Stories of french knives

The Fontenille Pataud company manufacture for you since many years French regional knives, we offer you in this section of our website, the history and evolution of the different kind of knives that we manufacture for you every day: Laguiole knife, Le Thiers knife, Yssingeaux knife, Issoire knife, Corsican Knives, St. Bernard ....

Each region of France has a singular history, a cultural heritage and traditions, it is interesting to note that the knife is very often part of this set. Originally a working tool, the knife has often integrated and propagated the local customs and the life of the inhabitants of a region.

The legend of the Laguiole knife is a fine example of this transmission since this knife created by farmers from the south of Auvergne and Aubrac has made known this region around the world and still contributes today.

The Vendetta knife alone tells a good part of the history of Corsica, history so rich and lively.

Le Thiers® is the symbol of several centuries of cutlery in the Auvergne town of the same name, a tradition that continues today thanks to the passion of a few craftsmen.

Some medium-sized cities are also recognized thanks to the knife that is or was manufactured and served every day to local workers and farmers: this is the case for Issoire, Aurillac or Yssingeaux.

We will complete this section regularly by adding accurate and documented information.

Le Thiers knife

Le Thiers knife story

Laguiole knife

Laguiole knife story

Vendetta knife story

Couteau alpin Saint-Bernard

SAINT-BERNARD knife story

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BASQUE yatagan knife story