Laguiole Essential 12 cm

The « Essential » Laguiole knives range is made into our workshop. Despite those knives aren’t branded Gilles®, you may take advantage of their excellent Quality / Price ratio. Those 2 solid stainless bolsters knives are perfect as EDC (everyday carry): 12C27 stainless blade, traditional shepherd’s cross ,and a forged “bee” spring (no welding) including a blade stop.


The differences with the Gilles® range of traditional Laguiole knives are as follows :


-          Limited choice of French woods, slightly thinner than the Gilles® range. 1mm thick liners instead of 1,2.

-          No horn handle (except black horn), nor burl and rare woods. No personalization nor Damascus & special steels.

-          Handles are assembled with screws unlike the traditional assembling with handmade rivets.

-          Satin polishing only, including into the mechanism.

-          Delivered with a not-numerated guarantee certificate and a suede pouch.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items