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Why a Laguiole knife ?

Some objects, just at the mention of their names, give us a feeling of pleasure and conviviality, this is the case of the Laguiole knife. This knife often evokes in the collective imagination, the one that our grandfather used during family meals or during fishing parties. The Laguiole knife is more than a knife, it is a myth, which has created its history or over time and continues to chart its course thanks to some passionate craftsmen who continue to perpetuate the cutlery tradition that began several decades ago in the stables of Auvergne and North-Aveyronnais peasants.

Gradually, this knife has forged a unique story, and most importantly, this fabulous story continues to chart its way across the planet. The special shape of this knife, its bee and the shepherd's cross are details that have shaped the myth of this knife, and these elements stick to the skin and are recognizable among all the knives of the world.

The manufacture with new materials, such as RWL34 steel for the blade, or the bocote for its handle, does not distort the legend of Laguiole, on the contrary, it allows to write new pages to its history already well provided.

Many imports of poor qualities could have put an end to this legend in the 90s, but with the will of some craftsmen to do better, this knife remained the most famous knife in the world thanks to exceptional creations and a questioning every day.

The Laguiole continues to innovate and impress with mammoth ivory models with a fine guilloche that we realize on some of the most luxurious models. On the technical side, our Laguiole Nature model, for example, has a rear pump blade locking system, so yes, this knife has not yet revealed all its mysteries and its evolution is still in progress.

When you have a Laguiole knife at the bottom of your pocket, you do not only carry a steel, wood or horn assembly, you carry through this object, a history and a timeless know-how.

laguiole knife

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