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Handmade French cutlery since 1929 in our workshop...

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Le Rondinara

This knife is curved like the famous Corsican marine cove near Bonifacio
FROM 198€

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Le 5 Coqs

We have used the typical old fashion French shape and design to create a modernized knife (with lock back system)...FROM 175€

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Straight Razors & 3 Pieces Shaving Set

Discover our range of Straight Razors & 3 Pieces Shaving Set Fontenille-Pataud by Gentleman Barbier®...FROM 179€

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Laguiole Nature

Discover our range of Laguiole Nature 12 cm with lock back system...FROM 189€

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Laguiole Damas

Discover our range of Laguiole 12 cm Damascus Range...FROM 399€

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our Laguiole, Thiers knives (and all other French folding knives such as Corsican Vendetta, Capuchadou Knife ...) are 100% Made in France and exclusively available from our website and from authorized dealers. No guarantee for knives bought elsewhere. There is NO authorized dealer either on E-Bay neither Amazon.  Feel free to ask us. We welcome phone inquiries + 33.473.80.18.34

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Fontenille-Pataud was founded in 1929. It quickly became recognized as a manufacturer of high -end table knives. They were admired and revered for their expertise and use of ivory, horn and other fine wood. 

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Fontenille Pataud is a small family business located in Thiers, in the beautiful Auvergne region in France. Thiers is world famous for its manufactures of knives and cutlery. The company is a manufacturer of high qualityFrench pocket knivesLaguiole knifeLaguiole steak knives and cutlery are some of the finest products range made in Fontenille Pataud premises. 


Despite the Laguiole range is known as a traditional french folder, we proudly introduce to the market creation and innovation : most of our Laguiole bee knives feature a secure locking blade and are easy to open and fold. We are not only expert in Laguiole knives but also in exportation and manufacture of other french folding knives : Le ThiersVendetta knife (and other Corsican knives), YssingeauxSaint-BernardBasque knivesWe sell on line our high end Laguiole pocket and steak knives since 1998. Worldwide shipping.....Read more