The Alpine knife

The Alpine knife is also known as "Savoyard" or "Montagnard".

The name comes from the hospice of the Great St. Bernard, located at the Alpine pass (2469 m) of the same name between Switzerland and Italy, where dogs were used by the monks, first for guarding and defense, then for searching for travelers lost in the fog and snow.

Chronicles published in many languages about how they had saved many lives and the stories of the soldiers who, in 1800, crossed the pass with Bonaparte's army spread the fame of the St. Bernard throughout Europe. The mythical barrel of rum hung around the neck was used to invigorate victims of the cold before help arrived. This heroic behavior gave birth to the motto of the Saint Bernard: "Nobility, devotion, sacrifice".

The Alpine knife and its derivatives are recognizable by their bolster at the top and their handle which has a characteristic truncated tip. The latter is often made of wood and is curved and violonated for a better grip. The blade is inspired by the Yatagan with a slightly raised tip.

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