes. In the meantime I have bought several knives from you, each one unique because all of them handcrafted what you can see and feel, and this gives each of them a precious touch.
All the best for you and your company !


Dear Ms. Beata Steinberg,

I would like to confirm that the knife had arrived today. Thank you very much for the great service! I am very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the knife and the craftsmanship of your knifemakers. It is getting more and more difficult to find such fine and quality products as your knifes. Keep up the great job.

With best regards from Canada,
Mac (Canada)


The Laguiole Pocket arrived yesterday and all I can say it exceeds my expectations 300%! The file work is amazing, the finishing, and how it feels in the hand!


Thank you,


Bonjour Gilles

The order arrived today.What a surprise! Both the cheese knife with olive wood bolster and the Yssingeax cow bone pocket knife have exceeded my expectations. Each knife is beautifully crafted and should be a credit to your companies skill and dedication. I look forward to a lifetime of use.
Tim, Sydney (Australia)


Bonjour Gilles

We have just received the parcel, thank you for the quick service.Have opened the box, c'est manifique!

We're very pleased with our Christmas present.

Merry christmas and happy new year,

Lucy and Neil (UK)


Dear Gilles,

The PAUL knife arrived today, i just had to tell you that it is absolutely beautiful. Paul will be so pleased as he has wanted one for a long time.

Thank you ever so much.

Merry Christmas,




All I can say is that this knife leaves me speechless! From the incredible figure of the olive wood, to the overall fit and finish of the blade, this knife truly is amazing. The customer service of your company is second to none, and you have again gained yourself a very satisfied customer.

Thank you very much for your time, you have been a pleasure to do business with,


PS : Gilles, one more thing. Please pass on my gratitude to whomever put the edge on my blade, it is absolutely amazing !


Bonjour Gilles

Finally the two Laguioles arrived; both are extremely beautiful. The damascus blade combined with the blue mammoth ivory handle looks great, flawless and elegant, I've never seen such a knife. I am glad with the choices I've made. The other one with the ivory handle is also such a piece of art.

Thank you Gilles for your personal advice and support during all selection the process.

Keep up with your great work and company

Javier, Lima (Peru)


Bonjour Gilles,

The 12cm 'picnic' knife with guillochage was delivered to me yesterday. The action is very smooth, the filework and finish is excellent and the Thuya burl is most attractive. The carrying pouch with the miniature steel was definitely 'the cherry on the top of the cake'. Congratulations for the excellent craftsmanship all round, and many thanks to you and your team for great work and service.
Best wishes,



Bonjour Gilles,

Vor 2 Tagen habe ich das von ihrer Schmiede angefertigte Messer ( Laguiole 12cm „Classic“, Noyer , poliert mit persönlicher Gravur) erhalten und bin jedes Mal begeistert, wenn ich es in die Hand nehme. Sowohl die Verarbeitung als auch die Haptik übertreffen alles, was ich bisher bei anderen Laguiole-Schmieden gesehen habe.Man erkennt in jedem Detail das hier Fachleute am Werk waren, die ihre Arbeit mit Freude machen und bestrebt sind ein perfektes Werk abzuliefern.

Vielen Dank für dieses hervorragende Produkt ihrer Handwerkskunst!

Ich wünsche Ihnen und ihren Kollegen ein frohes Fest und ein erfolgreiches neues Jahr,

À bientôt,



Bonjour, I have received my knives, and I am very pleased. They are wonderfully made, and should make my father, and my father in law, thrilled when they get them at Christmas. I'll be back soon to have one or more made for myself! Regards..........Todd Shireman


Bonjour Gilles,

The knife arrived safely today, thank you. I am very pleased with it. The XS 9cm is really an outstanding little Laguiole, and perfect for me to carry in my pocket. It is beautiful to look at and very well proportioned. The guillochage on the spring is really well executed, and on the blade back it is suitably subtle. (A small detail: the head of the bee had a very slight sharp edge to the touch, which I have smoothed to my own satisfaction with fine water paper.) The polished Amboine burl has a beautiful pattern and the handle fits flawlessly to the frame. The action is very precise and works smoothly. I would like to thank and congratulate the team that made this exceptional little knife.

Thank you once again.

With my good wishes,



We have received your excellent knife and are very pleased with it and your service. I will be recommending your website to others and certainly look forward to ordering from you again.

Kind Regards,



Gilles, The knife and sheath are both outstanding! Thanks for upholding the art of fine cutlery and craftsmanship.



I have received my knife today and am very happy with the quality of the workmanship. It lives up to the standard that was promised and exceeds expectations. The photos showed a beautiful knife, but it can only be fully appreciated once held and used. I hope to have this knife for life.
Estella (Australia)



The Corsican Sperone arrived today and it is a work of art. Simple, solid, perfectly weighted, effective art. In this age of mass-production and low-cost priority, it is refreshing to enjoy the product of a true craftsman. I congratulate you on maintaining your company's priorities and on its success. I will start coveting my next Fontenille Pataud item!

Trip - Sr. Vice President


Hello Gilles,

Decision made! I ordered a “Nature – Guilloche” which arrived yesterday along with the belt sheath I also ordered. I am hugely impressed with both items. This is my first ‘quality knife’ after too many years of contemplating a purchase; I am so glad I chose to place my order with you. The knife looks stunning and feels just right in the hand. I suspect that this maybe the start of an ongoing collection... so many finishes to choose from! Thank you for your help and advice prior to my order.




Gilles, The ram's horn knives arrived, and they are absolutely gorgeous! They are a perfect compliment to the carving set. I will be agonizing over whether or not to purchase a second set. You'll be getting another order from me fairly soon. Merci beaucoup (sp)!
Max, Holland, MI (USA)



I received the knife in the mail today and it is truly amazing! I have purchased several Laguioles in the past as gifts, but none of them have come close to this quality. I am particularly fond of the shape of the blade, it is very elegant. The rest of the knife is beyond anything I expected, every aspect is perfect and even though I have read so many great things about your products in the past, none prepared me for the beautiful piece of art I now hold in my hands !

Again, thank you for your time and great customer service, you have made a customer for life,



Beste Gilles en medewerkers,

Hierbij wil ik jullie van harte bedanken voor het schitterende mes, dat ik heb ontvangen op dinsdag 11 oktober j.l. Het betreft een laguiole 12 cm thuya-burr. Heel bijzonder vind ik, dat het hout is uitgegraven

en dat de wortel van de boom is gebruikt voor dit mes. De ingegraveerde letters Sombeek van mijn naam vind ik zeer kunstig uitgewerkt, een schoonheid op zichzelf. De herdersstaf, die in het hout is aangebracht roept vervlogen tijden in herinnering, maar het is heel goed in overeenstemming met het gebied, waarin dit mes is gemaakt. Het hout is schitterend. De bij, die in het metaal is aangebracht is, heel speciaal.
Ik wens u en uw medewerkers veel succes met de kunstzinnige verwerking van uw materialen.

Vriendelijke groeten,

Jan, Den Haag (Holland)


Bonjour Gilles,

My new knife-a one-hand Guilloche--arrived a few moments ago, and I must say, it is a thing of beauty. The juniper burl not only looks great, it smells wonderful, like a morning walk in the mountains, and the "intricate" bee is an especially nice touch. Thanks for the suggestion. Congratulations to you and your staff on your continued excellent craftsmanship. I plan on returning with another order as soon as I can come up with a worthy recipient.

Best regards,
Russ Metz


Hello Gilles

Today my 3th knife arrived. Thanks a lot! I'm excited! The quality is great. I love it very much! There is no play in the blade, the RWL34 steel is very sharp, blade perfectly, the handle wood is excellent and the finish is great ! I hope you can still produce many of knives like this.

Best regards from Switzerland

Your fan,

Peter (Switzerland)


Dear M Steinberg,

This is to let you know that my box of cutlery arrived this morning. Each piece in the box is superb in every way and my wife and I are delighted with them. We have looked at each item carefully and each one is a work of true craftmanship in its own right. Of course, because each piece is made by hand, no two items are exactly the same and that is a real joy and part of the pleasure of ownign such a set. Thank you very much. I have continued to browse your website and, because I also collect small folding knives, I might decide to order one from you soon. Now that I have seen the quality of your products for myself, I am most intrested to add one of your folding knives to my collection.

Many thanks,


Just to let you know that I received the Laguiole "guilloche" knife and leather sheath this morning. The workmanship that has gone into this knife is absolutely fantastic; it is a work of art and such a beautiful object! Even the leather sheath is of such superb quality. I have a selection of Laguiole knives, but this one takes pride of place in my collection.
Thank you very much for your prompt service. I will have no hesitation in recommending your products to others.

Yours sincerely,


Bonjour Gilles,

Just a quick email to say that I have today received my knife and it's absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for your excellent product and service !

Au revoir



Dear Fontenille-Pataud Team,

Friday 9. Sep. 2011 I received the ordered laguiole knife by courier - the materials used look great and and your manufacturing is really excellent !

Thank you and kind regards,


Bonjour Gilles,

I received the knive last Friday. I am very happy with it, the quality and design are superb.

Best Regards,




This morning at 8am the postman rang my doorbell and handed over a packet from you, incredibly fast 2 days! Things from Helsinki, our capital take a lot longer...

I am EXTREMELY pleased with the knife, it is better than I anticipated and it is magnificent. Monsieur, please accept my congratulations and extend them to your excellent work-force. The bone looks wonderful and is superbly mounted on the liners and frame. Flawless lock and opening too. I have a hundred or so pocket-knives including some expensive items from the USA and the finish on your knife is in all ways superior. It is a credit to the long history of cutlers and knife-making in France. 20 years or so ago on holiday in France I bought a couple of Traditional knives from a shop somewhere in Perigord, not bad Laguioles, not cheap not too expensive but the difference between them and your knife is fast food versus home gourmet food.

I can strongly recommend your knives and services to anybody, all I need to do now is to start wondering which of your knives I will buy next, when funds allow.

I am proud to own this knife as it has soul and is uncompromising in quality. The only thing I might change, is the Hand made in France on the tang, I'd prefer it in French Fabrique a main en France?

My warmest regards and best wishes,

William (Finland)


Hello Gilles,

Just received the 10.5 ebony with engraved "myriam" on the spring. Superb.

This is my fifth FP and they are all everything a knife should be... Beautifull, natural materials, ergonomical and inpidual. I do prefer the rwl 34 steel. Easy enough to sharpen and it maintains its sharpness longer than the 12c27 steel.

With kind regards

Alain (Belgium)


Bonjour Gilles,

Your prediction about the delivery of the Sperone knife turned out to be right; it was delivered ‘chez moi’ yesterday afternoon. What a beautiful work of art ! A simple plain & functional folding knife, at the same time a potential design award winner ! This is my 4th Fontenille Pataud knife, I admire and am proud of them all ! Thank you for your support in the order procedure and your quick response to my questions.

Finallly; keep up the good Fontenille Pataud work !

À la prochaine !

Willem (Pays Bas)


Hello Gilles, I received the knife today, it fulfilled my expectations completely. My husband will love it. A thousand thanks for the great communication. We will not have bought the last knife in you.

Greetings from Frankfurt am Main,



Dear Gilles,

I am very pleased with my new knife. It is a work af art, as well as being a useful tool. It was a difficult decision, with so many options available, but I eventually chose a 11cm Amboina burl, Guilloche, with Damascus blade. The Damascus blade, with rose pattern, is fantastic and has been much admired, and the quality of the workmanship on that and all the details of the knife is excellent.

It is now a constant companion ! I may well be back!

Kind regards,



My knife arrivved this morning, i thank you for responding so quickly. I am very pleased with its quality. Please feel free to use any of my comments on your website


Gary (UK)


Dear Gilles,

I received your wonderfull knife today. Like the others, made by F.P. it's again a beautiful part of hand made fine works made in France.

I'm very lucky with my new knife and I think it was not the last... Still I hope my time will allows me to visit Thiers and your factory sometimes in the near future, I wish you all-times the best.

Greetings from Kleve, Germany.

Jörg (Germany)



Just a quick note to thank you for the Gentleman’s knife I ordered recently. It is the genuine work of a craftsman and is worth every sou to get something of this sort. It far exceeds the quality of my other ‘Laguiole’ knife which was also French made (in Thiers). The engraving is stunning and it is good to see that art and function is still available in the modern world. You get what you pay for and more.

Mark Ludolf


Vielen Dank für ein so tolles Messer!! Die Lieferung ist unversehrt angekommen.

Ich habe mich sehr gefreut, ein wirklich tolles, handwerklich einwandfreies Messer! Danke auch für die berücksichtigten Änderungswünsche an der Klinge!

Herzlichen Dank!!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen



Da ich mich nicht entscheiden konnte, habe ich mir gleich drei Messer bestellt: Sport, Sperone und Roquefort. Wie versprochen waren die Messer innerhalb von ca. einer Woche da. Eines schöner und besser als das andere! Kein Vergleich zu industriell gefertigter Massenware. Jedem Einzelstück sieht man an, dass es wirklich von Hand und mit Hingabe gefertigt wurde. Alle diese Messer haben ihren ganz speziellen Reiz und sind sehr hochwertig verarbeitet!

Im August geht die nächste Bestellung raus...:-)




Knife is here. Thanks a lot for this great knife! I love it.

Best regards from Switzerland

Peter, Seuzach (Switzerland)


Dear Gilles,

The knives arrived safely a few days ago. They are really beautiful and work perfectly. Thanks a lot for your great workmanship and the convenient order processing.

Best regards

Ingo, Hamburg (Germany)


Hi Gilles,

Just wanted to let you know that the knife has arrived and that it is extremely functional and beautiful. I am almost inclined to throw away my Buck Alpha Hunter, which I use for hunting...

The back-lock mechanism works like a dream and although I haven't had the time to properly test the RWL34 material, I trust it will remain sharp for very long. Just hope my knife sharpener can deal with it...

Best regards from Amsterdam,

Mark (Netherlands)

PS : And I forgot to say that the engraving on the back of the knife is beautifully done.


Gilles, I have received my order today and would like to thank you and your team for producing such beautiful knives, I know my nephews will be delighted to receive them. To me, the quality and finish of these knives epitomises the meaning of craftsmanship - To strive for perfection in every aspect of your work -

My appreciation and very best regards to you all,

Neil (Surrey England)


Dear Mr. Steinberg,

The knife I ordered arrived today—right on time. It is a beautiful piece of work, and the fragrance of the juniper is a nice bonus. I wish I could keep it for myself, but, alas, it’s a gift. But this is one gift that I won’t have to wonder whether I made the right choice. Some day soon I will be contacting you about another order—this time for myself.

Best regards,



Thank you very much, I have received the cheese and butter set and I am very happy. Your product is very fine and beautifully detailed.

With best regards from me in Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia,

Richard (Australia)


Hello again from Kansas City. The knife you and your team made for me arrived Friday, and I must say that I am absolutely thrilled with it. Everythign arrived as promised and in perfect condition. I own two other Laguiole knives - one from L'Artisan and another from Laguiole Aubrac. I am very happy with both of them, but this knife you and your team created for me is in a different class. The action is every bit as smooth as you claimed, in fact I am pretty astonished at just how smoothly the knife opens and closes. The blade locks with a satisfying click, but releases easily and smoothly. Lastly, the fabulous custom engraving work on the spring is simply the icing on the cake - it's an instant heirloom. I am very glad that I took your advice and went with the Nature series.

Please accept my thanks, and also please pass along to your team that I am very impressed with their work. I will recommend Fontenille-Pataud to anyone.


Dear Sirs,

For my birthday my wife presented to me the corsican sperone with walnut handle from your manufacture. For this knife I also want to thank you. I own already a "few" different knifes and when I have the wish to get another one she asks very gentle: do you need it, for what?
Let's explain: My knifes are all special and fit all my different purpuses. They are all in the range up to 100€.
I have already 2 knifes of French origin from the town Thiers (The place to visit for a all men with the need of special knifes - traveling with family it is advisable for this men to have a long and good entertainment program for them :-). All this knifes from Thiers glance by their handcraftship and simplicity - perfect, but not machine perfect, is what I discovered. Not machinemade which can be everywhere - mostly in Asia.
And than I came over your Corsican Sperone. Wow! It is even better than I expected from the internet information. Handcrafted with great precision. The feeling it is lying in the hand, the blade is opening and closing so smoothly and its sharpness.

Of course it was a little more expensive than my other knifes. But now I have my little Rolls Roys of knifes I am very proud for. My problem now is to use this Rolls Roys as tool a knife is usualy made for (a French knifemaker said when I showed him my 2 year old knife: it's like new; Not only by good care ;-).
And now this beauty of Corsican Sperone. Many words I wrote about it now, but I think there are not enough words and there is not enough space here.

If you like you can publish this with the hint for all knifeseeking men: Thiers is just a MUST for those like me.

Sorry about my english but my french from school is even worse.

Thank you very much and all the best to you
Merci beaucoup et bientemps,
Christoph, Koeln/Cologne


The knife arrived yesterday and I spent last evening admiring the workmanship. Extremely well done. I own quite a number of blades, both fixed and folding, ranging from stock production knives to those of one single maker. Your knife will surely be one of the most treasured. I am looking forward to seeing how the rwl34 steel performs and how it sharpens.

Best regards,
Don, Houston TX (USA)


Hi Gilles,

Yesterday, the Corsican Sperone knife was delivered. It's a very nice one and I am convinced my husband will be delighted when his birthday comes.

Thanks again and most certainly Chris will buy another knife from Fontenille-Pataud.

Best regards,
Elvira, Koeln


Dear Gilles,

i got my knife today. Another professional work from your team. It's the 4th item from you and it's stunning as the others. Thank you again

Best regards

Stefanos (Cyprus)


Dear Mr Steinberg,

Today I received the knife with the sterling silver bolster “Ram”. My first impression was just a speechless “WOW”.- This is more than only a knife. It is a work of art and a fine example of craftsmanship having an artistic value. I will be delighted of having the knife with me whenever it is possible.

I just can recommend to everybody, who wants to have a real beautiful knife worth every single pence it costs,to buy it at your company.

Thank you very much.

Und da nicht alle Leser Englisch sprechen hier mein Kommentar in Deutsch:

Ich habe heute das Messer mit dem Gelenk-Kropf „Widderkopf“ in Sterling Silber erhalten und obwohl meine Erwartung aufgrund der Abbildung im Katalog sehr hoch war, war ich positiv sprachlos über den Eindruck des fertigen Messers. Es ist tatsächlich mehr als nur ein Taschenmesser. Es ist ein Kunstwerk und eine hervorragendes Beispiel von Handwerkskunst mit künstlerischem Anspruch.

Ich bin hocherfreut, das Messer bei mir haben zu können, wann immer es möglich sein wird.

Ich kann nur jedem empfehlen, der ein wirklich schönes Messer, das jeden einzelnen Cent, den es kostet, Wert ist, dieses bei Ihrem Unternehmen zu erwerben.

Vielen herzlichen Dank.



Bonjour Gilles,

I received both knives today! They are perfectly made. I commend you and your staff. I will spread the word although your work speaks for itself. The best advertisement for you is by word of mouth. I will also be ordering more knives from you in the future. Please let me know of anything new to add to my collection.




Bonjour Gilles,

I am writing to say that I am delighted with the knife. It is, of course, a beautiful work of art. It is also a very versatile and practical tool. It performs its tasks very well. This is the third knife of yours that I have owned. The first was a gift from a friend in Paris. The knife had been recommended to her by a man whose job was leading horseback trips in remote locations around the world. He always carried one of your knives on his journeys and said they were the “best in the world.” Sadly, my first knife was stolen from me. When that happened, I ordered a new one from you a few years ago and have been equally happy with it. Then more recently, when I realized you also made a heavier hunting knife, I ordered one of those too – my “MDM knife.”

Many people have asked me about these knives and I always tell them that they are the best folding knives in the world.

I am a happy customer.

Best regards from America,


Dear Gilles,

After one year of use of your knives, I am still very happy with my purchase. I want to thank you again for quick and uncomplicated delivery, and I want to address my special thanks to you and your team. Your knives are pieces of art, precise, durable and a joy to use. My family and friends are impressed by your work - those who know about craftmanship and those who just feel it alike.

Please keep up your stunning work!


Christian, Vienna (Austria)


I would like to acknowledge safe delivery of the above order. Thank you very much : Tout est arrivé et est magnifique.

Joyeux Noël,



Dear Gilles and his team of artisans,

There are no words that can speak bright enough to say what was going through me when I saw the first glimpse of my knife. The first five minutes I did not say a word. Such beauty and elegance combined with robust shapes. And everything made by hand, that I really love. Fontenille Pataud has made me the best of knife and I hope my knife will help me cut for a lot of years to come!

Kind regards,

Durk (The Netherlands)


I just received the knife. Beautiful work! My husband is going to love it. Thanks again!



Dear Gilles


I first heard of your brand a couple of years ago when my sister bought great steak knives in France.Recently my husband had a landmark birthday coming and he loves penknives so I decided what better present? I spent the extra money and had it engraved and it is truly magnificent. He is the envy of all his friends. We have an allotment where we grow our own vegetables and today my husband cut Kale with his knife.The craftsmanship is superb. the knife is both a work of art and a useful tool.

I would recommend to anyone.

Pam, Belfast


Dear Gilles, what a big surprise when our knives arrived yesterday ! I was blown away by their beauty as I opened each one up ! They are exquisite ! They are nice and heavy in your hand. This is a huge surprise because we are entertaining my closest friends and their spouses this Friday night and now I can set my dinner table with these pieces of art ! We are so pleased the knives have arrived early and Thanks for your personal service ! Joyeux Noel !

Ellis and Capell, Nashville, Tennessee (USA)


Dear Gilles,
I received the Nature knife with walnut handle that you helped me pick out as a gift for my friend... it is truly magnificent, a work of art! I'm sure my friend will love the uniqueness, beauty and function in it. Now, my only decision is which version I will order for myself! Please accept my sincerest compliments to you and the other craftsmen there for your outstanding work!
Doug, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia (USA)


Hallo Gilles,
heute habe ich mein viertes Laguiole von Fontenille Pataud bekommen, Bekassine in Silber mir Ahorngriffen, wunderschön. Schön, dass man bei FP unkompliziert auf Sonderwüsche eingeht.

Grüsse aus dem Soonwald,


Bonjour Gilles,

The Laguiole and the Yssingeaux knives arrived safely this morning at about 09:15. To say that I am delighted with them would be an understatement! The quality of the fit, finish, filework and materials are all first rate. The cow horn is of a beautiful colour and gradation of tone, while the bone on the Yssingeaux has just the right amount of "grain" to distinguish it from ivory.

The only criticism that I can make is the the blade and the spring on the Yssingeaux are not quite aligned. When sighting along the back of the opened knife, the blade is inclined at a slight angle to the right of the axis of the spring. About 5 degrees I estimate. I have an exceptionally "straight eye", otherwise I would probably not have noticed it. However, I have no intention of returning the knife for this minor fault - no artisan can be perfect, only machines without a soul.

I will, without doubt, be ordering further knives from you when funds permit. Once more, my thanks.

Peter (UK)


Dear Monsieur Steinberg,

Thank you for the six mixed wooden handled steak knives which arrived safely today. They are beautiful, and beautifully made. They balance in the hand perfectly. Also, thank you for your wonderful natural gallic charm when I telephoned earlier this week – it has added a little magic to the knives having spoken to you.

Kind Regards,



Hello Mr. Steinberg!

Excuse my German sentences. My English is not the best but I try again. My knife arrived today and I must say my expectations were exceeded by far. A true work of art. Great workmanship and worth every penny.
Many, many thanks from Germany!

Mein Messer ist heute angekommen und ich muss sagen meine Erwartungen wurden bei weitem übertroffen. Ein echtes Kunstwerk für die Hosentasche. Tolle Handwerksarbeit und jeden Cent wert.
Vielen Dank !
Sascha / Bad Neuenahr- Ahrweiler


Hello Gilles

Thank you so much for my beautiful knives and forks . They arrived today and are like all the other pieces I have from you they are stunning !!!

They will be used with much pride.

With thanks,

Lisa, NSW (Australia)


Dear sir

I got the knife today. It's a marvellous piece of work. Absolutely magnificent.

Thank you very much.

Stefanos (Cyprus)


Hu Gilles,

The new line is beautiful! I will carry my new Juniper lock back daily - I hope you have a wonderful vacation -- but hurry back, the world needs your knives!

Your friend,

Leo, California (USA)



The knife arrived and it is wonderful. It looks better than the online photo. The knife is a n absolutely good work. Please send your workers greets. They did a great job.

And once more I have to thank you for your personal service. Maybe this one was not my last knife.

Greets and au revoir


Hello Gilles

On Saturday I got the knife. Very beautiful it is. Thank you again.

Oliver (Switzerland)


I received the item.

Everything was in good order and the little knife is a piece of jewellery.



Lieber gilles,
Wieder sind zwei schöne messer von fp angekommen: le thiers in nacre und buffle brut, nacre für madame. hervorragende handwerksarbeit, glückwunsch, gerne wieder.


Bonjour Gilles!

I have just picked up the 5 engraved knives from my father's house! They are amazing! I have been showing them to everybody at my work and I am jealous of my groomsmen. I want one for myself and so does my father. I hope that my groomsmen appreciate the beauty of these knives. If they do not I will ask for them back and give them something else instead!

Thank you again for helping me out and providing such swift service. Take Care!



Received the knives and they are absolutely wonderful. The set looks beautiful, feels great to hold, and works amazing. An exceptionally high quality product all around. Well worth the price. I looked around a lot before choosing and am very happy I chose Fontenille-Pataud.

Thank you again for working with me on the order. Your customer service has been as great as your knives.




I just got my knife.(Monday afternoon) very quick delivery. it is beutiful. i wiil email you when i want another one.


Dear Gilles-Team!

Yesterday, I've got my new knife. Ironwood, Damascus blade. This one is worth much more for me than money can buy. This kind of craftsmanship is very seldom these days. Thanx a lot. I am very impressed.

Thank you also for a very easy and trustily transaction.

Greetings from a sunny day in Austria,



Received parcel yesterday afternoon. All is well. My expectations have been exceeded. Very nice knife and am using every chance I get. Thanks very much.


I got the knives and they are beautiful. Thanks


Ho appena ricevuto il mio Laguiole Nature con manico in montone nero : è bellissimo ! Complimenti per la finitura inappuntabile.
Grazie per avermi inviato un esemplare con un manico stupendo !
Gaetano, Verona (Italia)


Dear Gilles,

Did I thank you for the most beautiful grafting knife ? It is very very special thank you.

Brooke, London (UK)


Hi Gilles -

The knife arrived in fine shape. The juniper handle is very fragrant. The satin finish of the RWL34 steel is very attractive.

This knife is the best knife of my collection of Laguiole knives.

Thank You!

Michael, California (USA)


Hi Gilles,

The Vendetta came in and I must say it absolutly fantastic.Thanks to you and your team.

With kind regards,

Edgar (Netherlands)


Thank you Gilles, I just received it. Beautiful work of art. I am tempted to order another one.

John (USA)


Dear Gilles,

Lieber Gilles,
heute ist das Messer eingetroffen. Meine hohen Erwartungen wurden sogar noch übertroffen. Das Messer ist in bester Qualität gearbeitet und belegt den hohen Standard der Fontenille Pataud. Alles passt, nirgends eine Schwachstelle und überall wunderbar verarbeitet. Es lohnt sich etwas auf diese Arbeit zu warten - insbesondere die Zierschliffe und eingearbeitete Initialen sind eine Augenweide. Schön, daß es noch so perfekte Dinge gibt.
Mit Dank und den besten Wünschen für Deine Manufactur
Karl-Heinz aus Berlin

Many thanks and best wishes for you an your Manufactur
Karl-Heinz (germany)


Dear Sirs,

My Fontenille Pataud SPORT Laguiole knife has arrived last week Friday afternoon. I was already looked forward to this moment really excited.

The knife is GREAT!

I was judging the high quality of your product when studying your web site. But the reality is much more beautiful then what I was expected.

It is amazing what workmanship you dedicate to this knife. To say it simply: work of art!

Thank you.

Július (Slovakia)


Bonjour Gilles.
I have received my knife this morning, excellent service.It is everything I expected, the design and quality is outstanding, I have a job to put the knife down.
It will live in my pocket at all times.I think it is the "Rolls Royce" of knife making and long may you continue to produce such Master Pieces.
All the very best for the future.


Dear Mr. Gilles Steinberg,

Gilles, two of the words my brother used that best described his opinion of the knife you crafted: "exquisite workmanship." Let me just say, as a Brit might, he was completely "bowled over." I'm not sure how one translates that into French. In the event you don't recall, this was your Laguiole Nature, with locking blade, real horn tip, as in picture, with three engraved initials, WJS [...]. I am going to do my best to save some dollars, perhaps invest in Euros (or Chinese yen?) to purchase a set of steak knives from you. Once again, thank you so much.

Ever so appreciatively and sincerely,

Mary, McLean, VA (USA)


Bonjour Gilles,

Ce laguiole Sport est vraiment magnifique... la qualité, l'esthetique tout est là !!
The Sport knife is stunning. Quality & Beauty.
Merci pour l'accueil et la gentillesse de toute la maison Fontenille-pataud.
Thanks to Fontenille Pataud
Thibaut Privat (For those who are like us Rugby fans, Thibaud is one of the ASM Clermont Auvergne lock)


Hello Gilles and Beata,

The knife arrived today. It's very impressive. I'm glad I selected the juniper handle. It looks great and has a fine scent. Thank you very much for this well crafted knife.




We received the order of knives and they are very nice.

Mark, Berkeley, California (USA)


Dear Gilles,

Today your 6 steak knifes and the "nature lock back" arrived. The knifes are really nice and perfect. The lock system is smooth and the engraving initials of my name look fine..

Thank you very much.
I think these are not the last knifes which i will buy from your company.

with best wishes,




Salut Gilles,

I received my knife on tuesday. Thank you so much for the choice of patterned olivewood! It looks great and it is exactly that what I want. =) A fine piece of craftmanship! The filework is just amazing! Great!
I think I will have a look on other knifes from your company, too!

Thank you so much for the excellent contact on email, the fast and secure delievery and -last, but not least- for "my" knife!

Best regards and have a fine day

Oliver - Ludwigshafen


Dear Mr Steinberg!

The knife arrived today. It's a wonderfull piece. Thank you very much for the super service and for this beautyfull knife.

Yours sincerely,



Thank you so much. I received them today and I’m sure my son will love them. It was a pleasure doing business with you !

Merry Christmas to you too,



I received the knives and they're absolutely beautiful!
Nien, Virginia (USA)


Dear Gilles,

The laguiole XS 9cm with mother of pearl handle that I have just received as a present from my wife is a gorgeous knife. The hand-work on the knife is superb, with beautiful attention to detail. The polished surfaces are immaculate and the blade opens very smoothly.

This is fine knife craftsmanship and a heirloom piece.
David, Canada


Hey Gilles,

the knive, my knive, just arrived. Everything is o.k. It is really beautiful. It opens smoothly and closes with a beutiful sounding "klick". It fits perfect in my hand and I just shaved some haires from my left arm. Great. Thank´s a lot.

All the best,


Hello Gilles

Just received your knife. Excellent workmanship, I’m very pleased.

With kind regards,



Dear Gilles,

I received the pocket knife today. I'ts breath taking beautiful! Everytime I buy a knife i'm astonished how high the quality and care show of these knives.

Thank you for the fast delivery, I couldn't be more pleased.

Kind regards,



Bonjour Gilles,

Les couteaux sont arrivés !
Vielen dank für die speditive Zusendung. Die Messer sind wirklich sehr schön und man spürt die Qualität der Anfertigung!

Mit freundlichem Gruss



Hi Gilles,

I received the knife I ordered today.
I have been a knife collector since I was young and earned my first folding pocket knife in the U.S. Boy Scouts 35 years ago which I still have and treasure.All of the pocket knives in my small collection do not come close to the quality of the knife your craftsmen made for me. Not even the 100 year old knife that was left to me by my Grandfather when he passed away due to the unavailability of stainless steel in those days.This vendetta knife is everything I expected and more .I can see and feel the care and expertise that was put into this knife. The way the personalized engraving of my name on the spring is just superb.
I also am very pleased with your quick response to my emails. I definitely plan on saving up enough money to order more of your quality knives.
This knife is simply a work of art. Thanks again Gilles for your great business practice. Please never change it.


Knife arrived yesterday so I'll stop panicking. It's breathtakingly beautiful I have to say. I must make myself use it as the temptation with something so gorgeous is to keep it pristine....and they should be used.

Many thanks - I couldn't be more pleased.

Best Regards,



Hi Gilles,

My Laguiole with the phantastic smelling juniper burl arrived today. I ordered it only 8 days ago, so thank you very much for the fast delivery. It is an excellent piece of craftsmanship, thanks a lot !

Best regards from Nürnberg, Germany


Hello Gilles,
The knife arrived today. A really really beautiful work, thanks a lot.
Greetings from Germany,


Just to let you know that this morning I have received my knife in perfect order.

Wishing you all a great day and with

Best regards,

Frank, Rotterdam (Netherlands)


Bonjour Gilles,

Yes, I received the package from the main UPS center late last week. My wife and I are so impressed at the marvelous workmanship – very stylish and distinctive indeed! We delighted in offering this as a gift to my son’s new in-laws in acknowledgement for the wedding they sponsored on September 6th. And they in turn were very taken and appreciative of the special gift.

Our compliments to you and your craftsmen for combining art with utility ! I hope to convince my wife to surprise me with a sport style or single hand opening Laguiole in December.

Stay wel,



Dear Gilles,

I unpacked my knife yesterday. Apologies for reacting only now. Can tell you however that I was totally stunned by the beauty of the knife. The craftsmanship shows from miles away!! Thank you very much for the great service, and special thanks for your ‘artisan”crew, who made this piece of unikely beauty and quality!




Hi Gilles,

Received the knife yesterday and am very happy with it. The knife looks great, I especially like the file work on the spring.


Roger, Ohio (USA)


Dear Sir,

I recieved it yesterday. Its realy beautiful and wonderful craftmenship. With compliments!

Best regards,



Good morning.

Received the Laguiole yesterday. Beautiful ! At a loss for words.
The wife made a nice filet mignon and I christianed it's used with that. Thank you very much. Have a good day.


Hello !

I want to say that I´m absolutely delighted with the knife (Laguiole 12cm, plein manche genevrier) I recently purchased from you. It comes alive with carry and use in a quite unexpected and delightful way.

Thanks again for your wonderful knives.

Yours very sincerly,



The knife I received was exactly what I expected and hoped for. Well made,fine fit, and very nice to look at.
Excellent communiation and service. Would not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone.

Thank You,


Dear Monsieur Steinberg,

Today my ordered Laguiole arrived. It’s a real beauty and looks even better than the internet-picture.

In my opinion it’s also a real ambassador of France, because it’s a great looking invitation to visit your wonderful country and taste the delicious specialities of all its different regions.

The Leather-sheath with the olive wood lock joins the Laguiole very, very good and is also a high-quality product. Laguiole and sheath animate to dream about coloured French forests in the autumn in Périgord, the taste of foie gras and the smell off truffles... (You see it works !!!)

So, many thanks to you and the highly qualified first-class craftsmen of Fontenille-pataud.

Kind regards, best wishes and “à bientôt




I received the knife on Tuesday. I am very pleased. It is as I had hoped a suitable everyday knife and beautifully crafted. I am now thinking of maybe ordering a more classical and traditional knife to carry occasionally, although I am pretty much overwhelmed by the alternatives. My current choice is a non-locking 12cm knife with an all wood handle to guilloche standard with engraving to the spring. I don’t want to make a choice I may later regret and so am hesitating! Hopefully I will be in touch soon. In your opinion what would represent a classic example of your craft?

Very best wishes,


Hi Gilles,

I have just got the knife. It is as fantastic as my first one (thank you). Now I will save my money still for a big Vendetta.

All the best,



Bonjour Monsieur Steinberg,

Thank you for your prompt reaction to my email. Yes, you were right the knife arrived this afternoon. I am very pleased with the high quality and workmanship of this product, it is beautiful.

Again many thanks for the efficient way this order has been executed.

Best regards,

F. Bemelman


Steak Knives are great! Thank you for everything.


Chef James King


Hi Gilles,

everything arrived :>) in good condition. Thank´s a lot,


The knife arrived today! Like before, it is more beautiful than the picture on the website. It is a beautiful masterpiece created by a superb master.
Yours is truly a great talent. I only hope that there are some young who want to follow in your footsteps. Again, thank you for suggesting the blue-green MOP. It is stunning!

Bonsoir Gilles ( I like the Spanish "vaya con Dios" ) - Have a Great Day from sunny southern California


Hello and good morning, we were on vacation and have come only home. The knife has come. Many thanks for the quick delivery. I am very contented with the result. Once again many thanks.
Viele Grüße,



Hi Gilles,

The two Pialincu's came in.Excellent horn and wood.Most beautiful craftmanship as always.

Thanks to you and your team again.


Edgar (Netherlands)


Hallo Gilles,

Today I received the knives from You. I am very pleased to say that they are perfect. Probably the best knives of this art. And I think You are the very best knive maker in France. If I succeed to visit Thiers on the purpose to congatulate You personally I will do this with pleasure. In my age (63) I can judge what is good and what not.

Keep doing this way and better.

Best regards,

Valeri, Sofia (Bulgaria)


Dear Gilles
That lovely knife has arrived. Thanks very much - the product is a delight to hold and I am sure to use.
Alan (UK)


Bonjour Gilles,

The Knife arrived Yesterday! Very beautiful work, I love it. I am definitely looking forward to using it from now on!

From my first impression I am not sure about the leather pouch, I hope it will do its work ;-)

Thanks again for the nice contact and the very cool knife!




Hello Gilles,

Everything was great, thank you for this great knife, I am very happy.

Many greetings from Ulm



Hi Gilles,

The two gentleman folders came in. These are top notch ! Amazing quality and true craftmenship.

These are so nice I'm almost afraid to use them. Well done and thanks to you and your team.

I'm sure I will order another one.

Thank you so much,
Edgar (the Netherlands)


Lieber Gilles,

die Messer sind angekommen. Und ich muß schon sagen etwas perfekteres hab ich in meinem Leben selten gesehen.Die Wartezeit hat sich absolut gelohnt und ich kenne jetzt den Unterschied. Der Anblick dieser beiden Messer zaubert mir jeden Tag ein Lächeln in mein Gesicht. Das werden nicht die letzten Messer gewesen sein die ich mir aus Ihrer Schmiede bestelle!

Ich danke Ihnen vielmals.

Alles Gute für Sie



Bonjour Gilles.

The knife has just been delivered.

This is the standard I was looking for and I'm delighted with it. Really a credit to you & your team. Thank you very much.

Kind regards


Hallo MaîtreGilles,

das Messer ist eingetroffen, danke für den Blitz-Versand. Das Messer ist wunderschön, meine Freude ist unbeschreiblich, formidable.

Gilles, ich wünsche Ihnen weiterhin gute Geschäfte und noch einmal ein "Dankeschön" für Ihren Super-Service (Bearbeitung-Versand-Kommunikation) absolute Spitzenklasse.



Bonjour Mesdames, Messieurs,

"Dinner for two" just arrived. I'm very impressed by your craftmanship and the beauty of the knives, forks and spoons and especially by this beautiful rosewood.

Thank you very much, merci beaucoup.


Gilles -

I am over the moon! The knife arrived today, Friday, 19 December - what a great gift for the weekend!

I have been pestering the mailman every day this week until he was tired of seeing my face - haha - Gilles, this is such a wonderful piece of work - I could not be any happier.

Thank you!
John Long, Saint Louis, Missouri (USA)



I am verry happy with ma new knife.

regards from Austria.



"My purchase of a custom-made knife from fontenille-pataud.com was a first class, top shelf, 5-star experience. From the well-illustrated and informative website, to the quick response to my email query, and, within three weeks of placing my order, to the receipt of the expertly crafted, customized knife, the entire purchase experience was flawless.
And the knife: beautiful workmanship, a well balanced instrument of quality components. I'd ordered the knife to include
the custom application of my son's seven-lettered name...the knife, to include his name, is of such superb quality, I'm certain it will be passed on, as a family keepsake, to his son in the decades to come. In an age of cheaply made, mass produced wares it is a joy to own the product of craftsman who take pride in their work and uphold the artisan traditions of a by-gone age. I most highly recommend fontenille-pataud.com."
Susan, Virginia (USA)


Dear Gilles,

I received my knife and sheath today. Everything is perfect--such admirable craftsmanship! I am very, very pleased. Thank you for your kind assistance throughout. I will certainly recommend your company to family and friends.

All the best,


Hi Gilles

I recieved the knife yesterday. Very fast delivery, indeed.

After having used (!) good knifes nearly daily for the last 20 years in carving, hunting, fishing, bushcraft I really have to say :

Your knife is extraordinary. I am very impressed by the design and the craftmanship. Fantastic for this price.

Thank you very much.

A very satisfied customer,

Heiko (Sweden)


Good morning Gilles,

yesterday I received your package. Everything arrived in good condition. The knives are very beautiful.

Best regards,

Jens Schwenke


Hi Gilles,

My compliments, This is what I call craftwork (I know this because I'm luthier www.pdsguitars.nl), it's a very beautiful knife you make for me, just like my older knife you made for me. Only I like more the kind of wood on the new knife.

Thank you very much.

Do good business,


Peter (Netherlands)


Dear Sir / Madam,

I am a returning satisfied customer.

Following this email I ordered some items just now.

Best regards,

Hartmut (UK)


Dear Gilles,
thank you very much for the knife, it is beauty full. I remember the contact to you and I look forward to more knives.
Have a nice day.
Kristina, Vienna (Austria)


Dear Gilles,

I have recieved my knife. It is superlative. Thank you.

Kind regards. Mark


Siamo molto contenti e Vi ringraziamo.

distinti salut,




My apologies for having not received your emails. It seems they were being filtered out by our virus software. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. I appreciate your company’s work very much and look forward to ordering more pieces in the future.

Happy holidays,

Emilia, New Jersey (USA)



I returned from Japan to find my knife had arrived: Lovely.

Thank you for your prompt service and attention to my request for the thin handle. I like the knife very much.





Dear Gilles,

the knife has finally arrived. I’m very, very happy. It’s a gorgeous knife, fine quality of workmanship. And its smelling wonderful. I think it won’t be my last fontenille-pataud.

My best compliments to anybody’s looking for a pocketknife...

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

Rainer (Germany)



Thanks so much for making the delivery to NIce happen so smoothly. The knife is beautiful! I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am and that I will most definitely be wanting more of your products in the future.

Thanks again!


Hello Mr. Steinberg,

I have today my beautiful knife received again thank you for the beautiful knife - Really beautiful handmade product

Thanke you and the Fa. Fontenille-Pataud - it's great!!!
Alan :-)


Dear M. Steinberg,
I have enjoyed my Gilles-Laguiole ever since I collected it some ten years ago. It has so far never needed resharpening, and the juniper handle still evaporates this unique aroma.
Your products are worth every single "sou".
Thanks again.
Klaus Coburg (Germany)


Bonjour Gilles, the knife arrived safely. I was checking the mailbox all week for notice from UPS - but nothing. Then on Saturday I was brushing leaves when I noticed something behind the security door - it was the UPS note. It turns out that the parcel has been in the electrical meter box and I had been walking past it all week.

This is a magnificent knife. Quality and craftmanship that is so hard to get these days. The knife exceeds my expectations. Classic look, good lenghth, locks and so well made. The combination of matt finish and ram's horn really works well. Nice piece of ram's horn, you selected well. I will get a lot of use from this knife.

And like you said it fits well into the pocket. Thanks for all your help in sorting out the details of the knife.


Graham, Adelaide (Australia)

P.S. Good luck against the English at Twichenham.


Hello Gilles,

Today I picked up my order from you, and I must say I am very pleased with the result. As I expected the brass gives the knife a warm and more earthy appearance, and the horn is beautifully organic in feel and look. The steel in the blade which you recommended seems very sturdy and certainly allows enough sharpness, I am also very happy that I went ahead with your recommendation towards a less guilloché blade so as to achieve the simplicity I desired. The build is wonderfully solid and precise, I believe this knife is going to become a steady companion to me from now on.

Thank you Gilles for a product that will bring me much joy! As I travel to Provence this summer I will make good use of it servingmyself from the french delicacies.

Best regards
Staffan, Linköping, Sweden


Bonjour Gilles,

We have received the pieces, and they are very beautiful. Balance in the hand is excellent, and I love how these pieces combine refinement (high polish, excellent materials) with a little bit of roughness (irregular bark – slight asymmetry in metal parts – wood with variety). All together, a delight to the eyes and hands. These pieces elevate everything around them.

My friend and chef is delighted with the curly birch gift, and will strive to produce dishes worthy of the settings. We also thank you for the addition of cheese knives. Unfortunately for my wallet, I sense a Damascus folder with ivory or horn twist in my future.



I received them last week and they are marvelous! You are a great craftsman!

Merci sincèrement,
Jonathan, Maryland (USA)


Thanks Gilles, order arrived on Friday in perfect shape. The knives and corkscrew are fantastic.


Hey, Gilles! Wow, 3 cheers for the fine cutlers of F-P! See, I answered my own question about what a knife maker is called, with the help of your brochure or the guarantee certificate. Both of our knives are so beautiful. I love the olive wood, and am glad you didn't convince me to go with a darker wood. I am trying to figure out how to maintain this sharp blade. I also like the smooth action of bruce's locking knife. We spent xmas eve slicing our adults-only dinner into itty bitty pieces with your knives! Thanks for making such a fantastic product! I'm sure you must hear this all the time and you are used to
it by now!


To whom it may concern,
I have received my order in fine condition, Sirs: I have been collecting knives for more than 40yrs and have always wanted to own a custom made Languiole. It instantly became the pride of my collection. It is the finest pocket knife I have ever owned or seen, craftmanship is extremely precise, action is smooth and silent and fit is perfect. I hope one day to hand it to my son for his and so-on. Please thank all concerned in the manufacture of MY Knife, you have every right to be very proud of your product.
Thank You Sincerely,




The mammoth came today and it is all as promised...beautiful and wonderfully crafted .. a treasure. Gary's steak knives were presented last night and he appreciated the quality immediately. Tonight the pistachio wood. I tried to describe our correspondence about the champagne sword and I think all will appreciate our choice. What does one do with a champagne sword anyway?

Many thanks,



Hello. Just got the knife. It is beautiful. But most of all, I’m happy that there is absolutely no wiggle on this blade. I have owned knives similar to this but have had to return them because the blades were not sturdy. I am looking forward to using it all the time. By the way, what kind of lubricant should I use to prevent rusting and to keep the knife functioning at its best?




I received the package the other day and I wanted to let you know that it's an exquisite knife. You all did an absolutely wonderful job on it and I will cherish it for years to come.
Thank you,


Bonjour gilles,

Yesterday the knife arrived.
Thank you very much.
I´m very happy.
Its a beautyful knive.

Greetings from munich,



Dear Gilles,

The knives are arrival this day.They are very,very nice, high qualety and beautiful for my collection.

About three or four months i buy by you three or four knives of the silverrange.

Best regards of Cees LeConte (Nederland)


Hello Gilles

I've just received the knife. It looks very nice, better than on photos.




You definitely exceeded my expectations, I love it and my wife loves it.

Guess I'll have to get some steak knifes next.




In December 2005 you made a Laguiole knife for my husband, and I was so impressed when I saw it that I would like you to make the same knife once more.

Angelika (Germany)


Dear Gilles,

Received the knife yesterday. Beautiful. Thank you very much for your prompt handling and for the beautiful workmanship. My husband collects knives, so perhaps I will be contacting you again next year for another gift for him.

Best Regards and a Very Happy Holiday to you as well.

Marie (Hawaii)



I bought a set of six knives with Birch handles last January. My wife loved them! I would like to complete a set of 12 as a Christmas present, but wanted to choose a different handle. Do you have a suggestion for wood to complement the 6 birch handles we already have?



Thank you Gilles. Always fun doing business with you.




Received it. Very nice work. Thank you!


Dear Gilles

I recieved the carving set and bread knive today ,in fair horn, and they are exaktly what i hoped for, thank you

Best Regards




Thank you very much for that...and thanks again to you and your craftsmen for supplying me with such a beautiful pocket knife.


I know its a little late in reply to my order but just wanted to say that i love the knives and so impressed with the craftmanship and my guests often compliment them its nice to hear compliments sometimes instead of all problems hey!

Marc at restaurant fraiche


Hello Gilles just wanted to say sorry but I have only one word to describe your new locking Laguiole .... Brilliant!! .... Thanks very much for the excellent product and superb integration from old to new! Well done....




Dear Sirs,
I just receive the knife as per your invoice F5492 01/09/2005.
Thank you very much; the knife is really superb as many others I collected from your range.
You are no doubt the best french knife makers.
Yours faithfully,


Hello Gilles,

Just wanted to let you know that the knife has arrived safely in the UK.

Thanks again.


I just received my knife. Thank you! It is beautiful.



The knives look great and are everything we expected and more. The pine boxes are a big help in keeping these organized and safe. Also, I think that I now have one of the nicest carving sets I’ve had at any of the golf clubs I’ve worked for. Thank you for your craftsmanship and your professionalism. If we have any needs in the future, I won’t hesitate to call.

Best regards,



Dear Gilles,

We have received the forks and they are beautiful. Thank you so much for your personal attention to our request. We enjoy doing business with you.

Thank you - Sincerely


Great thank you, best regards



Hello Mr Steinberg,

Just wanted to tell you that the knife I ordered has arrived.(Yssingeaux, ivory, rope; for Denmark)

After some days of using it I can say that:

1) I have seen worst knives.... (nordic style understatement)

2) Roquefort tastes better when sliced with a "Gilles" blade (subjective evaluation)

3) The knife is superbe! (objective evaluation)

Have a nice day



Just a short note to let you know that I received my knife last week. It is indeed an example of fine craftsmanship - I am very impressed and happy with it. Thanks for your excellent and prompt service.



Bonjour Gilles,

I just received the ordered knives and again would like to compliment you on the fine work. Also, I would like to thank you for the additional Aurillac knife which you sent. I hadn't realized that you also made the smaller sizes as well.

I will continue to visit your site and see what is new. I am also looking at the various collectors Laguiole knives you feature...



Gilles - steak knives have arrived here in the UK and they are excellent,



Dear Gilles,

Today I received the knife - it's really beautiful ! Bravo for the skilful coutelier who made it for me !




Hello, Gilles.
The knife that you made for me arrived today. It is beautiful, I love it.
Thank you for such great service, and such a great knife.
I am sure to be back for another.



I received the steak knives today with the black horn handles. You sent both the polished and matte finish blades as agreed. I can say they are both beautiful, but decided I prefer the matte finish as I think maybe they are a little bit more distinctive. Thank you very much for shipping them as promised. I have them in time for Christmas.

I look forward to cutting into thick juicy steaks with your wonderful knives for many years to come!



A quick note -

The 2 knives and corkscrew arrived in NYC today - perfect timing, and they look absolutely beautiful - much nicer in person than in the photos, just as your website said! The sheaths are the best I've seen and the details are splendid! I love the stampings on the blade tangs!!

I am very pleased, and I am very confident my wife will love her two gifts!!

Thanks again for all your help - I will be ordering again in future!

Have a great holiday and a healthy, safe 2005!



Hi Gilles,

Just letting you know I received my knives, safe and sound. They're magnificent, thankyou. It's a real pleasure to find someone still making such high quality items.
Thanks again,


Parcel arrived today, a very fine knife,

Thank You,


Just a belated note to let you know the two knives arrived safely, and again I am very impressed. Thank you.

I am looking forward to your new website. The title page looks very good.



The Knife i purchased from you arrived safely,and is a truly wonderful piece of craftsmanship.

Merci and au revoir,



Gilles, I have just opened the envelope, and... love at first sight: the knife is beautiful and works fine.

Merci mon ami.



Hi Gilles,
I received the knife. Thank you very much!
Have a wonderful day!!


I just received my order for Laguiole 'picnic' knife (Cert. no: 1935) and I`m very pleased. What a beatiful peace of work! Thank You gentelmen. You are very good craftsman.

Best regards,



My order arrived this afternoon.

I’m satisfied with all the knives.




The knife only arrived yesterday... The 6th of January! Why it took so long I do not know, however it was worth waiting for! It is truly beautiful! A work of art! I am very happy with it!
Thank you so much and I hope that you have a very Happy New Year! If you are preparing anything very special, let me know.
Thank you again,


Hello Gilles,

I just received my knife and I have to tell you that I like it very much. No comparison possible to the one I already own - it's kind of a totally different knife

Thanks a lot!



I received the knife and it's beautiful. Thank you so much.



Laguiole arrived yesterday. I'm as pleased as always.


Hello Gilles,

The knife finally arrived last Saturday.

Thank you very much for this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. It is much nicer than i expected, especially the letters on the back. I thought, they would be on the blade. This is much more elegant.

Also i’ve got to thank you for your outstanding customer-service. Even when it lastet very long, all came to a good end. If the lost knife ever appears at my place, i will send it back to you.

All my best wishes to you,



Salut Gilles.... Just received my knife and once again great workmanship! And thank you for the leather sheath as well!! The 'guilloché' effect is excellent and will be a great Christmas present to my father, however I like it so much I want one myself!! Could you do the same again but in wood?



Dear Gilles,

I have received your beautiful knives. They are even more special than we thought. You are a true artist, and thank you so much for the time you devoted to making them!

We are sure to order from you again and will gladly recommend your knives to others.
Ale and Mary Jane


Cher Gilles,
Just to let you know the knife arrived safely and has been given to my brother-in-law. We were both impressed and delighted with the fine workmanship and I would like to thank you again for taking care of my order. My brother-in-law and I drank a very fine bottle of Gevrey-Chambertin (and a Nuits St. Georges too) in your honour.


I have in fact received the knife today. It is a beautiful piece of work.


Dear Gilles
I received my knife this morning. I just thought I'd write to say thank you
and let you know that I am very proud to own such a beatiful tool.
Best regards
Mark (UK)


I got the correct shipment today. The knife is magnifique! Fed Ex verified that the other shipment has been redelivered to the correct recipient. They make mistakes but they respond very well in correcting them.

Thank you.



It is not too much of a problem at all but I have just caught the palm of my hand slightly a couple of times. I am more than happy with the quality of the knife and will certainly cherish it for years to come.

Thanks again,


Bonjour Gilles,

Firstly I would like to thank you for the amazing level of service you have shown me. I can't remember a better experience when buying any products, let alone over the internet.

Secondly, now that the cutlery has arrived what can I say - fantastique! The workmanship is faultless and the knives and forks are, as I had hoped, works of art. I think my wife has chosen a particularly fine gift for her 40th birthday. (She doesn't know she's getting the forks so that will be a nicesurprise.)

Lastly, thanks for the mother in law knife. I assume we are supposed to give it to my mother law and not use it on her!

Merci Beaucoup,
Craig (Australia)


I got the knife today. I like it very much.The wood smells so good.
I only regret that I have not bought such a wonderful knife before.

Best regards from a satisfied customer from Sweden,


Hi Gilles,

Thank you very much! You`re knife is great. I carry it every day!




I received my knife today. I am very pleased with it. It is a beautiful piece of work.




Hello, Gilles.

I received my beautiful knife today. The blade is outstanding, the quality is great. I am delighted.

I will probably be looking to add another of your knives to my collection in a few months. If you have any good and interesting stainless damascus come up, let me know. I imagine I will go for one of your ivory handled knives next.

Thanks again.

Dave (USA)


Gilles, Thank you, My Laguiole arrived monday. Ive been using it every chance I get. What a wonderful piece. I am very impressed. Thanks again for everything,I have already started bragging about this knife. Its wonderful and i have become a living addvertisment for you...
Best regards.



Dear Gilles,

I received the knife--I like the pearl inlay, sublte yet distinctive--I am sure we will do business again and my best wishes for
your continuing success.
Jim (USA)


Gilles I received the knife. It is everything i expected and more. So nice to know that there are people who still take the time to make objects of the highest quality. You are truly to be commended for your skill and dedication.




Hi Gilles,

We received the 12 knives and box today. Much thanks.

They are beautiful. We will christen two of them this evening with nicefilet's, salad and a bottle of 93 Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin's La Grande Dame!

A toast to you and pleasure for us



I received the knife today and I must agree with you. It is a very fine piece of cutlery. Thank you!
Robert (USA)


Happy New Year to you. The set is beautiful and quite excellent.




We got the forks today-they are beautiful! we're quite happy. we will be using them with our coresponding folding knives. perhaps, a little later, We'll have you make the matching dinner knives for the forks!

Happy holidays,

Robert and Karyn


Hi Gilles,

We got the knives last week. They are very nice and are of excellent workmanship. I’m sure we will enjoy them for years to come.




Dear Gilles,
I have recently received the two knives that I hadordered from you. The knives are excellent. It is a pleasure to see such fine craftsmanship! I wasparticularly impressed with the knife handle using the boxwood burl.



Dear Gilles,

I just received my new knife today and it is beautiful. You were right with the selection of that piece of sambar stag it is a really outstanding, tight piece, it seems to have no pores whatever. Thank you for such care. I must comment on the sheath which is an outstanding piece of leather. Would it be possible to buy just a sheath? I would like to have another one for my other knives, in particular the silver dog's head.

Once again, thank you for such a wonderful piece of the cutler's art.



Hi Gilles,

The knives arrived today, in good shape and with no damages. They are GREAT!!. Thanks for your patience and I hope we do a lot of business in the future.



Knife now received.


Thank you again.




Today I got the knife and I'm very pleased about it; it's really magnificent.

Thank you very much; this was surely not my last knife from Fontenille-Pataud! (My next one will most probably be an Yssingeaux, but let's wait and see...)

Best regards,



I received my corkscrew and in perfect condition
Paul, Louisville, Kentucky (USA)


Hello Folks,
Just received my knife. It is even better than I expected it to be. I am very pleased with the workmanship and the quality. I am very proud to own one of your knives. I have showed it to some of my friends and perhaps they will also order one at some point and time. Please thank all of your folks that were involved in the making of this knife. Again I am very proud to have it. There is only one problem, it is too nice to use. I just want to display it for folks to see.
Again Thanks,


the knife is beautiful. Wonderfully put together, great balance, very solid feel, gorgeous blade, the ivory looks awesome, in short, a real work of art. Again, many thanks.


My corkscrew arrived quicker than I expected, and in excellent condition. I promptly tested it on an old favorite. Even opening bottles is now a new pleasure.

Thank you,


Hello Gilles,

I received my knife in today's mail. I am so happy with the work you have done for me in exchanging the blade with one that says, "Hand Made In France". Thank you very much for your time and effort. Your knives are a beautiful work of art and I am proud to own one in my collection.
I will not hesitate to order from you in the future and I am also telling my friends who collect knives about your business. In this day and age, it is hard to find reputable dealers who offer outstanding products and service as you do. Gilles, again let me say, thank you very much and I truly appreciate what you have done for me.




The kives came today. They look great, real works of art.

Drew (USA)


Just a note to let you know that I received the knife in time for my husband's birthday. He absolutely loves it. The knife is a work of art.

Thanks again


Hi Gilles,

I'm just back from holiday and found your crazy version of a steak knife in my mail :-)
Well, I think it will do the job...probably for the next 150 years or so...looks very durable... thanks again for a nice piece!!!
Unfortunately since my girlfriend is vegetarien, she banned it from the table and it will have to stay with my other knives in the collectors area... so I unfortunately have to use this terrible kitchen knives a little longer...
By the way, last week I met somebody you maybe know... I visited Wolfgang Wojtinowski from Bavaria to have an introduction into knivemaking. He said, he met you a while ago on an exhibition in Nürnberg (?, not sure about the
place). The world is small sometimes...

Best regards to France,

P.S. As I said a while ago, I wrote a review of the knife and posted it on the forum, I told you. Resonance was very positive so far and I hope that will do something good for your business...


Dear mr Steinberg,
I liked the knives very well and they completely matched my expectations. A lot of them have been presented to our clients by myself and I can tell you that up until now the reations have been very positive and there is a lot of appreciation for the craftmanship involved. I hope to send a new order somewhere in the near future.
Kind regards,

PS: I also was very charmed by my personal order (even my wife who is not very interested in knives liked it )


Dear Beata / Gilles,

just a quick email to let you know that the knife arrived yesterday.

I think the quality and design is excellent, and I will definitely be contacting you again in the near future to order another of your products for my collection.

Once again, very many thanks for all your help.



I received the knife, Gilles. It is a thing of beauty. I am delighted with my choice. The Letter Wood handle is superb, the workmanship, first rate. You are a great artisan, and a man of honor. I appreciate the tasteful professionalism you showed me on this order. You are a true gentleman. I will be back.

Semper Fidelis


Mr. Steinberg,

I have received both of my knives and find them absolutely beautiful!! Thanks do much, you are truly artisans.




I just want to compliment you on the excellent service and product I received from your company. On 11 Jan I
ordered a knife and expected it to take quite sometime to get here (USA). I received the knife this morning, and what a surprise it was, not only the short time it took to get here but the knife itself.

I am an active member of two knife forums on the Internet, www.bladeforums.com and www.knifeforums.com
and I will be spreading a good word about your company and product.

Thanks again,


I received my new knife today and was very pleased in every respect. I am sure I will be ordering another from you very soon. Thank you, Daniel


Dear Sir,

I have received my new knife and I am vey pleased with it. The quality of material and workmanship is magnificent. Merci d'un si beau couteau.

T.N. Zayatz



The knives arrived and they are very beautiful. I'll order more from you in the future. Thanks for your help, and the fast shipping.


Harry, Austin, Texas (USA)


Dear Sir,

I recently placed an order on 10/30/01 for one of your knives. I have just received it today and I have to tell you it is the most beautiful knife I have ever bought! Pictures can be deceiving and to be honest with you when I saw some of your knives on your website I was hesitate to purchase one. Sometimes things can look too good to be true you know. Your website said that the pictures did not truly reflect the quality of your knives. I could not agree with you more! What a fantastic knife, Thank you so much for your quick response in sending to me. I can't wait to purchase another one.

Thanks again,




Today's Post delivered the order you recently shipped. Our parcel arrived before anticipated and in good condition thanks to your careful packaging. The matched wood used on all utensils is elegant. We are proud to give these items as gifts since they will be treasured for many years by people who appreciate fine cutlery.

We where amazed to see the lovely special you've included with our order. A generous gift, thank you so much. We plan to keep this item for our table and share its story with family and guests. May the Holidays bring you health, wealth, and time to enjoy life...

Best Wishes,
Cecil & Jo Ann

PS...we look forward to doing business with you again.


Just an email to let you know that we received our knives and we LOVE them! They are absolutely beautiful! We expect to enjoy them for years to come...
Thank you for your help and the best to you and your business.
Enjoy the seasons!


I received the knives on Tuesday October 2. So I took only about one week to get here. I find they are beautiful. I especially like the guilloche pattern. The movement of the blade is very smooth and I like the matte finish stainless. I like the width of the handles. The width combined with the slim profile from top to bottom and the gentle curve of the handle make it a very
graceful knife that feels so perfect to hold. Some I have seen are not quite as wide. I will visit your site in the future to see if you have anything new. The scorpion shape is also appealing. I have looked at the corsican knives also, but will probably wait until I have actually visited Corsica.
Keep up the good work.


Dear Gilles:

I received the knife just yesterday, and wanted to let you know how pleased I am. I am very impressed with your workmanship - it is the finest quality, and sharp as a razor.

I will probably order more as Christmas presents to some business colleagues, so I'll write again around October.

Have a good summer,


I just received the two knives today and I wanted to tell you, they are more beautiful than I could have imagined. I want to thank all workers involved in the production of these works of art and function. I do have one question, is there any special care I should give to the light horn handle?

Thank you very much,



Hello. We received your beautiful craftsmanship on July 6, and needless to say my wife was perfectly delighted with the cutlery, and in awe of the workmanship. Thanks for your effort. We will cherish this set for the rest of our lives and I'm sure the next owners will also.



Hey there,

I just wanted to inform you that the roquefort knife has arrived and I am very happy. I can actually smell the juniper wood. It was particularly kind of you to also include the leather sheath. Thank you for that extra consideration.




Hello Gilles-

I received the olive-wood yssingeaux knife and the two sheaths that I ordered from you, thanks. The knife is beautiful. I have one question: isis okay to store the knives that I have in their sheaths for a long period of time, or is it better not to do that? I was just wondering, as I want totake good care of them.

Thanks again-
Alex, San Diego CA (USA)



I received the knife today and you where right it is fantastic. It is by far the most beautiful knife I have. It is the best craftmanship I have seen in years. I am 60 years old and you don't see the type of prise in propels work anymore. This will be in my family for generations to come.

Thank you,



Dear Gilles,

I have received the knife. What a beautiful piece of craftsmanship! It is a treasure. I keep it in a special drawer in the kitchen and it is the knife I eat dinner with. I know I will take pleasure in it for many years. Thank you for your artistry.

Mr. Christensen


Hello Gilles,
The knives arrived this afternoon and they are beautiful- in every way worth the wait. Thank you very much for the courteous way in which you handled this stressful transaction. You can be sure that all of my "knife" friends will hear of and see your good work.

I will be on a fishing trip until about 10 May then I plan to send you another order when I return.

Thanks again and best regards,


Hello Gilles,
I have received my most recent order and, as always, I am very pleased with the knives. Thank you very much.
I continue to show your knives to my friends and they are all very impressed. I hope they will soon loosen their purse strings and make a purchase.
Enjoy your holidays! And thanks again.

Best Regards,


Dear Gilles,

Yesterday I received the two knives listed below and I am very pleased. The knife with the stainless Damascus blade and ivory handle is especially a real beauty.

Yours truly,



Yes, I was VERY happy with your work. You can be extremely proud of your work & your company!

Thank you very much.



Dear Gilles,

I received the knife today! It is quite possibly the most beautiful knife I have ever seen. My compliments to you and your staff. I requested a dull burnished blade, but the one on the knife is quite shiny. I think it looks better shiny.

Thank you! Merci! Merci!

Viva la France!




Dear Gilles,

I received the knives today and they live up to everything you promised them to be. I am proud to be able to give one as a gift. The Rossignol knife is absolutely no comparison to the fine work that you have done.

Thank you and please be assured that I will be in contact again.

Jim, Grass valley CA (USA)



My knife arrive today. TRES MAGNIFIQUE!!!! This is truly a work of art that is destined to become a family heirloom.

Warmest regards,

Dennis, Florida (USA)


Dear Gilles:

Now that the holiday's have past, let me take this opportunity to tell you how delighted I was with the 2 knives I previously ordered. They are a work of art,my hats off to you and your fine craftsman.

Again, Thank you.




Thank you for the prompt response. The knife arrived today, and I am delighted. The fact that this knife was shipped directly to me from France is especially important to me. I work in the wine trade, and sell some wonderful French wines--in fact, these are the wines that make me proud to sell wines at all (Chinon, Bourgueil, Cheverny, Quincy, Savennieres, Cassis,
Bandol, Rasteau, Gigondas, Morgon, Fleurie, Moulin-a-Vent, Cahors,Irouleguy, Jurancon, etc.--Vive la France!!).

It was a pleasure to do business with you, and I hope to do more in the future.

Very truly yours,
Carter, Virginia (USA)

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