Knife and juniper

The big peculiarity of a juniper knife is the fragrance of this wood, slightly peppered aroma. Fragrances or oils are made from juniper. Your juniper laguiole knife will retain that pleasant smell throughout its life. We sometimes receive knives in juniper more than 10 years from some customers for sharpening, and we are always pleasantly surprised by this fragrance always present.

Juniper has been known for centuries for its medicinal properties, it was used especially for its power healing by our ancestors. There are also writings that extol its effectiveness locally against psoriasis.

Juniper was also considered in the Middle Ages as a sacred wood and was used as a repellent against rodents and other pests such as wasps or mosquitoes for example.

The appearance of a juniper knife is particularly recognizable by its light and speckled color that gives so much cachet to your knife.

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The juniper wood we use comes from the Cevennes, mountain range forming part of the central massif, located between the departments of Lozere and Gard.