The Laguiole knife

The Laguiole knife is a knife decorated with a bee and the shepherd's cross on its handle. This type of knife has existed since the beginning of the 19th century and was used by farmers for their daily work. The most classical shape of the Laguiole knife is the one known today, however this knife was originally created in a straight shape, with a straight handle with a corbin beak and a Bourbonnaise blade, with a flat fly, without guilloche.

The ancestor of the Laguiole knife is the "Capuchadou", which at the time had a fixed blade and a piece of wood that served as a handle. This knife was once made by farmers with the materials they had at their disposal and the Capuchadou was a real tool for these workers.

The Laguiole by Fontenille Pataud

Fontenille Pataud has been making Laguiole knives of various types for many years. Our production started with the traditional Laguiole, then we developed this model of knife by adding a blade locking system.
This system exists on our Laguiole Nature, Gentleman, Sport, XS and Le Pocket and brings you first of all an excellent safety in use, but also a smoothness when closing and opening the knife. You can snap the blade of your knife without damaging the edge because the blade is stopped by a hardened steel stop.

All our knives are handcrafted in our workshop in France. The know-how of our production is held by our craftsmen cutlers and is passed on from generation to generation. Each knife is handmade and made to order. We work every day to deliver high quality Laguiole knives.

Traditional Laguiole knife, 12 cm

Silouette of a 12cm traditional Laguiole knife

The traditional Laguiole is THE classic knife, reserved for purists, with or without corkscrew. This Laguiole has been a best-seller for many years throughout the world with knives that are often low-end imports. We offer this Laguiole in different variations: the Traditional Classic, Guilloché, Damascus and Collection.
Our Collection range reissues knives produced nearly a century ago, such as the Laguiole Marcheur or the Laguiole Aile de Pigeon, made by our cutlers and entirely hand-carved.
Our range of Damascus Laguiole knives is vast and we have been working with this material for many years: we offer several Damascus patterns: Pink Damascus, Vinland Damascus or Twisted Damascus.

Traditional Laguiole knife, 11 cm

Silouette of a 11cm Laguiole knife

A little less common than its big brother the 12 cm, the traditional Laguiole is a quality knife with a slightly smaller size. This knife is offered in two distinct ranges: Classic and Guilloché.

Laguiole Nature knife, 12cm

Silouette of a 12cm Nature Laguiole knife
The Laguiole Nature is the best-seller of our cutlery and remains the best on the market thanks to its technical qualities: a blade locking system is inserted at the back and brings you more safety and softness because the blade does not close on your fingers. We offer this Laguiole in different ranges: Classic, One-handed opening, Full handle, Guilloché, Damascus and Damascus premium (Damascus steel blade and bolster).
Our Nature Damascus Premium range is our most luxurious range, not only the blade of these knives is made of Damascus steel, but the bolster as well. The most prestigious models remain the Laguiole Nature with a fine guillochage, made by hand and of unparalleled refinement, a technique held by our best cutlers.

Laguiole Sport knife, 13cm

Silouette of a Sport Laguiole knife

The Laguiole Sport is our largest knife: 13 cm closed and 23 cm open. This Laguiole offers imposing dimensions, particularly adapted to your outdoor activities. Hunters, fishermen or hikers are the biggest users and lovers of this size. The size of its handle allows to emphasize the beauty of the material used for its manufacture: coral, mammoth molar, mammoth ivory...

Laguiole Gentleman Knife, 10,5cm

Silouette of a Gentleman Laguiole knife

Less imposing than its big brother the Laguiole Sport, the Gentleman remains an extremely robust knife. Thanks to its dimensions, this Laguiole knife is suitable for many exercises. You can only be satisfied by its versatility during your daily work. This model is also available with a one-handed opening.

Laguiole Le Pocket knife, 10,5cm

Silouette of a Pocket Laguiole knife

This Laguiole knife is smaller than the Laguiole Nature since it measures 10.5 cm closed. Its small size allows it to fit in all pockets and bags!
Laguiole XS Knife 9cm
The Laguiole XS is our smallest knife model: 9 cm closed, it will be very discreet in your pocket or at the bottom of your handbag.

Laguiole XS Knife, 9cm

Silouette of an XS Laguiole knife
The Laguiole XS is our smallest knife model: 9 cm closed, it will be very discreet in your pocket or at the bottom of your handbag.

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