How to choose a Laguiole knife ?

Among the vast choice of the market, it is sometimes delicate to choose the Laguiole knife that will suit you perfectly. In this article, we will try to give you a maximum of answers to help you choose the companion who will accompany you every day to the bottom of your pocket.

A Laguiole knife for what use?

The first question to ask yourself is the use that you will make of your Laguiole knife. With a knife, you can do many things: eating, fishing, hunting, cooking ... or simply, all at once. The important thing is to be able to carry out all of its actions with a Laguiole knife of good quality and perfect safety: our range of Laguiole knives with locking blade system allow you to fulfill all your needs while being perfectly confident. Indeed, this system avoids you an unfortunate closing of the blade because the latter can not close itself on your fingers.

Which size of Laguiole to choose?

Size is also important. A robust and wide hand will prefer a Laguiole knife 12 cm while a finer and feminine hand will be oriented on a Laguiole XS 9 cm closed. The Laguiole Sport 13 cm closed will be ideal for an outdoor activity, while the Laguiole Le Pocket will be perfect to slip in a handbag or a satchel for a more urban activity.

And why not a damascus steel blade?

A damascus steel blade can also be a serious criterion of choice. The aesthetics of this steel will make your knife an exceptional Laguiole. Without making it a fragile knife or only a knife that will spend most of its time behind a showcase: the damascus steel that we use is stainless and can therefore be used without taking more precautions than with a steel blade Stainless steel.

Which options to choose?

Many options are available on our website to help you create the Laguiole knife that will suit you best: corkscrew, personalized fly, engraving ...

And quality for my Laguiole knife?

The number one criterion obviously remains the quality of manufacture of a knife, it is this that will make your Laguiole a companion of every day and for many years. At Fontenille Pataud, we make every effort to design Laguiole knives of exceptional quality. Our cutlers are all experienced and we select the best materials to make exceptional knives.

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