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Adopt a Laguiole cutlery for unparalleled efficiency!

Laguiole cutlery, the high-end choice for your table!

Crafted by the best French knife since 1902, Laguiole cutlery comes in various categories and models. Explore our online catalog at 'Fontenille Pataud' for table knives, sold individually or in sets, table services for six, eight, and 24 pieces, as well as many other Laguiole cutlery models. All Laguioles arrive authentically, handcrafted, and proudly displaying the carefully finished emblem, including the bee. With these table sets, you can enjoy quality culinary moments, alone or with friends.

A range of choices for exceptional cutlery!

With the 24-piece Laguiole table set, you'll find a collection of kitchen utensils for grand dinners! This service includes six knives, six forks, six table spoons, and six teaspoons. The models in this cutlery set vary depending on the handle that accompanies them. For example, you'll find the 'Laguiole Bouleau' model, very sleek, with its handle in 'curly birch' from Finland and traditional lines. For other cutlery items from this production, such as the butter knife, you can find them, always on our online catalog, and sold individually. For example, the 'Laguiole Genuine Bone' cheese knife, very attractive with its perfect lines and its distinguished and pleasant-to-use handle. All our models ensure performance as well as elegance for meals in a chic atmosphere. Browse our site to discover our unique and particularly original products, combining traditional craftsmanship and modern designs, for an incomparable table service

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