Laguiole XS Damascus

The French manufacturers never paid attention to small knives, generally described as “knives for ladies or for kids”. The quality was poor. We proudly introduce the Laguiole XS 9 cm which became in several years the star of this market segment. Just like his bigger brother Laguiole “Le Pocket” 10,5 cm , the Laguiole XS 9cm provides a secure locking blade, a smooth mechanism and a solid blade stop to keep a long edge to your blade. Thanks to its small size, the Laguiole XS 9 cm is perfect for a gentleman wearing a suit or for a lady’s handbag.

These stainless Damascus models can be collected or used as everyday carry. The Damascus steel we’re using is from Damasteel® and the patterns will last the life of the knife. The Damascus XS Laguiole knife is a premium choice for connoisseurs. 

Laguiole XS knife with damascus blade

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