Regulatory Affairs

Golden rule : Beware if the following documents are not shown on a merchant website where it is sold. At least they should be able to show it upon your request.

We offer a wide variety of handles. Because we do offer tortoise, we want to assure our customers that the materials we use are not illegal. Current opinion has it that tortoise has been banned from trade use. This is NOT the case. The tortoise trade is strictly monitored and we work with equally strict guidelines. It is indeed forbidden to import "new" tortoise but it is legal to use (under strict conditions) "authorized" tortoise.
Our customers may want to check below our licenses and certificates delivered by the Minister of the Environment authorizing us to make such purchases. Tortoiseshell is subject to the same conditions. French customs reviews practices and procedures on a regular basis.
We have nothing but respect for the animals that provide us the material for our handles. We pay them a tribute by creating handles of the finest quality. We are as well the ONLY website that offers proof of compliance with the law.

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