Laguiole Magnum

A truly exceptional corkscrew, skillfully crafted by French knife maker in the artisan tradition. The Laguiole Magnum corkscrew provides an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in the palm and provides an improved grip when opening your wine and a two steps long leverage made from one single piece of metal (Patented).

Refinement and efficiency: the motto of our corkscrew

Considered by many as being the best sommelier on the market, the Laguiole corkscrew is not only efficient and reliable but it also features sleek finishes. Also used as a decorative object, it can be given to any wine lover as a gift or be used as part of a collection. With its rising popularity, more designs and models of this high-grade tool were produced. You can find the Laguiole corkscrew integrated with a blade, to be used as a pocket-knife for multi-tasking purposes. Collectors can proudly expose their implemented corkscrew switchblades while waiters elegantly exhibit high performance and exquisite patterns of their working tool. All these models feature the bee, symbolic of this fine cutlery, which is neatly carved along with the spring of the tool. Many believe that the sommelier contributes to the fine presentation of these products. It is, nonetheless, highly efficient and functional as well.

The magnum: a real work of art

Fontenille Pataud delivers a variety of models for the Laguiole corkscrew on its online boutique, with splendid patterns to discover. Explore our website to find our exceptional French-made sommelier, the Magnum! This outstanding tool is charming and provides a perfectly comfortable handle. It is composed of a two-step leverage, shaped in a sole metal piece, a slim and refined worm, a high quality small blade, and last but not least, the neat forged bee as signature of this premium product. This model will perfectly fit the palm of your hand for an impeccable grip and a pleasant use, while sporting distinguished layouts and finishes. You will find many more creations of our master cutlers by browsing our online collection, all featuring unique and charming patterns, with a boundless performance!

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