Where to buy a Laguiole knife ?

There are many places to buy a Laguiole knife: cutlery, supermarkets, internet, markets, places are not lacking. But the real question is rather: where to buy a high-quality Laguiole knife handcrafted and high quality?

Very quickly, the number of points of sale is reduced, and this question becomes more delicate. Many poor quality Laguiole knives are imported from Southeast Asia and unfortunately have nothing in common with the robust Laguiole knife that our grandfather possessed.

Some cutlers are still present on the French territory and perpetuate the know-how of our ancestors by producing knives of superior quality.

At Fontenille Pataud, we work every day with motivation to create a perfect quality Laguiole knife, with materials of first choice so that your satisfaction is optimal. You will find on our website a complete range of Laguiole knives: with locking blade system or traditional, with a wooden or horn handle, with or without corkscrew ... the choice is vast and we strive to offer you our work with ever more passion and application.