Laguiole knife handmade in France

Fontenille Pataud handmade knives since 1920, we are located in Thiers, the French capital of cutlery since the Middle Ages, its knife-makers mix traditional know-how with the latest techniques.

Laguiole knives made in France

We manufacture and sell on our website an huge range of laguiole knives with or without locking blade system, with damascus stainless steel blade, made of diffrent materials: juniper, real ebony, ivory, cow horn, mammoth or warthog. All our laguiole knives are handmade in our workshop in France.

All our laguiole knives are stamped "Made in France", and our knife-makers are graduated (CAP « instruments coupants et chirurgicaux »), the only degree recognized in the field of cutlery in France.

Our customers speak about our laguiole knives

We sell online since 1998 and we ship worldwide, please read our testimonials page, this messages stand for our best award for our job and we work with passion and background to made your especial laguiole knife.

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A recognition of the meticulous work and impeccable design of the French cutlery

The first Laguiole knife was manufactured in 1829 by a French blacksmith, Pierre-Jean Calmels. Since its emergence, this cutting tool features a solid steel as blade and a traditional handle conceived in Aubrac Ox’s horn. Centuries later, artisans are carrying over the French-traditional way of manufacturing this prestigious cutlery. Their expertise and great passion for this product is characterised by the outstanding finishes and the flawless effectiveness of their products. The biggest production of Laguiole in France is found in Thiers, a town which fully accounts for its appellation of “Knife City”. A profusion of industrial and commercial activities in relation to the cutlery is found there, including museums and forges. Some of the streets’ name were even inspired from the local knife industry.

A high-class cutting tool for a long-lasting durability

The prestigious Laguiole from France, is a work of art, regardless of the model created. Each part of the tool is hand-made and manufactured in high-grade materials to deliver a solid equipment and a steady performance. All of these premium cutleries highlight the iconic bee of this product, which is perfectly forged in the spring to reveal a neat finish. Their durability and high efficiency can be life-lasting if well-kept and regularly maintained. Our production of Laguiole in France is exquisite! Also located in Thiers, our firm delivers high quality utensils to you through our online boutique, Fontenille Pataud. We strive to give you world-class products and have an unceasing will to improve our tools, by always looking for superior materials for their fabrication. You will find some of our pocket-knives implemented with security mechanisms for a safe handling and use of the blade. Flick through our online catalogue to discover our exclusive handcrafted models of French-made cutlery.