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Laguiole knives

Laguiole knives are for French knives enthusiasts a sort of myth as they are not kitchen knives neither a tactical knife a bad boy could use. Laguiole knives are definitely linked with our memories, as they could have been the knife used by our (hypothetical and perfect !) grandfather. Those knives can be used either in a fancy restaurant as well as for a simple picnic with friends. And comes the time where we’re dreaming about these legendary meetings where each of us would fold their laguiole knives, meaning that “ok guys, let’s go back to work”. It is so great to regress in childhood : we’d be adventurous, making a bow with a flexible stick, chiselling an arrow and our parents would not allow us to use a knife...

But what sort of children are always listening their parents ? Can’t they believe that our laguiole knives are a must have rescue tool when we go into the woods to pick mushrooms as well as for carving a wooden boat to float onto the pond ? Okay, we ‘re adults and we know that this ideal grandfather isn’t real , so why not say it: the Laguiole knives are useless except to have fun. An absolute pleasure, very personal and invaluable. Just the feeling to touch a fabulous handmade product made from horn or wood into your pocket. Laguiole knives  are much better that an electronic device in the sense that they bring us the memory of a less uncertain time, one where we thought we had both feet well drawn in the earth. And it is an innocent fun to open and close lovely knives such as the Laguiole knives from Fontenille Pataud featuring such a smooth mechanism. At the time of the mobile phone, Laguiole knives are the symbols of a rustic and authentic luxury.

We take a moment to contemplate their beautiful curved shape, but also all the little details that make up the legend such as shepherd's cross on the right scale. And of course the eternal question: is it a bee or a fly? Loving Laguiole knives will take you into a friendly community of enthusiasts people. Some will need a sharp tool in their pocket. Other will simply enjoy to carry a small crafted piece coming the good old France, and specifically a genuine testimony of a popular Auvergne craftsmanship . However, you can meet people who prefer their automatic or military knives. They expect that a knife it is a weapon, a tactical tool rather than a pocket friendly fellow. We must explain that these artisan knives are intended for a peaceful use. Having a laguiole knife is just like having a piece of French “terroir” (the land) itself. As it is said in France “Nobody is a prophet in his own country”: foreigners from all continents are lovers of beautiful Laguiole knives. And with experience, wise people turn to the Laguiole knives which are timeless and eternal.

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Fontenille Pataud was founded in 1929 and quickly became recognized as a manufacturer of high-end knives.