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Knife maker

 We sell our knives online since 1998, our choice is quality over quantity, we are proud of the knives we sell.

Laguiole knife handmade in France


We are proud to introduce our Laguiole knives handmade in our workshop! With or without lockback system, each laguiole knife is created according to the French tradition : freehand file worked spring, traditional forged bee and shepherd's cross inlayed.

Le Thiers knife made in france

Le Thiers ®

The name “Le Thiers ® Gentleman by Fontenille Pataud” is a tribute to our city of Thiers. Like Solingen in Germany or Sheffield in England, Thiers is since several centuries the hub of the French knives and cutlery industry.

Laguiole Magnum corkscrew

Laguiole magnum

A truly exceptional corkscrew, skillfully crafted by French knife maker in the artisan tradition. The Laguiole Magnum corkscrew provides an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in the palm and provides an improved grip when opening your wine and a two steps long leverage made from one single piece of metal (Patented).

le capuchadou, the ancestor of the laguiole knife


Fontenille Pataud, the makers of the finest cutlery are proud to reissue and interpret the ancestor of the Laguiole knife. Their excellence in manufacturing will ensure that this knife will prove to be the perfect gift or purchase for all connoisseurs and collectors.

corsican knife


Corsican handcraft knives : Vendetta, Pialincu, Sperone and U Cumpa. Discover the world of our Corsican knives

French folding knife

French folding

French pocket knives : Yssingeaux knife, Saint-Bernard (french alps knife), mushroom knife, Basque Yatagan knife...Fontenille Pataud knife makers offers you a wide range of french pocket knives handmade in France.

Laguiole tableware

Steak knives

Steak knives, 24 pcs Laguiole cutlery, serving set, flatware set, Le thiers...

Laguiole leather pouch


These products are not manufactured by ourselves. However, they have been carefuly selected for their excellent tecnical quality/price ratio.

Robert beilolonet


Take advantage of a knives selection handmade by "Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France" (M.O.F.) contest winners. Organized for the first time in 1925, this contest rate dexterity, modern and traditional skills, know-how and creativity. Each piece is one of a kind and the knife below is the one you will receive.

Free Shipping

Take avantage of free shipping on our folding knives range.

Lifetime Guarentee

The quality of our manufacturing enables us to give you a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee.


We shipped our knives worldwide since 1999.

100% Handmade in France

Fontenille Pataud was founded in 1929 and quickly became recognized as a manufacturer of high-end knives.