Le Saint-Bernard knife

The name "Saint-Bernard" originates from the Great St Bernard Hospice, a traveller’s hospice on the often treacherous St. Bernard Pass in the Alps, between Switzerland and Italy. The pass, the lodge, and the dogs are named for Bernard of Menthon, the monk who established the station 1000 years ago.

It was originally bred as a working dog, then later to rescue people who were lost in the snow. They carried a mythical small barrel of brandy around their neck to revive frozen mountaineers.

The Napoleon's soldiers' chronicles tell of how many lives were saved by the Saint-Bernard. Their heroic behaviour gave birth to the motto "Nobility, dedication, sacrifice".

This motto inspires the St. Bernard knife. The enduring strength, humble beginnings and unfailing craftsmanship are tribute to the name.

Besides its cunning design, this knife features our precision mechanism with its smooth opening system and secure locking blade.

Alpin pocket knife

Saint-Bernard pocket knife