Steak Knives

The French cutlery: the ideal blade for the meat lovers

A distinguished cutting tool which will assure an excellent efficacy

Centuries ago, during the medieval time, the knives were distinctly sharp to be used to pick up food. At that time, forks were not yet a widespread utensil. Guests thus brought their own knife when invited for meals. It was only later on that those bladed equipments were introduced as tools specifically crafted to cut meat. Presently, the French steak knives are one of the best on the market due to their excellent efficiency and their delicate designs. The premium Laguiole blades are impeccably sharp and offer a precise and easy cut. This type of high-grade cutlery, which is entirely handcrafted by professional knife makers, is elegant and manufactured in superior materials. By flicking through our online catalogue, Fontenille Pataud, you will find a wide range of French steak knives, including the Laguiole, Le Thiers, the Capuchadou and other high-class cutleries.

Discover a large collection of premium blades to perfectly cut your meat

All of our models are uniquely designed by our master cutlers from our firm located in the Auvergne region of France. The hours of meticulous and thorough work are characterised by the fine and neat finishing of our cutleries from the blade to the handle. Our French steak knives will deliver a perfect performance and will be life-lasting if properly maintained. The handles of our products are built in a variety of premium materials such as olivewood, ebony, horns and many others. Their cutting edge does not require indents due to the exceptional sharpness of the stainless steel. Their exquisite looks are as flawless as their rendering. Beautifully dress your table by picking any of our cutleries and amaze your guests with the astonishing efficacy and display of your blades.


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