Le Thiers® knife

Thiers, the French capital of cutlery, has been making knives for more than 6 centuries and owns its emblematic knife : Le Thiers®.

The Thiers® knife makers have always made French regional knives, they now have their own knife : Le Thiers® knife. In 1993, the brotherhood of the Le Thiers® knife was born and in 1994, Le Thiers® knife is introduced.

We participate in this collective history of a whole profession by providing you with different models of Le Thiers ® knives. These different models all offer a blade locking system to bring you comfort and safety when using your knife: liner-lock or back-lock, it is up to you to choose your mechanism.

Le Thiers® by Fontenille Pataud

We participate in the collective history of an entire profession by offering you different types and sizes of Le Thiers® knives.
Unlike most of the Le Thiers® knives on the market, all our models are equipped with a blade locking system in order to provide you with comfort and safety during their use. Central or rear pump, Liner-lock, you choose your mechanism. And no need to worry about the folding knife closing, because thanks to its fixed blade stop, your knife will keep its sharpness!
The Thiers® by Fontenille Pataud is available in different types of wood, horns or synthetic materials like carbon fiber or Micarta for example.

Différentes matières pour nos manches de Thiers Advance

The Thiers® Advance 11,5cm

Silouette of the Thiers® Advance

Created in close collaboration with Jean-Pierre Suchéras, twice "Meilleurs Ouvriers de France" (MOF), the Thiers® Advance is a pocket knife turned towards the future. With its sleek design and efficient blade locking system, this knife will fit perfectly into your daily life.
In order to create a very high quality Thiers® knife, we have selected only the most noble and elegant materials for its manufacture: RWL34, VG10 or Damascus steel for its blade; stabilized wood, mammoth ivory or Fat Carbon for its handle. The Thiers® Advance is waiting for you.

The Thiers® Nature 11,5

Silouette of the Thiers® Nature

The Thiers® Nature is slimmer and lighter than its big brother the Gentleman. It is adapted to a use in perfect safety and will be elegant from your pocket to the restaurant!
As for all our models, we have worked on a precision mechanism to obtain a good handle/blade balance. A groove is milled in the back of the spring, allowing the blade to be folded inside. The edge is thus preserved by the solid fixed blade stop. The flexibility of the Thiers® Nature by Fontenille Pataud mechanism makes it easy to open and close the knife.

The Thiers® Gentleman 12cm

Silouette of the Thiers® Gentleman

The Thiers® Gentleman knife measures 12cm closed and 20cm open. It is the thickest Thiers® model in our collection. If you like thick and bulky knives, this is the blade that will suit you best.

The Thiers® Pocket 10cm

Silouette of the Thiers® Pocket

The Thiers® Pocket is a sober and elegant knife. Just like the other Thiers® models, it is equipped with an easy opening with blade lock and a milled groove with its fixed blade stop.
Its small size and light weight are ideal for those who want to take their knife everywhere. It will easily fit in any pocket or bag!   

The Thiers® Liner-Lock 10,5

Silouette of the Thiers® Liner-Lock

The liner-lock knife is a knife that combines technical qualities and craftsmanship. Its atypical style, its size, its ultra-light weight and its one-handed opening system will allow you to use this knife in all circumstances.

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