Mexican Bocote knife

What is bocote ?

The Bocote is a surprising Mexican wood, its botanical name is "Cordia gerascanthus". The fibers of this wood are straight or irregular, the texture fine and homogeneous. The aspect "tiger" of this wood has a superb rendering. Bocote is a tree of the family Boraginaceae.

Bocote knife

We offer for sale on our website different models of knives with a Bocote handle. The tiger aspect of this wood gives to the knives an exceptional rendering. The Bocote is used in cutlery since a few years only, the originality is therefore at the rendezvous. We now offer on our online sales site the bestseller of our range: the Laguiole Nature knife in Bocote. The Laguiole Nature has a 7mm thick handle per insert with the traditional shepherd's cross. The blade of this knife is made of Swedish stainless steel 12C27 with a thickness of 3 mm in the heel. The Laguiole Nature measures 12 cm closed, 22 cm open and weighs about 100 grams.