Damascus steel laguiole knives

What can be said about Damascus steel laguiole knives ? The classical laguiole knife is generally made with either a carbon steel blade or a classic stainless steel. But these iconic French knives are obviously enhanced with a beautiful Damascus steel blade. In a few words, Damascus steel is a lamination of soft and hard steel that are welded by forging. The principle is to achieve flexibility of mild steel and hardness (for cutting) with hard steel. At the forging process, the union of the two steels is bent and folded again and again to create so many layers. It can be twisted as well or even punched to give spectacular designs to the laguiole Damascus steel knives blades. 

The stunning patterns will stand out after immersion in an acid solution. The first Laguiole knives Damascus knives were made of carbon steel. It is important for a consumer to remember that a carbon Damascus steel will rust dice the first time we forgot to wipe. The beautiful patterns seen at the time of purchase will unfortunately disappear quickly. That's why at Fontenille Pataud Laguiole Damascus knives blades are stainless. Thanks to our Swedish fellows who forge the Damasteel® steels, the structure of the steel itself is definitely stainless. Consequently, even after years of use your knives Laguiole Fontenille Pataud Damascus blade will be as beautiful as the very first day you have purchased it. It is interesting to note that for some clients, their laguiole knives featuring a Damascus blade are intended for collection only. 

But we proudly guarantee that our Damascus stainless knives blades are perfectly suitable as every day carry knives. There is no more risk of breakage than a normal blade when the knife is of a high end quality and our worldwide customers are enjoying lunch with friends by using Laguiole knives Damascus. Notice that Damascus Laguiole knives blades are not more difficult to sharpen than a normal blade. By the way, the secret of sharpening can be told in few words: Always sharpen your blades before it becomes blunt. See the butcher who sharpens his knife every time he needs to cut some meat.

If youd have to chose some jewellery products, youd certainly go to solid gold items. Symmetrically if youd have to chose about laguiole knives then youd chose some laguiole with a Damascus steel blade. It is simply beautiful. It is not going to cut better than a normal blade, just like a 50000$ Swiss watch wont give you a better time than a 50$. But it is a reasonable enjoyment combined with discreet luxury. In a time where electronic devices are running our lives, having an handmade knife made from a skilled French craftsman and specifically a Damascus blade laguiole knife is the ultimate gift for yours or yourself.