Where to find a laguiole knife ?

The Laguiole knife has become a consumer product, Laguiole knives are found on the markets, in supermarkets or sometimes in souvenir shops, and of course in cutlery stores.

There are no real or fake Laguiole knives, there are simply good ones and bad ones. At Fontenille Pataud, we put every day of the heart to the work to offer you high quality Laguiole knives, the raw materials used, steel, wood and horn are first choice.

Our craftsmen are qualified journeymen and all graduates. In general, they start in our workshop with an apprenticeship and then integrate the team of Fontenille Pataud kife makers.

We sell on the web for over 20 years, so we are in direct communication with our customers, regular users of our knives.

We offer for sale on our site many Laguiole knives of different sizes: between 9 cm and 13 cm folded, with different materials for the realization of the handle such as juniper wood, warthog ivory or mammoth, you also have the choice in the steel material of the blade such as stainless steel damas or steel RWL34.

We remain at your disposal for any information, do not hesitate to write to you via the contact page of our website or by phone, we will exchange with pleasure with you on the theme of the Laguiole knife.