Laguiole XS Guilloché Range Walnut

Laguiole XS Guilloché Range Walnut - L4NOTG


  • Matt polished
  • 14C28N Stainless Steel Extra file work on blade & liners
100% secure payments
100% secure payments

Small but efficient, the Laguiole XS knife provides a solid hardened bladestop, a lock-back system and a forged spring.

Customize your knife

Customize your knife

Our specialty: Personalize your knife (first name, initials, date...) with a beautiful engraving of the spring produced by a professional engraver. The engraving is performed before the file work (guillochage) and the heat treatment.

Lock-back sytem

Lock-back sytem

Its solid blade is safely locked while using, thanks to its precision mechanism, in addition this mechanism provides smoothness while using.

Ressort forgé et ciselé à main levée

Ressort forgé et ciselé à main levée

14C28N Stainless steel blade

14C28N Stainless steel blade

The beauty of your blade is guarenteed for lifetime. We also offer stainless steel Damascus blade from Damasteel®: each blade is one of a kind.

The "GUILLOCHE" pattern is our premium range

The "GUILLOCHE" pattern is our premium range

In addition of the spring file work, the liners and the top of the blade are chiseled as well.

Before the laguiole knife was the capuchadou knife, this basic knife had a fixed blade, a long drawn point and was made of thick steel. This old laguiole knife was a real tool for this people who used it in daily work: cook the meal, field work or animals care...

At this time, this first laguiole knife wasn't yet a folding knife and was handmade with rustic material.

In France, during several century, each region had his own knife, a big part of it disappeared although the laguiole knife which is become the most famous french knife in the world.

The laguiole design evolved years after years: fixed blade to folding blade, straight blade to "Yatagan" blade, bee spring and shepherd's cross, laguiole knife corkscrew and lock-back system.

Nowadays, the laguiole knife story is still evolving.

In the Fontenille Pataud workshop, our craftsmen traditionally handmade outstanding knives for several generations, as usual in the city of Thiers. Each one of our knifemakers hopes to create especially for you a sustainable product that will become your every day to carry.

We are proud to say that our knives are handed down and offered from generation to generation, such as the Laguiole with lock-back system, which allows a safe use. Much more than knives, our Laguiole made in France are true life partners.

Technical details

Petite and perfect! The Laguiole XS, combines French tradition with technical innovation.  

This small but elegantly designed sports knife incorporates a precision lock back mechanism to ensure that the blade locks securely when in  use. The addition of Teflon washers will ensure that the knife action operates smoothly and securely during opening and closing.  
The spring and "Bee" decoration is hand finished in our workrooms by time served skilled craftsmen who expertly create the detail with hand files and polishing techniques to give every knife that individual and handmade appeal. 

The French manufacturers never paid attention to small knives, generally described as “knives for ladies or for kids”. The quality was poor. We proudly introduce the Laguiole XS 9cm which became in several years the star of this market segment. Just like his bigger brother Laguiole “Le Pocket” 10,5cm, the Laguiole XS 9cm provides a secure locking blade, a smooth mechanism and a solid blade stop to keep a long edge to your blade. Thanks to its small size, the Laguiole XS 9cm is perfect for a gentleman wearing a suit or for a lady’s handbag.

The "Guillochée" pattern is our premium range: in addition of the classical finition, your knife will have the plates and the blade's top fully chiseled.

Handle: 1st choice patterned (Gun-stock selection) walnut, 4.50mm thick; Traditional Shepherd's cross inlayed.

Blade: 14C28N stainless steel, 2.50mm thick, 58-59 Hrc.

Size and weight: 9cm folded, 17cm open. Approx. 50 grams. 

Technical tips: The traditional "Bee" is produced during the spring forging process. The "Bee" spring lock-back system is made of 2.50mm Z20c13 stainless steel. A solid hardenned bladestop is provided: that helps maintain the edge of the blade.

Included: Numbered guarantee certificate, hand-crafted artisan leather pouch.

Customers testimonials

My Laguiole arrived today and it is a real work of art, which I will treasure and eventually pass down to my son (not too soon I hope) One day I hope I will be in a position to buy a Damascus version.

Phil K. (UK)

Hello,Merci, Knife arrived yesterday, excellent finish to knife, very pleased with lettering.

Tjalling V. (Netherlands)

The Chamois that I ordered for my son came last week and it is beautiful. He is thrilled with it and I know will treasure it for the rest of his life.

Alex D. (USA)

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