Le Thiers ®

Thiers, the French capital of cutlery, has been making knives for more than 6 centuries and owns its emblematic knife : Le Thiers ®.

History of a Cutlery City

More than a city, Thiers is a cutlery region, since all the professions around the cutlery industry are also present: cutlers, blacksmiths, subcontractors, suppliers of raw materials...

The town of Thiers has been groomed by the cutlery industry for centuries. As you stroll through its streets, you will notice that most of the houses provide a cutlery workshop. Even if they are many to be empty nowadays, they remain the garantee of a very rich cutlery history.

The birth of the Le Thiers ® knife 

The Thiers knife makers have always made French regional knives, they now have their own knife : Le Thiers ® knife.

In 1993, the brotherhood of the Le Thiers knife is born and in 1994, Le Thiers knife is introduced.

This knife is intended to be declined by each manufacturer, by respecting the specifications written by the brotherhood.

There are therefore different categories of Le Thiers ® knife : folding knife, kitchen knife and table knife.

Le Thiers ® by Fontenille Pataud

We also participate in this collective history of a whole profession by providing you with different models of Le Thiers ® knives. These different models all offer a blade locking system to bring you comfort and safety when using your knife: liner-lock or back-lock, it is up to you to choose your mechanism.

Le Thiers ® by Fontenille Pataud is available in different materials such as wood, horn or synthetic materials such as carbon fiber for example.

le thiers knife

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