The VG-Gold or Suminagashi Steel

We remind you that the advice and descriptions given are only valid for normal use of your knife. It is not a screwdriver or a can opener! And of course, we strongly advise against dishwashing as it will damage the blade as well as the handle.
To maintain your blade, a simple wipe is enough. For the maintenance of the mechanics, a few drops of specialized oil are enough. In addition, beyond a regular sharpening, a more "intensive" sharpening is recommended once a month (with a japanese whetstone or a diamond sharpening steel according to your convenience).
There is no secret, for your knife to keep its splendor and efficiency over time, it must be maintained!

The favorite steel of the Japanese

Suminagashi (墨流し, "flowing ink"), initially refers to the Japanese marbled paper technique, a decorative art dating from the 12th century.

In cutlery, Suminagashi is a Japanese style of Damascus steel. It is also called VG-10 in France and VG-Kin in Japan (Kin meaning "Gold" in Japanese). As you may have noticed, this name has nothing to do with its appearance, since the VG-Gold is not gold. It is instead a reference to its quality, the result of a sumptuous mix between versatility and efficiency!

From a visual point of view, its number of layers varies according to the model, with a base of 3 layers at the beginning. It is because of this superposition of layers that it is also called sandwich steel. On the 3 basic layers, two are superimposed on the third, like a sandwich!

More precisely, it is a "welded" composite steel in which steels with different carbon contents and different alloys are joined in layers. On the finished product, these layers can be made visible and then form various particularly aesthetic patterns.

From a technical point of view :

- it is very resistant due to its carbon content (1%, twice as high as basic steel);

- it is stainless, humidity and corrosion do not scare it (despite its carbon content);

- Its hardness is 60HRC;

- its unparalleled aesthetics, which changes the patterns of the classic damascus steel, with a very Japanese elegance;

- a VG-Gold blade also requires little maintenance, an argument of choice when you use your knife daily;

- Its versatility is exceptional, it guarantees flexibility, sharpness and solidity!

- It complies with hygiene standards for food use;

Despite this, the VG-10 has some drawbacks:

- as we recommend to guarantee the best longevity to your knife, the VG-Gold like other steels requires a systematic wiping after washing (by hand!);

- this steel is hard, so sharpening it requires patience, do not wait until the blade is dull before acting (a recommendation that is also valid for all steels);

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