Corsican Pialincu Classic Range Stag

Corsican Pialincu Classic Range Stag - CBC


  • 14C28N Stainless Steel
  • Twist Damascus Stainless Steel 160l
  • Rose Stainless Damascus 120l
  • Special RWL 34 Steel, Hardness 60 Hrc
  • Vinland Damascus Stainless Steel 160l
100% secure payments
100% secure payments

It is an evolution of the 12 cm Sperone Zuria & Gilles® in a smaller size. The Pialincu knife features a precision mechanism with a secure locking blade and a solid blade stop to keep a long last edge.

Customize your knife

Customize your knife

Our specialty: Personalize your knife (first name, initials, date...) with a beautiful engraving of the spring produced by a professional engraver. The engraving is performed before the file work (guillochage) and the heat treatment.

Lock-back system

Lock-back system

Its solid blade is safely locked while using, thanks to its precision mechanism, in addition this mechanism provides smoothness while using.

Hand chiseled and forged spring

Hand chiseled and forged spring

The bee is solid and forged into the spring. The spring and bee are then hand-chased with a file : This denotes artisan quality, unlike inexpensive mass market products that have welded springs and are machine decorated.

14C28N Stainless steel blade

14C28N Stainless steel blade

The beauty of your blade is guarenteed for lifetime. We also offer a 60Hrc hardenned special RWL34 swedish powder stainless steel for those who love knives with a longer sharp edge.

Corsica is a real land of knives since antiquity and the Corsican cutlery industry has become a real tradition. 

There is no such thing as a "Corsican knife" but "Corsican knives"! 

Like many farming areas, the Corsican knife was first and foremost a tool used by farmers for their daily work. 

Since then, Corsican knives have followed their history with new models that combine tradition and modernity.

In the Fontenille Pataud workshop, our craftsmen traditionally handmade outstanding knives for several generations, as usual in the city of Thiers. Each one of our knifemakers hopes to create especially for you a sustainable product that will become your every day to carry.

We are proud to say that our knives are handed down and offered from generation to generation, such as the Corsican knives with locking system, which allows a safe use. Much more than knives, our Corsicans made in France are true life partners.

Technical details

Easy openning and secure back-lock system

The "Pialincu" - Peasant in southern Corsican dialect- 10.5 cm knife has been created with Antoine Zuria and Robert Beillonnet (Awareded skillest custom French knife maker in 1997 and 2000). It is an evolution of the 12 cm Sperone Zuria & Gilles® in a smaller size. The Pialincu knife features a precision mechanism with a secure locking blade and a solid blade stop to keep a long last edge.

Handle : Real deer stag horn. Natural and stunning looking.

Blade : 3 mm thick stainless steel Sandvik 14C28N, hardness : 58-59 Hrc.

Size and weight : 10.5 cm folded, 19cm open, approx. 100 grams.

Tecnical tips : Forged anc chiseled spring with Corsica embossement. The spring with its lock-back system is made from 3 mm thick stainless steel Z20c13.  A solid hardenned bladestop is provided : That helps maintain the edge of the blade. Easy openning and folding smooth system. 

Included : Numbered Guarantee certificate, leather pouch. The pouch is an artisan product too, hand made in France.

Customers testimonials

My Laguiole arrived today and it is a real work of art, which I will treasure and eventually pass down to my son (not too soon I hope) One day I hope I will be in a position to buy a Damascus version.

Phil K. (UK)

Hello,Merci, Knife arrived yesterday, excellent finish to knife, very pleased with lettering.

Tjalling V. (Netherlands)

The Chamois that I ordered for my son came last week and it is beautiful. He is thrilled with it and I know will treasure it for the rest of his life.

Alex D. (USA)

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